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The CAM4 Naughty List: December’s Top Shows and Events

The CAM4 Naughty List: December’s Top Shows and Events

If there’s anyone who knows how to spoil people, it’s CAM4 performers. This month is stuffed full of amazing special content like raffles, special videos for sale, and holiday Gold Shows. Check out this list of our top shows and events on CAM4, it’ll be updated daily!

1. Not-so-Silent Night with xWetMermaidx


Christmas Gold Show December 13th @ 7pm EST
Spiked eggnog, dirty fun, this won’t be a silent night and you’re all gonna be on the naughty list after this party ;) For Gold Members only, so join today if you’re not already!

Cookie & Panty Raffle
Enter from now until December 13th to win her cum filled (or clean, your choice) panties, custom photo set, freshly baked cookies, and a 20 minute Skype show.

1 ticket = 100 token gift

Every 100 token tip during her Gold Show on December 13th will get you a ticket. Fuck the raffle, tip a 500 token gift to get a goodie box. Winner will be chosen during her Gold Show on December 13th.

Get Naughty with xWetMermaidx

2. ZhaddieGrey Happy Holidays Video Raffle


One lucky winner will receive all 3 of her new holiday videos including fucking, bathtub masturbation, and deep throat with facial.

1 ticket = 15 tokens
3 tickets = 35 tokens
5 tickets = 50 tokens
10 tickets = 75 tokens

You have from now until December 25th to enter!

Win ZhaddieGrey videos!


3. BabyGirlOps Birthday Blast


On December 26th join the BabyGirlOps Birthday Blast on CAM4. She’ll have sexy games for everyone to play, all you need to do is be ready for 8m EST on Boxing Day. What a good way to release all that tension from Xmas Day with the family :P

Get your raffle tickets until December 31st, when one winner will get a free 30 minute private show!

1 ticket = 20 tokens (cupcake gifts)

Happy Birthday BabyGirlOps!

4. NinjaStarz 12 Videos of XXXMas

Get in the running to be the one lucky winner of NinjaStarz’s 12 Videos of XXXMas. Enter now until December 24th, when they’ll be hosting a Holiday Party where the winner will be announced. On top of 12 videos, you’ll also receive either a 20 minute custom video or 20 minute private show w/cumshot.

3 tickets = Any 50 token XXXMas gift

Every 3 ticket pack comes with 1 of the 12 XXXMas videos plus the 3 tickets into the raffle for all 12 XXXMas videos.

The Holiday Party will begin at 9pm EST on December 24th complete with holiday games for viewers to win individual vids & live sex prizes.

Win the NinjaStarz 12 Videos of XXXMAS

5. Santa Sammy Raffle with SammyStrips


On December 22 at 4pm, come and sit on Santa Sammy’s lap. Every hour on the hour she’ll give away sexy gifts to her tippers, if you tip her 25 tokens you’ll double your chances of winning. Stay until 7pm EST to see if you win the holiday jackpot: 8 videos plus lifetime Snapchat access and an invitation to her private Christmas event.

1 ticket = 25 tokens

Her Fan Club members get to enjoy an hour-long private Christmas shows on December 23rd at 4pm EST. You can join her CAM4 Fan Club on her profile page.

Sit on SammyStrips’ Lap

6. Caitie Rage Christmas Packs

Caitie has 16 festive Christmas packs for sale. 333 tokens will get you videos, a photo set, a special gift mailed to them, and their name on her Christmas tree. Sorry Lady Gaga, but the only place we wanna be is on Caitie Rage’s Christmas tree.Christmas with Caitie Rage on CAM4

7. Give Generously with Sage Grey

*woman crush on Sage Grey intensifies* Head to Sage’s profile, look for the URL at the top of her bio, that’s her Amazon Wish List. Click it and purchase some tampons, cups, or pads. They’ll all get sent to Sage, who’s going to distribute them to (queer friendly!) homeless shelters. As a thank you for your generosity, you’ll receive a video.

Help Sage Grey Give Generously

8. BurrSuicide XXXMas Stocking Gift Raffle


Buy your raffle tickets with BurrSuicide and get some added perks! One lucky winner will receive an Xmas card, nude pics, a pair of her panties, goodies and candies, plus a handmade gift from Burr. The winner will be drawn during her show on December 22nd.

50 tokens = 1 ticket

200 tokens = 6 tickets + XXXMas card + nudes

550 tokens = 15 tickets + XXXMas card + XXXMas video + shout out + Snapchat

BurrSuicide XXXMas Raffle on CAM4

9. Mesmereyez Holiday Pics & Panties


Tip 100 tokens to get a stocking or gingerbread man hung up in her room with your name on it to receive a personalized Christmas card plus photo set. Bonus if you’re the person who hangs the most gingerbread men and stockings, because you’ll receive handmade choco-pops and your choice of her panties in the mail.

If you’d rather her send nudes to you every day, her lifetime Snapchat access is 50% off for the holidays so get it now for 175 tokens.

Get Mesmereyez Pics & Panties

10. MissSubmit Loses her Lesbian Virginity for Christmas


MissSubmit asked Santa for a lesbian lover, and that’s what she got! On December 14th at 10pm EST make sure you’re there to watch her first time girl on girl experience. Once her goal is met, the lesbian love begins so make sure you tip! Tippers during the show will all get entered into a raffle to win a mold of her pussy.

1 ticket = 5 tokens

2 tickets = 10 tokens

At the end of the night, one lucky winner will be chosen!

Watch MissSubmit’s First Time Lesbian Experience

Are you a CAM4 performer with something cool happening in December? Leave a comment or email abbey@cam4.com to get included on the naughty list :P

If you’re looking for all of our holiday content, check the #xmas tags for more raffles, live shows, contests, and videos for sale from around the world!

Add Abbey_CAM4 to Snapchat for private festive takeovers!

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    We have our big 12 Vids of XXXMas Raffle going on all Month, with the 12 Vids of XXXMas Holiday Party/Drawing on Christmas Eve. We will email you all the details. Thanks! K&L