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Cam4 Bans

Cam4 uses live administrators 24 x 7 x 365 to monitor all activity on cam4. Automated programs also monitor user activity. The main goal is to block illegal activity (underage people, etc.), spammers, and people who are abusive. Some of you may have not been able to chat or worse, not able to access the webcams. I’d like to explain what happened to you and why.

There are two types of bans on Cam4.

Administrator Site Ban

An administrator will ban you for looking underage, spamming URLs, capturing video, scamming people or ignoring repeated warnings for other policy abuses such as playing videos or still images. This ban is a complete site ban. You will not be able to access the site again. If you are of age, you can email customer support a copy of your ID to have your account reinstated.

Broadcaster Chat Ban

Any cam broadcaster may ban you from their room for any reason. This is setup so the broadcaster does not have to deal with abusive people. A broadcaster can click on the person’s name in chat and select Moderator Room Options > Ban from the drop down menu. The person will be kicked from the cam and not allowed back into this cam. The offender can still view and chat on other cams on cam4.

Also there is an automated point system in place. As you come to Cam4 and watch cams, you get positive points. If you are banned by broadcasters, then you get negative points. If you are banned multiple times, then your account is automatically chat banned on the entire Cam4 site. You can still view all the cams but you cannot chat on any of them. The ban on your chat is not permanent. As soon as you earn enough positive points, your chat privileges will come back. This could take a couple of days.

Happy Endings


Comments (690)

  1. Jacob says:

    If you have any questions about bans, please read the support page: http://www.cam4.com/help/

    Contact kim@cam4.biz for any further questions.

  2. bolognatrav says:

    i was banned becaused i was accused to be offering service.. what can i do about this

  3. karyna1 says:

    hi, i was banned for paypal , but i don’t use paypal , i use just tokens, anyone can click on report abuse and write there something about paypal , but admins don’t check first?i maked 500 $ in tokens in 20-30 days , and now the account is deleted and 150 $ (15000 tk)…i lose them ? pls help me

    • admin says:


      Our admins check before they ban your account and warn you. I cannot help you. You will have to contact customer support to fix this. If the tokens are earned legitimately, they will allow you to cash them out.

  4. Maggot Kid says:

    Now I KNOW cam4 does not have 24/7 admins or monitors…

    I had just reported flap_fetish for having bestiality photo on his profile and cam4 has done nothing to him. And do not tell me that admins are on and taking care of “more important things”

    Cam4 still also continues to experience glitches and technical problems so what are these “more important things” admins are working on then that keeps them from ever monitoring pages and removing fake/wrong sex profiles?

  5. youngcam88 says:

    Why have I been banned :( ??

  6. Chocodk says:


    Can you explain me why I am banned from the site?

    Got back from 1 month vacation and was banned when I tried to log on.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. bursuka says:

    Hey Guys why have I been banned? I get this message Error (c102) but I did nothing wrong ! Is there a bug in the system?

  8. vicyo18 says:

    i have been baned on this side cos of brodcasting video i really regrate what i done and i will not doing it again is there any chances of geting my ban cancelled ?

  9. Angelbrat says:

    I sent a couple of messages to support earlier about cam4.com/k9trans I’m assuming no one is receiving it so I am trying here.

    At first I was reporting him because he is a man broadcasting in the shemale section but it’s also an animalsex profile complete with animalsex photos on his profile. Hopefully, the only reason why he is still up is because no one has received the message.

  10. Birdlive says:

    Admin said “Admins are more concerned about underage users, spammers, video, and fraud then if a person is broadcasting in the wrong category. If there are no other issues, then they will look into and change his category. If it bothers you, then stop watching his cam.”

    And by the way I do not watch his cam. When looking on main female page we notice that there are profiles on the page that should be in male. And we also have to go IN their room to use “Report Abuse” button.

    And what are these “other issues” you speak of? How serious are these issues when people who were reported for wrong sex weeks ago are still seen in the same page with no change to their gender information?

    Why should it be so complicated to just spend several seconds looking a wrong sex broadcast, and clicking a button to correct it?

    I believe that the real reason is that cam4 has a tiny number of admins and sometimes there is no one on at all to monitor activity on here or to receive reports. And if they do receive reports it is already too late to do anything.

  11. celeng says:

    Why doesn’t cam4 ban token scammers anymore?

    cam4.com/lisaausbonn was broadcasting awhile ago and had token goal set up but there was no one on cam except a man walking back and forth sometimes and he would play audio from porn videos to fool viewers into thinking he was couple.

    The proof is also in his broadcast photos – all that appears is a man though a video of a camgirl appears in his broadcast photos. but it was fake.

    cam4 needs to be efficient when dealing with frauds and scammers.

    • admin says:


      Cam4 does ban token scammers. If you have been scammed, contact support and let them know how many tokens you tipped and how you were scammed. They will take care of it.

  12. Birdilive says:

    hey! Don’t admins ever pay attention when wrong profiles broadcast?

    What’s so special about cam4.com/venus_sp34 so special that he is allowed to broadcast in female section for as long as he wants?

    Right now there is arguement in his room because he is man in wrong section and he is laughing because he says he will not be removed. It looks like he is right. Cam4 must love him.

    • admin says:

      Admins are more concerned about underage users, spammers, video, and fraud then if a person is broadcasting in the wrong category. If there are no other issues, then they will look into and change his category. If it bothers you, then stop watching his cam.

  13. mari says:

    I closed the account and I am not wrong.Because the other types of payment for shows.I did show the skipe but tokens.Can be active again check my account I have not run otherwise payment required.THANKS

  14. pussyburglar says:

    Your account was banned for failing to follow the rules and broadcast live. We require members who are logged in to broadcast to be live on cam at all times. Live means that we can see you and if necessary speak to you. No videos, static images, blurred images, black images, etc are permitted. A 30 day ban was applied.

    acc pussyburglar plis me unban plissss

  15. paulo says:

    Can someone help me with this message

    Your account was banned for failing to follow the rules and broadcast live. We require members who are logged in to broadcast to be live on cam at all times. Live means that we can see you and if necessary speak to you. No videos, static images, blurred images, black images, etc are permitted. A 30 day ban was applied.

    I received the cam4 plis

  16. babybliss says:

    I am banned, and I don’t know why. I can’t broadcast or chat…nothing. Why is that, and what do I have to do to broadcast again? I ‘ve already send an e-mail to customer service, but nothing.

  17. ynacassandra says:

    why can’t i log in?!?!it says An error occurred while processing your login attempt. Your username and/or password may be invalid or cookies have been disabled. This error has been reporting. Please contact support if you think there’s a problem., what happened?!?!tnx

  18. JB says:

    I was just wondering why has cam4 been so backed up lately with banning underage accounts, harassment accounts, troll accounts, etc. Because I’m a gold member and I’ve been being harassed nonstop by a member that has several account names and I’ve reported it and sent screencaps in yet nothing’s been done about it I’ve also sent in several screencaps of broadcasters only accepting paypal and their still getting away with it without any account bans or terminations whatsoever…Can you please fill me in on what’s going on…Cam4 seem’s a bit unstable at the moment towards harassful users and such and I’ve noticed that members are migrating off to other sites due to the downfall. Please if you have any suggestions please fill me in…I just want Cam4 to be a safe place away from harassful users, and users that are violating cam4 terms and conditions.

  19. hardcockmanz says:

    Why was I banned?

  20. ishi_yasui says:

    i get banned in cam4 with my username ishi_yasui and i dont know the reason? i still have approximately $55 in my account but i cant open my cam4bucks, where can i get my money?

  21. xzebrax says:

    Hello Admin! what this is a problem! I can log in my profil and my cam4buck also I can login! But when I want broadcast my cam..I can not and also I can not look another cam, why?
    what this is a problem? what happaned? Could you help me?
    when I want open my cam4 broadcast cam..I can not, i JUST SEE it ”


    I’m not done anything wrong. I am a real adult woman! I am honest to you and your site! Could you please help me? what I can do now?:)


  22. supergirl007 says:

    I would like to known why i am banned! When i would like to broadcasting then i see only error-yo are banned from this site! I did not do nothing what is no allowed! Whats wrong! I live in student hotel and maybe something another do something not allowed in this site! Who can help me to unbanned my proffile!!??
    Lot of thanks!

  23. Cutie says:

    Hi there,

    I think my IP has been banned. Is there a possibility that my ban be lifted? I supposed I was using the name ‘cutiesimone’ before.


  24. dickie says:

    Dear administrator,

    I was banned since last week as a result of offering private shows and offering payment by PayPal.

    I thought this was a little harsh as ive been a member for 3 years and have never had a warning about anything before….is true as it was mentioned in my profile description for which I apologise.

    i ve send multiple of these messages to support, but i keep getting no response.
    i was wondering if you could help me and unban my IP?? just give me a second chance and i will only use tips and no paypal anymore!

    my ID is travobsx

    my IP adress is

    please help me, I would really appreciate it.


    Dickie Bs

  25. jay4590 says:

    This is why Cam4 needs to be monitored 24 hours…

    I was going to report user cam4.com/janetg for wrong sex (male broadcasting on shemale cam rooms) but then realize that it is not only wrong sex but he appears to be underage but there is no admins online at the moment to investigate his cam.

  26. dickie says:

    Dear administrator,

    A while ago my IP has been banned on cam4 because i used paypal, but i wasnt aware that it wasnt allowed at that time because i saw a lot of other people use is. an admin did warn me once, but the next time i tried to log in i was already banned…

    Ithought this was a little harsh as ive been a member for 3 years and have never had a warning about anything before.
    i’ve send multiple of these messages to support, but i keep getting no response,

    In my eyes it seems a little bit unfair because i was banned right away and didn’t even get the chance to stop with paypal..

    so i was wondering if you could help me and unban my IP?? just give me a second chance and i will only use tips and no paypal anymore!

    my ID is travobsx

    my IP adress is

    please do help me, I would really appreciate it.



  27. Simon Bae says:

    ive sent 2 messages last night and recently but still no reply what to do…? T_T

  28. Stud Muffin says:

    I already know it’s a real shore and sometimes a waste of time to ever alert cam4 of violations on here but, really, why would cam4 allow a pro-Nazi profile like THIS one: http://www.cam4.com/getrichbitch

  29. Simon Bae says:

    why cant i sign up guys ?? whenever i sign up i fill out the form then create account but it only refreshes the page then i click again it says im banned?? for what reason?? id really like to try out this site please help ….

  30. andy moore says:

    my sister tried to make an account on cam4 and got banned. im not sure why. my issue is that i was banned also and cant chat with broadcasters. how do i fix this.? can someone please help resolve this problem. thank you very much.

    • admin says:


      I have no idea why you are banned as well. Contact support with your username and they will let you know. If your sister is on the same network, she will be banned as well, since your IP is banned.

  31. paul668d says:

    I was banned for using paypal and I found this out by contacting support. Lots of ppl were offering it and I did not know it wasn’t allowed. I received no warnings and was just straight out banned (why?).

  32. Phil says:

    I have emailed the kim@cam4.biz address 3 or 4 days ago and i still haven’t got a reply regarding my ban.

    • admin says:

      You are banned for being underage and sending in fake ID. When you send in real ID showing you are of age, you will be unbanned.

  33. funluvvingu says:

    Hi,..love the site but was wondering what happens to my tokens that i have been tipped,.. i had 1500 and a 50 recently which have dissapeared,..thx in anticipation

  34. Phil says:

    I have tried talking to support via the email address, although i have not got a reply for a few days now.

  35. Phil says:

    i have been suspected of being underage to use this site, i sent an image of my provisional driving license to cam4 and they accused me of having altered the ID when i didn’t. please review your decision as i really love this website and want to become a premium member.

  36. Cam4lyfe says:

    I was banned while I was broadcasting and I don’t know why. I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m over 18 and stuff.

  37. Asianfucker1 says:

    Yes thank you so much. it fixed !!

  38. kyo says:


    My account was deleted and blocked a few days ago and after checking with support, I found that that it was for requesting for paypal payments. I’ve written an explanation to kim requesting for a lift of the ban as I was unaware that paypal was not allowed and had not been given any warnings by admins before this. However, I’ve yet to receive any reply from kim nor the support admin.

    Can I request for my account to be unblocked please? I’ve taken note of the restrictions against paypal requests.

    My username is “derr2406”.


  39. Asianfucker1 says:

    Hi Administrator of cam4,

    Recently my Cam4 account has been blocked by the ludicrous accusation that I would be underage. I understand that the safety and protection of minors is very important, so I can understand your motivation for doing so. The help page concerning this subject suggest that I would need to send a copy of my identification card to your technical support before my account can be reinstated. Later on I got the e-mail feedback from cam4 support telling me to submit a copy of my ID as an attachment to an e-mail to support@cam4.biz. I provided my ID, 2-3 days later I am able to access to my account again but it not allowed me to watch any other cams or broadcast my show. It said ” Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from this site. ” I am confused of what to do here. I have provided ID and it have been proved, but I am still banned? It could be a technical issue with reinstated my account properly. So please help me solve this issue. I would be so much appreciated! Lets me know if there anything else I can do to help.

    Thank you in advance,

    Sunita,(a.k.a Asianfucker1 on your website)

  40. qquiromm says:

    I was going to report this user – cam4.com/minhminhhn – to support for wrong sex (male broadcasting in a shemale room) but realize that’s not an issue as it appears he is underage. I thought underage people appearing on cam was a violation of rules.

  41. razvidanny says:

    heres my mail razvidanny@ yahoo.com i want an explication why ive been banned..im not undera ged what i have to to be on again

  42. jack22101993 says:

    I had my account deleted for advertising paypal show but i did not know that was not allowed, is there a way i can get my account re instated ?

  43. mamdougay says:

    I got an error c102 saying that I’m banned from the whole site but I don’t know why I would be :(

  44. sezaihaydar says:

    Why cam4 not ban cam4.com/strip64 for having child porn on his page?

    • admin says:

      They are banned. Probably shortly after you wrote that message. All cams showing persons under 18 years of age are banned from cam4.

  45. darknesslord says:


    I have no answer from customer support

  46. Magoot Kid says:

    Can Cam4 explain the special exceptions for men who make profiles in the female category? I look on the female page and it seems that certain men are still allowed to broadcast on there without ever having to worry about being moved to male.

    I reported cam4.com/safirise for wrong sex because he’s a man broadcasting in female category but he’s never been moved to male so I’m assuming cam4 doesn’t mind him being on there.

    That’s why we’d appreciate it if cam4 would make it clear what the special cases are for men to make profiles in the female category and broadcast even though they aren’t women.

    • admin says:

      Magoot Kid
      When you make a profile you choose if you are male or female. Some people choose the wrong one. If you report it, the admins will check and change it. But it’s not a high priority problem to fix. So it may take come time to change it. There are no special exceptions.

  47. darknesslord says:

    I want to know the reason why I was banned. Is there any possibility to remove this bann ? Thanks

  48. crazycajunx says:

    i can’t type in any rooms…i can type when i send mail, the cursor is blinking but it wont let me type anything in the room….i have cleaned cookies and everything, i have the new flash player…is it a tech prob or am i muted

  49. mr_hard1 says:

    Why am I getting the (C102) error?

  50. hotbody1999 says:

    I contact customer support to report abuse but they ignore messages. why they allow men to broadcast in female cam rooms. are they stupid that they do not know difference between man and woman. I feel this is only place left i can report wrong profiles.

    cam4.com/safirise and cam4.com/paugrosso31 are men on cam in women room and successfully making fools out of admins

    • admin says:


      Admins will respond to the most important problems first. Underage users, spammers, people playing videos, abusive people and technical issues. If they have time, they will change a profile from male to female if it’s obviously in the wrong category.

  51. kleopatra22 says:

    qualcuno sa dirmi come fare per togliere il ban perche’ qualcuno si è divertito a bannarmi,e se avessi fatto un offesa a qualcuno menescuso tanto .

    saluti kleopatra22

  52. Robert Lane says:

    My user ID is: Rob_Lane

    I get this message when opening a cam: Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site
    Is there an specific cause? What did I do wrong?
    The strange thing is that my wife’s ID is receiving the same message when trying to open a cam from my MAC.
    I guess there most be a site problem.

  53. i_love_trany says:


    why every time i see this massege
    “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site”

    Pls I am not happy with this massege

    Tell me whats my problem


  54. goiano says:

    cam4 boygo1 my account was deleted, what had happened was that I was broadcasting and it appeared that I was banned from cam4, then went into another account, called goiano , when I talk and open the cam, the following message “” Error (C102). Sorry You Have Been banned from the site “”

  55. questionn says:

    I wanted to ask if you have any date when the bans will be fixed ?
    Currently bans don’t work, that was the problem i posted above a few weeks ago, you can ban everyone you like from room, but they just get kicked and can come back without a ban nor on IP neither on nickname. It has been like this I think like 3 weeks. Just wanted to make you sure that such bug exists, it seems like cam4 lately had lots of problems(grey screens etc etc).

  56. steinbock751 says:

    i am having issues when i try to watch cams or try to broadcast. the site allows me to log in but as a cam loads up, it says Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site.????

    • admin says:

      the error means what it says. You are banned from the site. Customer support can tell you why if you want to ask them.

  57. c2cam4 says:

    i’ve been banned from your website few days ago, you guys think i’m underage, but i’m not… yesterday i sent a copy of my passport to you, but i have not recieve any answer yet…

  58. cokafaced says:

    Hey i was wondering why I can’t ban some of the people on cam 4 who come into my broadcast being rude, and one actually was repeating my real name in chat.. it gave me no ban or kick or ignore option on their name.. It’s very frustrating because these ones seem to be the only people that I can’t ban.. the ones who are rude, and spamming my room.. please please help.
    One of their names was Deutscherkol, he was typing my real name in chat..


    • admin says:


      you should be able to ban all people by right clicking on their name in chat or their name in the userlist. If they went offline, then the option may not be available.

  59. cam4 / nuspor says:

    Hi cam4,

    I was banned yesterday as a result of offering private shows and offering payment by PayPal.

    The first statement is true as it was mentioned in my profile description for which I apologise.

    However PayPal was not mentioned in my profile so I believe I have been falsely accused of the second statement.

    I was banned without being given warning. How do I reinstate my account?

    I have e-mailed several times now and have received no response.


    • admin says:

      cam4 / nuspor

      Support will ban you for asking for payments in any other way other then tokens. They are the only people that add and remove bans. You need to talk to them.

  60. julien says:


    I did, but the only thing they told me was that I am banned….That’s why I came here

  61. Julien says:


    I just found out this blog, so I’m gonna write my story here, hoping I can find a solution to my problem.

    I recently got banned from cam4, meaning I won’t be able to watch people and broadcast, things I enjoyed a lot…

    I asked why by sending an email to cam4 support, and the reply I got was that I did two things wrong: I gave my skype and accepted some payments from paypal.
    The thing is: first I did not know we couldn’t give our skype address to people, especially because I used to watch people before broadcasting, and lots of them were giving their skype address. About the paypal link, someone asked me if I had paypal, and I said yes, but it did not mean that I wanted to use it. I broadcast not for money but because I enjoy being seen by thousands of people all around the world.

    My question is the following one: is there any way I get get unbanned? Considering I was ban for two things I did not know it was not allowed and missuderstandings.

    I really wish I get broadcast again and talk to people camming on cam4.


  62. Tom says:

    I was in a room, by myself. My connection was sluggish and almost got disconnected; then the person’s room I was in viewership total ramped up to “260’ish of me”. I logged out, back in and back to this cam and went back down to one viewer.

  63. solid_snake8 says:

    I got banned without warning or reason earlier while on the site and sent an e-mail to support asking for details. They said it was for “abuse” which is a pretty vague explanation. Can I get some details? I’m stumped, considering I’ve never done anything disruptive or against the site’s rules. I’ve even got friends on the site who’ll vouch for me.

  64. Tom says:

    The user I mentioned above isn’t a gold member.

    Another user appearing many times in a player… a gold member had multiple cams opened.

    So, hmmm wonder what the reason for this bug is…

    I was going to bring it up weeks ago after it’s been happening to me. One told me he would ban me if I didn’t leave his room for being listed multiple times in his room, because it messed up his count; the other did ban me. He lifted it after I explained to him what I thought was to be the problem.

  65. Tom says:

    I was just wondering, will there ever be feature to ban users from your room even when they leave the room?

    Somebody insults/spams and leaves room(u can’t do anything, because in order to ban that spammer/insulter, he/she has to be in room)


    we can only ban by username and ip address. If there is some other way that you know of, let us know.

    Typing those usernames in a field, then clicking a “ban button” is an idea.

    I’ve noticed that some cam4 chatters are able to bypass chat bans. It seems to be that those who bypass it are often listed several times in the room listings. Is this a bug? Could you please explain why that is so and what you’re about to do against it?

    Users can’t bypass a chat ban. It’s not a bug. It’s done on IP. Once you ban them, that IP cannot be used again in that room. If they make other accounts with that IP they are not able to use those accounts in that room.

    The multiple usernames in the players is a bug. It seemed as though it was from users accessing cams from more than one computer (i.e., desktop and laptop). Of course, the majority are doing so on just one other device, but in some instances those usernames are listed over 30 times….. HOWEVER it was occurring for someone that was JUST on their laptop several minutes ago.

  66. notyourbitch says:

    This person – cam4.com/claudiahorny – was in some girl’s room saying some sick things. I looked at their profile and they mention wanting sex with underage girls and it’s obvious that it’s a man using an account to pose as a female.

    I reported this profile to support but they do not seem to care. I assume this profile will be allowed to stay up?

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your reports. If they admins find a problem, they will remove and ban the account. In this case I see they applied a ban.

  67. questionn says:

    probably there is no other way, but what i don’t understand, how some people even after they are banned, come back with the same username and still write.. I can’t get how they are able to avoid it, and there are several trolls like that.
    2 main problems with it are:
    1)Somebody insults/spams and leaves room(u can’t do anything, because in order to ban that spammer/insulter, he/she has to be in room)
    2)Somebody is unbannable. you ban as much as you want, they keep coming back. like ban was just a kick.

    the 2) is most annoying, no idea how anyone can do it.. can’t suggest anything, but just wanted to make sure that you are aware of this, though probably you were already:(

    • admin says:


      I’m not sure what is happening to you but when we test the ban works. Perhaps you are kicking people which allows them to return. A ban will ban the person from the viewing that webcam. We have delayed the names of the people leaving that chat in the user list. If you check there the name will still appear for a few seconds and you can click on the name and ban the person there, even though they have left the room. If they leave and return, this delay sometimes causes the name to appear more than once.

  68. questionn says:

    I was just wondering, will there ever be feature to ban users from your room even when they leave the room? Now the bans are pretty much worthless, you can ban but some annoying ones come back with proxy adresses, new usernames, or what is more annoying when somebody says something and leaves – you can’t do anything anymore. Of course there still is that red X button to ignore, but I still think there should be feature to be able to ban after somebody leaves your room, would help to get rid of spammers, haters easier, it’s too easy to avoid ban at the moment..

    • admin says:

      we can only ban by username and ip address. If there is some other way that you know of, let us know.

  69. KeaiRenYao says:

    I just created my account and wanted to start watching some of the cams but when I logged in and clicked on the cam, it said I was banned. How is this possible? I’d just created the account.

  70. Steve says:


    I’ve noticed that some cam4 chatters are able to bypass chat bans. It seems to be that those who bypass it are often listed several times in the room listings. Is this a bug? Could you please explain why that is so and what you’re about to do against it?

    It’s pretty frustrating not to be able to ban trolls. Some of those have several accounts and seem to be easily bypassing bans within seconds.

    So what IS actually being banned? I doubt the account name is, as otherwise the account holder would not be able to reenter the chat. Is it an IP ban? I doubt that because i think it would take time for someone to change their IP. Does the chatban feature work at all or is it broken? Same with silencing.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Users can’t bypass a chat ban. It’s not a bug. It’s done on IP. Once you ban them, that IP cannot be used again in that room. If they make other accounts with that IP they are not able to use those accounts in that room.

  71. giulliano says:

    We have made a mistake, we didn’t knew what was happening, please help us to restore our accounts, lavixxx and melvin_hot. We love this site is great. Please!

  72. giulliano says:

    Hello admin, me and my girlfriend we had our accounts banned now two months ago, they sayd that the reasont was fraud, it is true that someone comes to my room and told me that if we do great shows he will give us more money but i didn’t know from where was that money, but it is also true that we made good money for cam4, this site is great and i really like to stay on. I really want to solve this problem and to get back my accounts. Is it possible, what should we do? Thank you!

  73. Mike says:

    I tryed making an account and when i did it sayes that my account is banned and ive never even used this website before i want to try it. Why wont it let me make an account

  74. EnjoyMe69 says:

    Hello Admin

    I was banned?

    I always receiving this message every time I view cams or broadcast mine:

    “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated Admin. :)

  75. dragas69 says:

    yes i choice tokens bcause i have been learn my leson of paypal .. how i need to contact with cam4.om adminsitration ? and get unban?

  76. yngcouple_ says:

    If you are banned is the account listed as deleted? Does cam4 send messages notifying the user of bans?

  77. dutchhung18Y says:


    ive sent and supportquestion again, but again no response… could you please help me out?

  78. dragas69 says:

    yes yes you ban, how you can catch them all, by the way it real no fear that i get ban

  79. dragas69 says:

    A lt of peaople in cam4 do show for payapl and you dont ban them, but didint knwo about it and i get bann it’s no fear

  80. Tom says:

    drippp7 said November 2, 2010, 1:05 pm: Hi, can you please help, i got banned due to my age being in question. this was annoying as i never do anything explicit on here except talk.

    Nvickers said May 18, 2011, 4:34 am: As far as i am concerned i wasnt even show nudity and aswell i am 20 and still kinda mind boggled i got banned

    For the record: The underage aren’t allowed to access the site even if they don’t do anything explicit.

    • admin says:


      That is correct. No underage people on the site at all. Doesn’t matter if they are clothed or not. If you look under 18 then you will be asked for ID and banned. Send it in and you can have access to Cam4.

  81. dutchhung18Y says:


    a while ago my IP has been banned because i used paypal, but i wasnt aware that it wasnt allowed at that time because i saw a lot of other people use is. an admin did warn me once, but the next time i tried to log in i was already banned…

    i’ve send multiple of these messages to support, but i keep getting no response, i only got response when i asked why i was banned. i also checked my spamfolder. so i thought maybe this would work.

    in my eyes it seems a little bit unfair because i was banned right away and didn’t even get the chance to stop with paypal..
    so i was wondering if you could help me and unban my IP?? just give me a second chance and i will only use tips and no paypal anymore!


    • admin says:

      The admins warned you about asking for Paypal. You knew Paypal was not allowed. I can’t do anything to help. Talk to support.

  82. makki08 says:

    Hi admin! just like some of the previous comments, it seems like i am also banned from the site though i can’t think of any instance where i violated the rules. whenever i try to view other people’s cam, i keep on getting this error message:

    Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site

    so i would just like to know if there’s still any way that you could un-ban me so that i could once again participate in this great community.. thanks!

  83. dragas69 says:

    Dear admins, Hello
    I’m dragas69 and I will ask you some question about why you banned me from this site?
    I dont do anything illegal, I have 18year, and I relly wants to ask that you unban from this site
    If you can write to me an answer about that things wich I neevr done here, and I really are a good perso, I will tell to you true, I DONT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL, So I will wait your email about it. with pleasesure dragas69

    Answer to me as fast as you can

  84. sxgguy says:

    I get the “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site” message when i try to open a broadcasting profile.

    Can you please tell me the reason?

  85. porco1 says:

    stupid bitches ban me from room only because i ask if they have dog. you should ban them for they rude. they, stupid arrogants cunts and i hope dogs fuck and rape there mothers.

    banning people for dog question is rude, i only ask question and want to know

    why cam4 let too many bitch in there site?

    • admin says:


      People on cam can ban you whenever and for whatever they want. You seem to be very abusive and rude so it’s no wonder people ban you all the time. Dog sex is illegal in almost every country in the world. Performers will be deleted if they have sex with animals on cam4 and your account will be deleted and banned as well if you continue to ask for dog sex or other bestiality.

  86. banned says:

    If you keep banning people, they will go somewhere else. banning just means lost business. if a spammer can’t handle the comments then they should not be on cam showing their goods.

  87. elbee2010 says:

    Why the hell am i banned ? elbee2010

  88. Maiken says:

    Hello dear Admin!

    Me and my boyfriend were on cam earlier. suddently a guy told me that i looked like i was 12. And im 18, so is my BF. we were banned and my bf tried to contact support. They told him to send over our ID’ and we did that. After that they didnt do anything about it. Im kinda frustrated over this situation we loe having sex on cam and we love cam4.com so please help us out!

  89. Chocolateph says:


    Hmm, I just tried to log in today which is the first time in a veryyyyy long time just to see that I have been banned!
    Very dissappointed about that, especially as I cannot have done anything wrong as I have not been using the site. Please advise.


  90. sparklings says:

    i just signed up recently and when i was trying to view cams,i saw a msg telling me that i have been admin banned??weird.my ID is sparklings,pls.do something about it.
    thanks!more power!

  91. imdatchickulike says:

    i admitted i post not so good comments most of the time but i never cussed on anyone until i notice i was banned by the admin totally.useless to make new accounts now since i am admin banned.so if i behave and presented my ID,how long will you unbanned my IP address?thanks!

  92. noc3 says:

    admin sorry for writing so much well i got a reply and they said i was banned for asking for third party payments and that i was asking for paypal

    Im so confused!, i have never asked for paypal, i dont even have a paypal.
    I only allowed tips because tips are gifts and never offered anything for tips i just sat there and was reading or anything and tips came in, never got naked or anything. I have never asked for payment or scammed

    Also i have never been warned about it, on the email the person said i was warned several times but i wasnt, i was warned about looking underage and the time i got banned it said because i looked underage which i have already proved im not with my id so i dont get it.

  93. noc3 says:

    Hi admin

    does customer support answers on sundays? because i got banned today in the morning for looking underage and this is the second time it has happened even though i have already proved once that i was 18 and they unblocked me and now they banned me again, will they answer on monday?

  94. cazzo_meo says:

    This user, http://www.cam4.com/frina4321 is teenage boy pretending to be woman, he trying tto fool them to go to skype with them. why cam4 let underage boys chat?

    • admin says:

      I’ll pass your report to support. If they find out the person is underage, the account will be banned.

  95. diogo says:

    I just can’t broadcasting my self, but I can watchy normaly.I don’t know why…
    My id is diogobacon maybe is a problem in my pc.

  96. anton says:


    my id is sheeps, today i created a new account id : cauldron92. but now i can’t access both of them, what should i do?
    it always says error 102.. please help mee.

  97. MIDO says:


  98. virgul2010 says:


    Why jrdn_mtt account to you it was deleted ?

    • admin says:


      I’m sorry but I’m not going to continue to tell you why other people’s account are deleted.

  99. alexyalexa69 says:

    i forgot rumanesca account that pretended to be me , she did video with me and make me a bad name .\
    what about account alexaalexy1 who recieved 4000 tokens on site and never appeared in cam4bucks .
    or our couple account alexaalexy87 where we have money to withdraw ?

  100. alexyalexa69 says:

    i had an account on cam4 ,alexaalexy69 i made another ones and ban every time. let me ask u something , yes i ask for paypal and i do wrong ,and i get a bann from site , but what about the videos with me on cam4 ,leishaxxx used and make me a bad name , what abot the 101$ who were fake tips and after 3 days in my cam4bucks i saw they are fraud ????
    please tell me a thing if i can perform on cam4 again withouth paypal , withouth skype ?
    and another thing today i visited lots of rooms and at status of models writes skype shows .
    please admin tell me if something could be done for me !
    we are here 3 girls and 2 couples who want to work only for tokens !!!!
    now we are making account and not even we say hy on cam4 and u bann us !
    we now appologise for what happened in the past , we did wrong but also we suffer a lot when somebody used our videos , our pictures , when members insult us or other things .
    can it be possible to do something ?

  101. samuelusa12 says:

    hello i just registered and pushed to start broadcasting and got error c102 banned from the site. is there anything i can do?

  102. hotrachelle says:

    I just got online today and after I broadcast it banned me quickly. I didnt done anything againstap the rules. I hope I will get my account back. My account is almost 1 yr I think. Please give back my id.. Thanks in advance.

  103. aldehide says:

    hi , i try to make one account and i get one message on screen , you have been banned from this site ….. and i don’t know why…if u can help me whit something…thx

  104. virgul2010 says:


    Why soliderboys account to you it was deleted ?

  105. Alinatrav says:


    You use a lot of different IPs. One of them was used by another performer who was asking for paypal. Not sure if it was you or not. The admins removed that banned so you should be able to access the site again.

    thanks for the reply,

    no is not me what can i do? maybe can I delete my account and create a new one?

    maybe someone hacked my account?

    thanks again

  106. Virgul2010 says:


    Why effect90 account to you it was deleted ?

  107. lebaneseguy says:

    hi admin
    its been 3 months and im tryin to create an account and its not working :S:S
    they sent me a msg from the website and i did all they asked for and still i cant
    plz if u can help me!

  108. Biffie says:

    On Wednesday night, May 26th I was in a room that was being broadcast by a user named Jedadiah27. I have been in his room many times in the past. He always is drunk and very abusive to people. Several of us have given tokens to him and he just laughs it off and says tokens are part of cam4 now which I do understand. He had a goal of 1000 tokens for each shot or rum he did with a final goal of 10,000. At 9000 tokens he raised his goal to 20,000 since people weren’t tipping anymore and he didn’t feel like cumming. I called him out on it and was immediately called a drama queen and then was threatened. He said he wanted to find out where I lived and would fuck with my shit if he did find out. I’m not the only one he’s done this to. Several other friends that have been in his room and have tipped have had the same issues. He banned me from his room. What options do I have?

  109. Biffe says:

    Last night I was banned from a user’s room. The user is Jedadiah27. This guy was extremely drunk and requesting 1000 tokens to do a shot with a cum goal at 10,000. He then raised his goal to 20,000. I called him out on it and he got very abusive. He threatened to find out where I lived and would fuck with my shit. He then banned me. What options do I have?

    • admin says:


      You can contact support and report the performer for fraud. Tell them what happened, how many tokens you gave, what was promised and not delivered and they will check it out. If true, they will remove the tokens from the performer’s account and return them to you. Fraudulent performers are given a final warning or banned from the site.

  110. texasred63 says:

    Thanks, but the money is gone and I will never see it again. I just will never trust anyone on cam4 again. He ran a scam using his site and paypal.


    • admin says:


      Sorry to hear that. If it was tokens, we could help you get the money back. Since it’s paypal there is nothing that we can do other then ban the person so they don’t do it again to others.

  111. Alinatrav says:


    I’m getting the “Error(C102) Sorry you have been banned from the site”..please restore my account i don’t play videos,I’m not underage and never asked for paypal


    • admin says:


      You use a lot of different IPs. One of them was used by another performer who was asking for paypal. Not sure if it was you or not. The admins removed that banned so you should be able to access the site again.

  112. kevkevsean says:


    Ive had a full day to think about the ban my account received this morning and I can GUARANTEE you nothing was ever mentioned in chat about Paypal. I had a guest on cam who is another cam4 performer (wired4bois) this morning. He linked my cam4 account to Facebook and that was it, as far as I know. There were no private shows nor did we even perform on my cam together.

    I gladly accept tokens myself and know the TOS in regards to Paypal; not to be accepted. You can review my account and see I have cashed out tokens here.

    I’m asking that my account be restored and take my word that nothing other than tokens are accepted by me.

    Thank you,


    • admin says:


      You said that you accepted paypal in Facebook so that you wouldn’t get caught asking in chat. You’ve been warned about other stuff like playing videos as well. You would have to talk to support about restoring your account.

  113. texasred63 says:

    How do we find out if a cam was really banned or the owner is just lying to us to so as not to have to pay back money he scammed?

    • admin says:


      Contact support if there has been a scam and let them know. If they scammed tokens from you and have been banned, the tokens will be returned.

  114. LukeMatth says:

    Hi, I was ‘banned’ (I should say, prevented from broadcasting my own video-feed) because somebody thought I was under-age? I am 18, recently turned, and I think it is unfair to make judgments related to age when some people may look younger than they appear. Please do something about this..


  115. Maicon says:

    Ola, me chamo Maicon, não consigo mais acessar minha conta no Cam4, pois a pessoa que estava na Cam comigo na minha ausencia colocou video a rodar. E recebi a mensagem “You’re banned from CAM4”. Como faço pra recuperar minha conta? Uso o nike Maiks23. Devo mandar cópia da identidade pra qual Email?

  116. Virgul2010 says:


  117. Nvickers says:

    Well i got banned today for looking underage serously guys. So i took a picture of my B.C ID Canada. I am 20 and my names nolan i am just wondering is my picture of my id going to work cause i can take a picture of my Drivers licience. And as far as i am concerned i wasnt even show nudity and aswell i am 20 and still kinda mind boggled i got banned :/. anyways i wanna get unbanned and willing to do anything to get thier supply id etc which i have done. I am just kinda mind boggled being banned for that?

  118. Virgul2010 says:


    Why 19mascmusc account to you it was deleted ?

  119. Virgul2010 says:

    Okay, but this is the only one.

  120. Virgul2010 says:

    In Englishn its better


    Why has it been actor MagicStud deleted.

    Thank you.

  121. Virgul2010 says:


    Pourquoi MagicStud a t’il été supprimé.


  122. ali says:

    hi admine

    i find this
    “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site”

    what is mean that ?
    b coz i try to open cam but not allo me when i logout with out member its ok i can see cam for the girls

    pls . i want to fixed thats massge


  123. gicolosycolo says:

    yes, we report user for using his babyhole1 and babyhole2 profiles to wrongly broadcast in shemale room but now this man make new profile and sneaks into shemale rooms again. his new profile cam4.com/tigthhole is wrongly in shemale. i think after cam4 move his old profile he make new one in wrong sex so he can defy cam4.

    either move his new profile to male or ban him from cam4 because he will make new profiles when his other ones are exposed as wrong sex

  124. andrei0018 says:

    what wrong with cam4? report men who broadcast in women rooms but cam4 grant them special premission to stay in women rooms and keep false female profiles???

    Now I report here,

    these men make false female profiles





    All day cam4 allow them to be in women rooms but they not women!!!!

    Maybe I too go make false women profile and i go on cam too, cam4 seem to not mind anymore

  125. sertvurur07 says:

    you ashols need to stop allow women to ban people, i ask woman to show pussy but she ban me, stupid bitch, why she on porn site????

    make women stop banning viewser, you ashols allow this to happen. i think cam4 like stupid bitches that ban men for want to see them, you are all ashols who let it happen

    fuc you

    • admin says:


      You seem like a very abusive person. If you didn’t act like this people would probably not ban you. We will always allow performers to ban you if they feel like it. I suggest you go to another cam site.

  126. PORCO1 says:


    http://www.cam4.com/hottestbitc IS MAN IN WOMAN ROOM, YOU STUPIS FUCKERS. AND HE ADVERTISE SOME SITE NAME xxxxxxx


  127. ma3alena says:

    im still getting the same error that i have been banned (c102)


    My dear Admin, you know i did nothing wrong and you told me that u have no record for me being banned.

    but Im banned i cant use the site anymore

    I always get the errorrrrrrrrrr

    plzzzzzzzzz help me

    my account name again : ma3alena

  128. ma3alena says:

    Dear Admin,

    Again please, I still get the same error (C102, sorry you have been banned from the site).

    I even tried to create a new account, I got the same problem.

    I did contact customer support but they said im not banned, while im banned, i always get the error, I tried three kinds of web browsers, I created a fresh new account, but the same error (c102) alwaysss!!!!

    Please what should I do. I really need your help, I wana my Cam4 backkkkkkk

    My new account name: dove12
    I already have the account name : ma3alena

    I created this dove12 thinking that my account (ma3alena) is banned for something i dont know.

    now, whatever I try I still get the (c102) error that i have been banned, for no reason, you replied me regarding my account (ma3alena)
    you said you have no record of me being banned, but Im banned , I cant broadcast any more and I cant watch any cam while logged to my account…

    Please help me with this issue that I have no idea why me is suffering from this while i did nothing wrong at all. plz plz solve this problem for me, I cant live without cam4, Im trying every way but I always get the error, so i can do nothing about it…

    please do help me, I would really appreciate it.


  129. hexerl68 says:

    Why did you fucks change my profile to “male”?????? You assholes change it back to “shemale”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. ma3alena says:

    Dear Admin,

    Again please, I still get the same error (C102, sorry you have been banned from the site).

    yes you were right, I could login and broadcast two days ago, but while I was broadcasting I got a connection error and after that I could not broadcast again and got The (c102) error again until now.

    I even tried to create a new account, I got the same problem.

    I did contact customer support but got no reply at all :(

    Please what should I do. I really need your help, I wana my Cam4 backkkkkkk

    My account name: ma3alena

  131. chocolateph says:

    I dont know how that can be… dont know the account… tried all possible combinations of my password..

  132. chocolateph says:

    What?? Hsfddsf?? Dont even know that username….. How can that be possible??

  133. Chocolateph says:

    Hi, I have been banned… and not using paypal… have been asked about it and added the person to skype.. but not requesting paypal…

  134. Chocolateph says:

    Hi, I have been banned… whenever people mentioned paypal I did not accept… so why did I get banned?

  135. night17 says:

    who the fuck ban me? i broadcast few minutes ago and my cam go offline then it say im ban. i demand you uban me, i do nothing wrong!

  136. gicolosycolo says:

    Cam4, this user is man but he continue to broadcast in shemale:



    He have other profiles he used to have in shemale but cam4 move them to male. and each time he make new profile in shemale.

    he used to be maxbols, superbools, and stronbols. they were fake shemale profile that cam4 move to male. now he make his 2 babyhole profiles so he can sneak back into shemale.

    i report to admins but they ignore so i report here. if wrong sex is not important to cam4 then you should not have it in report abuze. and maybe i make new profile in shemale or female room if cam4 now allow it. it should be fair to broadcast any room then

  137. ma3alena says:

    Dear admin,

    May I know why i have been banned?

    i keep getting the error (C102)…

    I really cant remember I made something wrong,,,plz help me and let me know if possible why I got banned…


    My account name is :ma3alena

    • admin says:


      I have no idea. I don’t see you being blocked. Contact Cam4 customer support and perhaps they can help you.

  138. yola_calista says:

    dear admin…

    i just want to ask why i am banned from cam4?….i think i have not done anything against your policies…i did not do video capturing…i am not young looking…i was not scamming anyone and i did not do any spams….

    if ever i have done something wrong i would like to know so that i can’t do it again and i would like to apologize sincerely for my mistake…i am one of your site fan and if there is anything i can do to be of your help i am willing to do it as long as it is in my capabilities…i hope you will considerate…

    thank you very much….

  139. slipknot90 says:

    Oh and there is also t11iamback

  140. slipknot90 says:

    In response to your reply, t9iamback is still not banned and Crazy_2 is asking broadcasters for bestiality and his comments above in this blog 29th April are pretty abusive if you ask me. Don’t know why you are even showing them.

    • admin says:


      I didn’t say t9iamback was banned from the site. I said they are banned from chatting. If you want to report other users for violations of Cam4 terms, please do it to customer support and not on the blog. I only forward these comment on to them. Crazy_2 is banned.

  141. excite2008 says:

    Yes sorry, i guess i hadn’t seen the T&C’s for a while.

  142. excite2008 says:

    I was banned 2 days ago for showing parts of a video of myself, in the conversation with the room it was made very clear that i was only showing parts of a video as requested, i was not trying to fake a video it was just my cam pointed at the screen for a couple of minutes. I only got 1 msg with an immediate ban, i thought this was a little harsh as ive been a member for 3 years and have never had a warning about anything before. Can i have this lifted please? no more videos will be shown.

    • admin says:


      If you are a member for 3 years then you know that you can’t show videos and that we ban people for showing videos. I’ll forward this to support to see if they will remove the ban.

  143. slipknot90 says:

    t10iamback & t9iamback keeps constantly calling broadcasters “token whores” If the broadcaster bans him he keeps coming back. I guess all his previous logins have been banned (t1 to t8) I have reported him numerous times but he still has not been banned with these accounts. Oh, and reading above, why have you not banned crazy_2 as well?

    • admin says:


      The iamback accounts where banned from chatting when I checked them. I don’t why crazy_2 is not banned or why they would be banned.

  144. murvy says:

    Hi, you would not find any user name ‘murvy or the email’ because i did not even manage to register a account with you guys. After i filled up my preferred username, my email, i click create account, it leads me to homepage and says” You’re banned from CAM4”?

    this is the first time i registered. so supposedly i shld not have been banned before? ive tried using my other email accounts to register, but all the same result. could it be a banned from my country?

    Thks in advance!

  145. murvy says:

    Hi Admin, thks for working so hard to reply to our questions.

    I have a query, Im puzzled because i was banned, right after i click ‘create account’. it stated so, though it was my very first account creation. may i have some help on this!? thks


    • admin says:


      No idea. We don’t have a user named murvy or any account using the email account you used to post here. I assume you are banned on an older account that you setup.

  146. gicolosycolo says:

    and cam4 lie! there no 24 7 administrators!

  147. gicolosycolo says:

    what wrong with cam4 staff. many men cam in women rooms and cam4 allow them????? fuck you, cam4 for allowing wrong sex and ignoring complaints

    • admin says:


      We don`t consider a man going into a woman`s room to be that serious of an issue. The admins are more concerned about banning underage performers, spammers and abusive people.

  148. crazy_2 says:




  149. swatson123 says:

    hi, thanks for your reply. could you tell me why the profile nath5350 has been deleted??

  150. swatson123 says:

    hi, whenever i try and access my friends profile, Nath5350 i keep getting redirected back to the home page, could you tell me why?

  151. Brit says:

    So… I absolutely love this site. It gives everyone a chance to show off this side of them that they want to. It’s amazing entertainment.

    I just joined yesterday, have been 18 for almost a month, and was on broadcasting for maybe less than an hour, and suddenly my cam went off and I am no longer able to log in. I don’t understand why I have been banned, I did absolutely nothing wrong. That is the only frustrating part about this site. We get banned and don’t even know the reason why. I was sitting in front of my cam just messing around, I never typed anything bad or went on anyones profile and said hurtfull things, I didn’t do anything wrong and I would just like to know if there is any actual reason I have been banned?

    • admin says:


      We would love to have your performing on Cam4. But we need you to send in a copy of your ID to kim@cam4.biz to prove that you are old enough. We will then un-ban your account.

  152. manul_23 says:

    I go in woman’s room and she ban me because i only ask if she make sex with dog for me please. and she ban me! the stupid cunt! can cam4 make stupid cunt unban me? why she ban me?

    if cam4 no make her unban me then cam4 stupid cunts too!

    • admin says:


      Bestiality is not allowed on cam4 and is illegal in most countries. Cam4 will also ban you for requesting this. You seem to also be very abusive to people. So Cam4 will definately ban your account.

  153. ellis says:

    Hotsexylenty in the middle of a show (yesterday happened 4 times) leaves for private paypal shows on skype.It’s really easy to understand that cos you can hear the skype sounds and after a quick chat she disappear and pop up 30 mins later.

  154. raccoon says:

    The user hotsexylenty keeps on asking paypal for private shows.
    She starts broadcasting,finds someone interested in private for paypal,disconnects,half an hour later (the time of a show) gets back online and so on.She did this with another account and now with this new account.
    She uses the site just to find new customers for her private paypal shows,if every broadcaster did this there would be no show on cam4.

  155. Pashun81 says:


    So, today I was “site” banned and I do not know why…

    I emailed cam4 and gave a different email address and they emailed back, almost immediately, and I was told they could not discuss. Ok. Understood. So, I sent another request using my correct email address and have not rec’d a response. (user ID and email here, correct)

    I do not understand. I do not look underage (I should be so young!), I don’t spam (I don’t know how), I don’t capture video (I don’t know how), I have never scammed anyone or played videos or still images (I haven’t even broadcast — yet.)

    I’ve never been anything but polite to the performers and other guests — even when they have not been… I’m an older, straight, female and I thought I was what most of the male performers that I watch actually wanted in their rooms…

    Please advise what I have done wrong, so I do not repeat my supposedly errant ways.

    Also, please advise what I can and should do to get reinstated. I have many CAM4 acquittance’s that I chat with nearly every day and I already miss them…

    Thank you.

  156. NY87 says:


    I am wondering, how long after e-mailing copies of my ID, will I be able to cash out my earnings?
    Also, if after cashing out and eventually deleting my account, Will my ID’s still remain on file, or can they be removed by request?

    thank you, have a great day.

    • admin says:


      As soon as we get your ID and approve it, you will be able to cash out your earnings on Cam4bucks. Your ID is printed and removed from our servers once it is approved. It can be destroyed if you wish after your account is deleted.

  157. spammy1982 says:


    I have noticed a growing trend of viewers using the abuse system to intimidate performers. The abuse system is a good way to keep performers true to their word, but it is also being used as a tool by viewers to try and manipulate performers into doing stuff they hadn’t agreed to.

    I understand that there are certain checks and balances to make sure that performers aren’t getting screwed out of tokens they deserve, but there needs to be some well known consequences not only for viewers claiming abuse when it’s not warranted, but also for trying to manipulate performers in chat with threats of claiming abuse.

    The situation is really getting out of hand, and it’s wrong for viewers to continually get away with abusing the abuse button.

    • admin says:


      The admins don’t believe every report is true. They check before taking action. People that make many false reports, their reports are discarded so they are wasting their time anyway.

  158. Mason says:

    please please cam4 unbanned i will not harass or be negative if i do you can banned me and leave me banned but please unbanned me this once i will not be negative i just want to cam please im sorry for commenting so much its just that i really want to be unbanned please i will not be negative or harass please

  159. Mason says:

    i would like to apologize to cam4 for my behavior i am sorry if i was negative towards any of the performers or users i should have not responded towards any negativity or been negative i am sorry i should have respected the other performers and users i just want to be unbanned i will not harass any of the performers i didn’t harass them i had responded to those who were being negative towards me and saying negative things and i should have not responded i am sorry please unbanned me cam4 i will not be negative i just want to cam and be respectful to the other users and performers please unbanned me cam4 please thank you

  160. Mason says:

    cam4 banned me my username was 32191 i tried contacting them and asking them to unbanned me but they said i was harassing the performers which i was not i had responded to one of the performers who was negative towards me i should have not responded i keep contacting them and now they are not responding to any of my emails i just want to be unbanned cam4 please unbanned me

  161. carmen says:

    quiero volver a tener cam 4 me gusta mucho y me entretiene saludos

  162. carmen says:

    no puedo entrar mas no puedo saber porque le agradeceria saludos

    • admin says:

      Cuando usted trasmita debe ser en vivo no puede dejar la camara en negro por que su cuenta va a hacer desabilitada de nuevo

  163. creamchz says:

    Why am I banned? I was on earlier tonight and made 750 tokens, took a break, now it says I am banned. What gives?

    • admin says:


      You where warned about asking for paypal, you ignored the warnings and continued to ask for paypal. You also ripped off a member so your tokens where returned to the people that tipped you.

  164. doug says:

    hello i would like to have you get kevkev sean un blocked they are good guys and should not get blocked thank you doug

  165. please un ban kevkevsean.. they have the best live shows!!!!

  166. Terrywayne says:

    Hello,I was wondering why you banned kevkevsean, they are real,never video,and seems banned for the wrong reason,I know them and they do what they say they will do,never have they been fake,or a video,and should not be banned,please fix this as soon as possible, Thank You.

  167. XYX says:

    Hi. If someone got banned for playing a video but its their first offense, can they be unbanned? And if yes, how?
    This is related to the account kevkevsean. They have done good shows. And it would be awesome if kevkevsean are allowed back into the site. Thanks.

  168. TerryTindle says:

    Hello,I was told you banned one of your cammers,named kevkevsean,they have never done anything wrong,and are always true to there word,and always live,never video,and must be unbanned,please ,thank you.

  169. juan r castro says:

    Why you ban the channel ” kevkevsean ” ? He was only showing some pictures about himself ! Please unbanned the channel ! Thank you !

  170. juan r castro says:

    Why you banned the channel ” KeKevsean ” ? Please unbanned !! He was just showing pictures ……

  171. suzie2117 says:

    you should unbann kevkevsean…..they always pllay live video and they are amazing to watch and the main reason i come on this site……please…..and thank you :)

  172. kevkevsean says:


    I was kicked (not sure if banned?) for showing my desktop through ManyCam.
    I sometimes use ManyCam because the broadcast will not detect my video all the time. I am always on video, have taken the proper steps to send in compliance forms and my ID. Could you tell me if this is just temporary or what? Thank you.


    • admin says:


      From what I can see you broadcast still images and videos with Manycam. There is nothing wrong with using theis product but you have to have a live broadcast. If it’s a still image for an extended period of time, then the account will be kicked and/or banned. I’ll get them to restore the account with a warning.

  173. enzo1979 says:

    Hi there,

    today i couldnt access and login into my account and dont know why, I was never notified at all about what happened. So i emailed cam4 support and they said that I had been banned for alleged paypal advertising. This is unfair as I have not done a paypal show before.

    Is it possible to be unbanned? i have no idea what to do.. i can’t make a new profile, just only to watch cams because im banned. But i haven’t even been warned or something, and on top of it it seems to me like a huge misunderstanding, probably moderator thought im requesting paypal payment, while i clearly did not mean that, really,i did not request any paypal payment at all, this seems to me like a big mistake of one of your moderators… i sent messages continuously to cam4 support but i got no answer about unbanning me, i sent to kim also, so far no reply…

    just want to ask, will i get unbanned? to be sure next time i will just put ‘no paypal’ or no paypal in my bio or not mention it at all to avoid further misunderstandings or confusion.

    i have always been a loyal customer and loved this website and sincerely sorry for any confusion as it was never intentional or deliberate and that I always wanted to earn my money through tokens only and not paypal. This is evident by the amount of tokens i have earnt through here.I am a bit worried as I have over $530 usd that I have hard earned through tokens only and not paypal.

    • admin says:


      You are banned for paypal. You say you were not warned and have no idea why but then you also say it must be a misunderstanding about paypal. So I’m thinking that there is no misunderstanding. In fact when I check with support, they have screen caps of you spamming other people’s chat and actually asking people in your cam chat if they have paypal to pay you with.

      Your earnings have been cashed out on Cam4bucks and you will recieve them. If you have any questions, then contact support.

  174. Diego says:

    what will i do?? i didnt know that multiple account is not ok and i dont know about spamming….im sorry for that and its my first time. please help me. what will i gonna do now?


  175. azn_princess says:

    I was banned earlier today…I assume it’s because I look underaged. Unless someone thought I was using a video. Which I wasn’t lol.

    Truthfully, I turn 18 in a few months…can I send in ID then…..? Will my ban be uplifted then? *wishing upon a star*

  176. zoz777 says:

    I am 34 years old.
    Any it is certain though it proves.


  177. Diego says:

    Dear Cam4,

    Good Morning i was worried and i didnt understand why im banned in your site since i started to create account in your site January 19,2011 and i broadcast once at January 20, 2011 and now as i back in your site and trying to watch cams and also broadcasting its says that im banned and error c102. what is that means and why i banned since i was trying to broadcast once only and please help me on what will i do and what is the reason that im banned there is no warned/warning that i receive on my email address. my username is sex_trip21 and im in male category. please help me or tell me what should i do. thanks!!!


  178. sweetcany69 says:

    Can i make a new account on cam4?

  179. sweetcany69 says:

    I got banned and the admin said it was because i was asking for paypal. I keep sending mails wanted to know when the ban is removed but they haven t responded me . Could you how long i ll still be banned?

  180. zoz777 says:

    why i am ban?
    my cam is clean always.
    and show only…

    but why??

  181. Nico says:

    Hi, me again banned, like last month, because of my age, I send you last month my driver’s license and my DNI and you verified my age
    So, Why me again banned?. Please await your response soon. This mistake again gives me a headache.
    Thanks I await your response.
    My Account Is ReyDCopas :(

  182. swatson123 says:

    Hi i am having problems accessing the site, i keep getting the error:

    Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown error.

    when ever i try and access the site. does this mean you have blocked my ip address or something?

  183. chuchay1 says:

    admin, how come i was banned? i am able to view broadcasts when i am not logged in but when i log in and i view broadcasts all that cam4 is telling me is “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site” i have not been able to comment ever since i registered here because i can’t even view anything when i am logged in. I hope you can look into this thank you.

  184. trapdoor says:

    Yes i know people and cam4 admins like them but that’s cheating.
    For example yesterday she broadcasted in woman section (correct,she was alone) with the username lacostecouple but she won COUPLE OF THE DAY (3th place).
    She has been doing this trick for 2 months now (in this way she won last month “couple of the month”) and this is not fair to the other broadcasters.

    P:S.:if she can do that everyone can do that.i’m a woman but i’ll start broadcasting in the trans section trying to win “trans cam of the month”.

    • admin says:

      You have to be alone to win Female cam of the day and all the times she wins, she is alone. There has to be a couple on cam to win couple cam of the day which they do. You can’t win couple cam of the day as a single woman. You would not get enough viewers. And you have to be a trans to win cam of the day for trans. If you broadcast in the wrong section you are moved the following day and the awards will be corrected.

  185. trapdoor says:

    Lacostecoupl always broascasts as woman but she gets the prize of 2000$ as COUPLE of the month.There’s something strange in that.

  186. Dom says:

    Thank you

  187. admin says:

    proficional, you are banned for harassing people

  188. Fabianatrav says:

    I’ve banned maybe for the message: “tokens for pvt show”, I think, please can you reactivate my account? (I’ ve always performed for free) I’ll never do it again

  189. Chocolateph says:

    The error is still not fixed…..

  190. Dom says:

    While I appreciate that not all people who “ cry wolf “ over being spammed are innocent, it would appear that we are all lugged into the same group regardless. As I said before I do not spam- case in point with my new account ( before it was deleted) I had no time to spam! Do you know if there was been any joy with the admins or programmers looking at the spam filter. I contacted support but I don’t think they are speaking to me any more :(

    • admin says:

      You account was restored. We added more tracking in the spam filters so we will know exactly what people did to set them off. My guess is people typing feet feet feet feet over and over would get them booted. But we will see.

  191. Sean Walsh says:

    I am banned under ban c102…I do not know why this ban was imposed and I would appreciate if it could be lifted

  192. ORACLE says:

    Now cam4 is getting so idiot, many wrong bans instead of punish those guys that send message with advertisement from other sites. It’s too bad! they will lose so much.

  193. thatdude says:

    Well, I can tell you that I didn’t spam on any of the chat. I might have used “lol” and “haha” a lot. But I have not spammed anyone. This is a mistake and how can I get unbanned? Just wondering, is there no warning for spamming? Cause I certainly did not get a warning.

    Thanks again.

  194. thatdude says:

    thaonedude is my account. Sorry that you would know from the email address.


  195. poppingbox says:

    i’m sending my ID i will wait for unban

  196. thatdude says:

    I was just wondering why I was banned and entire account was deleted. Was chatting away and than got a banned.


  197. m105 says:

    Hi, the other night i was in a friends room chatting and in mid sentence i was kicked from the room and banned. After emailing support i was told that i had been banned for spamming. This is the second time in the last month that this has happened and exactly the same way. As i stated before in my prior message i was not spamming or have i ever on your site. I have been a member of your site for a few years and have never received a complaint until now and don’t understand why this keeps happening. I would like to this ban lifted again for I clearly haven’t broken any rules on your site. . I understand that u have a spam filter in place and it deals with numerous reports each day, but it looks to be very sensitive. Seems that i am in the same situation as Dom is . I have many great friends on Cam4 that i talk to on a daily basis and can assure you that if you were to ask them they would tell u that i do not spam. I would like my account back. Thank you for your time

    • admin says:

      You can talk to support and see if they will unban you. Depends on if it’s your first time spamming or not.

  198. Dom says:

    well i have been accused of spamming on two occasions now once with my bluecats account and secondly with the bluecats2 account which i only had for twenty four hours. I tried to get more information about this most ban and was told it is an automated system and that’s all i got. I absolutely deny these accusations i never spam anyone but again when asked of proof of this i received no further information! I just dont understand why suddenly this is the case. I had my original profile for nearly two years and have not radically changed my chatting style! On the new profile a barely spoke to three people before the new ban was imposed. If indeed you have some form of spam filter has it been upgraded recently or something? As it appears rather over zealous !

    • admin says:

      It’s not that overzealous because we have very few complaints. But I will pass this on to the admins and programmers to see what they figure out.

  199. poppingbox says:

    i was banned and i dont know why i did nothing everyone thoth that im younger but i’m 22 years old how do i get unbaned?

  200. Chocolateph says:

    Hi, I have been banned Error (C102) Can u please tell me why? I have not been asking for paypal or anything like that.

  201. hot2_rod says:

    today i was a mod in a cam broadcast for several hours, and after someone said they would pay to see something, the broadcaster did it and they never paid. After being questioned about it, they kept trying to say they didnt say they would pay to see it. So after a while of arguing the person got banned by the broadcaster, a few minuets later the persons back, i ban them, few minuets later their back again.
    Case in point by the end of the broadcast the same user eradokation was banned from the room 20+ times i would guess.
    This shows obviously that something about your banning process needs to be improved, im not sure how you log bans but it didnt work on this guy…. he kept coming back with the ability to chat but i never saw him in the user list, even before the first ban.

    • admin says:


      We ban by IP. If they keep getting more IPs, then write to support and we will delete the person’s account.

  202. tarwater says:

    Admin, could you check on the status of my account? I’m assuming I was banned for looking underage, so I sent in my ID yesterday. Today, still banned.

  203. samp35 says:

    Check the user “hotchocolat3”.All the tipleaders (winning private shows) registration date is March 27th and they tip 10000 – 30000 tokens for no show or few mins show.Everything is so souspicious(don’t tell it is ok, she got 60000 in an hour).

  204. timmkicks says:

    I share a wireless router with various people in shared accomodation and it seems that the ip address has been banned because of someone. how can you resolve this because i cannot even sign up for a cam4 account because it says I am banned. please help. I can set up another ip address if that helps.

  205. bullerby says:

    First of all…I like and enjoy this site cam4.com.

    But now I got this error! Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site

    Lets say I do something wrong, I mean I know we answer people they are talking about paypal, and now I know thats not okay!

    I most been warned somewhere, so I ask…Where did I see if your warned from cam4.

    Hope really we will got time to enjoy this site again!


  206. mclovins says:

    I do not even know what account hornylilteen is. That is not my account and I have never heard of that account. Can it be deleted and my account re-enabled?

    • admin says:

      You and hornylilteen use the same ip address. You cannot create another account as it will be banned as well.

  207. McLovins says:

    I am not able to broadcast my cam it just says Loading… and never loads. Also when i view a room I get get error(c102)

  208. dnth8dask8rs says:


    I used to be a regular on cam4, never had a problem and always got a lot of viewers when I broadcasted. One time i posted a link to a video i was watching, not knowing I was breaking a rule. I didn’t see any warning about it and all of a sudden was banned for life. I know now that this is against site rules and apologize. I’m not a spammer at all in fact I hate it. I have tried to email support for the site many many times but there is never any response. Is there anything that can be done at this point, it’s been over 2 months I’ve been banned. my username was dnth8dask8rs

    • admin says:


      This was not a one time thing. You did this multiple times promoting other sites. The ban will not be removed.

  209. TONY says:

    Hey, I am getting the “Error(C102).
    help me plz!!

  210. Liam Teasdale says:

    It says that i have been banned for being a minor when i am 18 years old and look older than most people on the site, why is this?

  211. max says:


  212. Nico says:

    Hi admin, my account “Reydcopas ” was deleted, and not for what reason. I have not violated any rule, can corroborate. Also I can not enter either the account of my brother, the IP is banned.
    We have not violated any rule, broadcasting live ourselves, we are adults, we do not make spam. Do not understand what the problem. I hope you can help me thank you very much.
    Sorry for my english I speak spanish
    I hope your answer.

  213. Chocolatedk says:

    Did not use paypal after being warned the first time… Used links to my skype account to c2c…. not paypal. Hope to solve this issue soon.

  214. singult says:


    while camming today as singult, one of my costars was dressed as a schoolboy.
    As with most/all T&C statements, people sign them without reading, as I did myself. I wasn’t aware that being of youthful appearance and/or dressing as a schoolboy contravened cam4’s T&Cs, especially as I have seen women doing so on occasion without penalisation (and my friend is 21). Also, I was not provided with a warning that I was breaching the terms and conditions, which I would happily have complied with. Without being warned that my show was inappropriate, I feel that cam4 has shown a lack of transparency in the way it deals with its users, who are often businesspeople.

    Furthermore, after contacting customer support’s email and Kim, I wanted to clarify that while user sillyrabbitt, who accesses his own account under my IP address, was sent a request to provide proof of age documentation for all three people featured in my/singult’s cam, onus of proof of age has nothing to do with sillyrabbitt’s account. This is a concern as on shared IP addresses, users are likely to be outed to each other, which is a breach of privacy.

    I would appreciate this problem being rectified in a timely manner – I have bills to pay! Thanks!

  215. Ray says:


    I just have a quick question. My good freind that i met on here can no longer come chat with me on cam4. Its say that the account has been deleted. I guess my question is what is, Is there a difference between deleted and banned or is it the same thing. I just want to know what happen.

    • admin says:


      No idea what happened to your friend as I don’t know who they are. Deleted means the account was removed. They could have asked to have it removed. Banned means blocked from making an account on Cam4. This would happen if they are underage, spammers, abusive or asking for paypal repeatedly after being warned not to.

  216. actualguy says:

    and what period of time—You’re banned from CAM4???

  217. Chocolatedk says:

    Hi, I have written several time, but no answer, hope to resolve my ban issue. I am not asking for paypal if that is what the ban is about. If the ban will continue I would like to delete my account immediately, but hope to be able to still make use of this incredible site.

    • admin says:


      You where warned about asking for paypal. You continued to ask for paypal and you have been banned for that.

  218. Chocolatedk says:

    Hi admin.

    I would like to know why I get the C102 error… and what to do to cancel the ban, which apparently have been put on me.

  219. miketeebo says:

    Why am I getting the (C102) error?

  220. Polishsk8 says:

    asked to support the removal of the ban. They refused. You can get me off the hook?

  221. actualguy says:

    Many users leave your site but could not delete the account. YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE. SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE A LOT OF USER? If we anticipate that many users have SEVERAL OTHER NAMES

  222. hate_reality says:

    Thanks for help, problem has been solved :)

  223. hate_reality says:

    thanks for reply admin, i emailed her a few hours ago, hope i will get answer soon:(

  224. hate_reality says:

    is it possible to be unbanned? i have no idea what to do.. i can’t make a new profile, just only to watch cams because im banned. But i haven’t even been warned or something, and on top of it it seems to me like a huge misunderstanding, probably moderator thought im requesting paypal payment, while i clearly did not mean that, really,i did not request any paypal payment at all, this seems to me like a big mistake of one of your moderators… i sent messages continuously to cam4 support but i got no answer about unbanning me, i sent to kim also, so far no reply…
    just want to ask, will i get unbanned? to be sure next time i will just put ‘no paypal’ in my bio or something to avoid further misunderstandings… sigh..

  225. hate_reality says:

    today my account has been deleted because of asking for paypal payments. The problem was that i never asked for paypal payments. Was just broadcasting and in the middle of everything my account just got deleted. I dont know how anyone could think that i was asking for paypal payments when i put the tipping on and just people like usually were asking for paypal, and i said a few times no for paypal. im really very disappointed.

  226. sexy_roxy20 says:

    Hello, please un-bann me, today i want it to broadcast and i had a surprise, your site said to me that im banned,,,, i emailed the supprt team and they reply to me that i was banned becase i herasse other member… I NEVER HERASSE ANYONE , what should i do if someone feels frustated because i get many tipps or maybe kick him out of my room because use bad language??? of course some of them report me.. its not my fault, you shouldnt be so agressive and bann someone without even see if its tru or not,,, and without a warning or something…. PLEASE UN-BANN ME , I NEVER HERASSE ANYONE !!! AT LEAST LET ME JUST BROADCAST ON CAM4. im not a chatter on cam4 im a broadcaster… of course some of my wiew-ers will feel frustated because i cant answer to 1000 at the same time… please stop bann me , i have nu fault in this… thanks and i wait your answer..

  227. Kid_Abattoir says:

    Abusive? I never even got a chance to chat yet after joining and it already showed I was banned. Well, life goes on.

  228. absining says:

    where do send a copy of my idea too

  229. Kid_Abattoir says:

    I recently signed up and joined cam4 about a week ago. Right after signing in I go to view the rooms but I get a message say “sorry, you have been banned from this site”. This had me confused that I was banned upon joining. I don’t know what happened or what I may have done to be banned so quckly.

    So I send an email to karen@cam4.biz asking about this hoping to get to the bottom of this and maybe clear up any misunderstanding and confusion. I sent my name and ip. I never received a reply or an answer. Afterwards, I check on Cam4 again and see that my account had been deleted. Now I’m VERY much confused.

  230. my2cents says:

    Censorship is bad, but censorship on a porn site is just ridiculous!

    • admin says:


      Removing people for being underage is not censorship. If the guy sends in his ID, his account will be restored along with his awards.

  231. my2cents says:

    Did you check that they keep on raising the goal and blanking the goalbar?
    did you check that they get 2000-3000 tokens and disconnect in the middle of the show then reconnect after 5-6 hours ?(ok,disconnections happen but you can’t reconnect after 5 hours asking for more tokens and then disconnect again and again)
    If you really are in good faith ,as you said, i think you’d be better to change job.

  232. my2cents says:

    I think actualxxxl is right.There are users (lacostecuple, bdsmscotland,blondhot24,nice_easy etc) that play videos,keep on raising the goal,get tokens and disconnect and every kind of behaviour against the rules but not only they’re never banned but they win every month.
    So or admins don’t pay attention or they work for you.

    P.S: me and many other users reported abuse a lot of time but nothing happen.


    • admin says:


      These people win because they have the most viewers. I don’t choose how many people watch them. We can’t make them get more viewers then anyone else. We check all cams regularly. If they are videos, people report them and they are deleted.

  233. actualxxxl says:

    You do not have the right to require me I.D !is illegal

  234. actualxxxl says:


  235. actualgay says:


    • admin says:


      cam4 employees are not entered into contests on cam4. The people that are banned are banned for spam, fraud, abuse and being underage.

      I don’t know why you are banned because the email and the username you use here are not used on Cam4, so I have no idea what account you are talking about.

  236. actualgay says:


  237. Maloon says:

    Thanks For Answer, But Where I Can Find My ID?

  238. Maloon says:

    How I can be “unbanned” form Cam4 if I go every day on it?

  239. sugarfap says:

    Not the case. I’m just clueless as to why this is even possible. I’m so far from being underage it’s ridiculous LOL.

    I wanna remain anonymous and not send my ID, I think this is understandable, isn’t it not?

    Well thanks for your help anyway.. I guess I will remain banned and not buy tokens.

  240. sugarfap says:

    I received a response from the Admin telling me that I was banned because I appear to be underage. Hmm.. How can they put into question my age when I’ve never ever been live on cam? I am 35, it doesn’t make sense. What triggers the ban in this case?

    Thanks again for your help.

    • admin says:

      sugarfap, You don’t have to be on cam to be banned for underage. You can be banned for being underage if you have stated that you are underage in chat.

  241. jc1873 says:

    OK this is getting rediculous, again I get booted with the perma ban message, while modding the SAME ROOM, it’s not your script since I hadn’t typed anything for at least 5 Mins so what is the deal?

  242. eyesaid says:

    Ok I’ll try posting here. I have been site banned twice in the last 5 days for alleged spamming. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can imagine the number of spam reports you must get, judging by the amount that can be seen at any given time in chat. That said you should have some method of checking as to weather the allegation is true or not. I am a gold member and I must say that you need to check a litter more closely when it comes to gold members. I have made a few friends on this site and I’m confident that they will tell you I do not spam. I have not received any proof of this alleged spam as of this time. I sure you will not find any because there isn’t any.As it stands right I am unable to log in at all, so I’m sure your positive points system will work. Seems I’m in the same situation as m105.
    Why can’t you at least give some kind of warning before banning. It might prudent to consult with the room owner before banning.

  243. m105 says:

    Hi, last Friday i was chatting in a friends room and in mid sentence i was kicked. After an email to your support dept. i was told that i had been banned for spamming. I find this bizarre since i wasn’t spamming or have i ever on your site. I had asked if my friend was up to no good and then what he was up to …next thing i knew i’m banned . I would like to know how i can get this ban lifted ,as i clearly haven’t broken any rules on your site. I have been a member for a few years and never have received a complaint. I did email support to explain my situation and how i can get the ban lifted, never to hear back from anyone. I have many great friends on your site that i chat with and would like to have my account back.
    Thank you for your time

  244. kmy says:

    i got banned from the site, and i dont know why

  245. Kmy says:

    Hi, i was banned from cam4, and i dont know why, i was shocked when i read that my account was deleted.
    So please can someone help me, and tell me why i got banned, and how to get back my account

    Thanks for your time.

  246. blink1234 says:

    I have gotten kicked twice for looking underage when I am in fact 19. How am I supposed to email my ID and get my account back? How do I know all my personal info is safe?

  247. Kelly says:

    This profile is a fake and the user is using a video http://cam4.com/baby_lon

    The person in the video her name is aznkisses Please ban the ip address or ban the ip range
    Thanks cam4

  248. jc1873 says:

    yeah i understand that, but that doesn’t change the fact that A i wasn’t spamming anything you stated and B modding a room. There were i dunno like 40 ppl in the room that can vouch for that fact, so again what’s the deal?

  249. canadamama says:

    I have never spammed in anyone’s room, ever, this is an outrageous mistake! I am a 59 year old woman who enjoys chatting and camming, and have never broken a cam4 rule yet. Am I able to contact Kim and have this ban removed?

  250. canadamama says:

    Please tell me why my account was banned. I have always tried to be polite in every person’s room, I follow rules, to a tee, that’s the type of person I am. I do not spam(wouldn’t even know how). I was in a german speaking room and chatting back and forth with an english person, but politely and always made sure I encouraged the cammer as well. Is this a good reason to be banned from cam4? I have had my account for almost a year. I have been banned before from single rooms, but only by jealous women. This seems most unfair. Can you look into this for me please. Thanks CM

    • admin says:


      you where banned for spamming in chat. this ban is automatically applied if you spam urls in other people’s chat, multiple times over a period of time.

  251. jc1873 says:

    yeah wasn’t spamming, i was modding, someone in the room was talking about date rape drugs and they were warned, my last warning was in the middle of a spam bot about teacams or something like that, i was banned and booted from the room too quickly, everyone in the room assumed i was reported by the person i had just kicked. and thanks for the reply

    • admin says:


      This ban happens only after spamming chat multiple times over a period of time. It has nothing to do with people reporting you.

  252. jc1873 says:

    So saturday morning i was in my friends room and from the email i got from your support or whoever responded said i was banned for spamming by a script you are running. Which i find funny since well the room i was in i was A MOD, i want to know how to get this ban lifted since i was breakin any of your ToS’s and modding the room. If you are running a script to ban the BoT’s that spam the room it’s not working and needs tweaking. Also whoever is answering your “support” is very dismissive and short they answer 1 question and don’t reply to anything else. I want my account back since it’s easier to chat with my friends on here then anything else.

    • admin says:


      I’ll check but that spam filter shuts you down for spamming urls in the chat and some words like underage, child porn, lolita, etc. and only after multiple times. You are the first complaint.

  253. lexi says:

    removing the paypal section was a bad idea
    at least you should work with paypal through the tokens thing
    western union takes 25%
    and regarding tokens 2000 tokens mean 20 bucks and thinkin western union and the others take from 10 to 25 %
    it’s not really worth it

    • admin says:


      Paypal does not want to work with adult websites and will ban your account if they find out you are using it for that. Western Union also blocked our account. They won’t say why. We no longer pay out with them. You are right they are an expensive service to use.

      The best way to be paid is payoneer. They will give you a Mastercard that also works at a bank machine for cash withdraws. Cam4 can easily transfer payments to your card and it only cost $2 per transfer. To get a payonner card go to http://www.cam4bucks.com and sign in using the same username and password as Cam4. Choose “Payment Method” from the the menu, then choose “Create Account” under the Payoneer heading. Fill out the info. It takes about a week to get approved and then they mail the credit card to your address, usually within another week. Most cam sites and other adult companies are starting to use this form of payment, so you can use it for other work as well.

  254. sugarfap says:

    Hello admin,

    I’ve been banned from chatting for months (probably from being banned by unqualified mods multiple times) and I think I’ve served my time. Would like to get access back please :)

    Thanks for your time.

  255. zofomir says:

    Hi there,

    Just stumbled across this blog and was hoping for some help. My cam just crashed mid way through chatting and when I attempted to log back it said that my profile had been deleted. I hope someone from admin might be able to help, I have also sent an email to support. Thanks.

  256. ahmet says:

    i just start broadcasting live and then banned. i can not login to the site anymore
    whats the reason? and will i take my account back?

  257. Polishsk8 says:

    for as long as you give the ban? and How can I remove it?

  258. penesito19 says:

    Hola me han baneado la cuenta por haber puesto un video mio creo, ¿Cuando me quitaran el baneado? saludos

    Hi I have the account banned for putting a video of mine I think, When I removed the banned? Greetings

  259. studyman0 says:

    I have already 23 years old..what is my account deleted..and my ip is locked


  260. nom85 says:

    Im having the same problem as uknwthedrill, new acount i made yesterday went in 1st room tried to chatt and banned and now cant do anything there logged in, but i can view cams not logged in. this cant be a IP ban since i can view not logged in and also i can login access account manage it just not view cams logged in or broadcast.

    On my brothers PC it seems fine he logged in with my name but lives in different country, just to check and see if it was me or cam4, ill change poassowrd i know …

    anyways I did nothing wrong this seems to be error of some type can you help, Ive emailed customer support and no reply its been hours now

    • admin says:

      you are not new to the site. This is a new account you made. You can banned for asking for paypal and spamming on other accounts.

  261. aavan23 says:

    My account was banned. Is there a way to get it back?

    • admin says:


      You are banned for showing photos of other people and not broadcasting live. You could ask to be unbanned to support.

  262. Tylerhart says:

    I really need help.

    I was previously banned because the Admin was questioning my age. I sent two IDs to and even webcam screenshots to prove my identify but Cam4 Support is refusing to acknowledge my proof of age.

    Will there be anyone to help me?

  263. for says:

    I need to report a site that is made up entirely of illegally recorded cam4 models, your assistance is needed in getting that material removed. Who can I contact in this matter?

  264. Jason says:

    why am i banned?

  265. uknwthedrill says:

    Hi Admin
    I recently found out i was banned, the error message was C102, ive read your blog and know what this means but i dont know why i was banned, could you please explain/is there a chance of getting my profile un banned? If there is no chance what happens to the tokens i recently braught?

  266. Boss Necro says:

    A suggestion:

    Sometimes broadcasters will get abusive/annoying chatters in their room and sometimes those chatters will leave the room before the broadcaster can kick or ban them. Then the chatter enters again and continues.

    It may help if Cam4 had a “Block User” button on profiles so that way if a broadcaster isn’t able to ban an abusive chatter because they keep leaving then the broadcaster can go to the abusive chatter’s profile and click “Block User” to make sure they don’t enter their room and harass them again.

  267. cristina says:

    Hello, we are a couple and we have been banned from the site and the account deleted, i try to make another one but i can watch other people or broadcast…what should we do???

  268. alpive says:

    me han baneado y me gustaria poder seguir disfrutando de esta gran pagina por favor digamme que he de ahcer gracias

  269. Joel says:

    I too was banned from the site for being reported underage when i’m actually 18 years old. I have no available State ID but I do have a school ID that shows my age and photo. If I present a birth certificate without personal information (name/address/etc) but show my birthdate, with this school ID, would this be accepted as proof of age?

  270. Dominic says:

    Hello, I recently got my profile deleted & then banned from the site. Every time I try & even view another broadcaster it tells me that I’ve been banned & an error pops up. I even made a new account & it tells me the same thing, I’ve been banned. I already emailed the support system of cam4 & they told me that they banned me because I’m a minor. But seriously I’m 18, I was even told so many time be people on there what my age was & I told them 18. They want me to email them with an ID or passport but I have neither. I really thinks its so unfair for my account getting deleted & then being banned for some false info because I wouldn’t be writing this whole thing if I wasn’t 18. All I ask is that I can at least get unbanned & let me be able to join the site again to broadcast & what not because I had a wonderful time on there & it just made me happy.

    Please and Thank you

    • admin says:


      If you are 18 or over send in your ID and you can have you account unbanned. If you don’t have ID, then get some and send it in when you do. That is the only way your account will be unbanned.

  271. lunaris05 says:

    I Dont Know Why I Have Been Banned From Viewing Someone’s Cam .. :|
    how sad .. I Used Two Of My e-mails .. But I always get This Error(C102) so disappointing .. but if it has to do with something i did wrong .. its fine with me .. i can always live as a viewer :]
    BTW .. nice site :]

  272. coupl3cam says:


    I havent been able to get a reply from support or kim@…
    I seemed to have got banned from site and i want to know why. If i did anything wrong im sorry. I really want to be able to broadcast as i get to see my bf for the first time in 6 months and we have been looking forward to broadcasting for ages.
    Please let me be able to do this.


  273. Brandon says:

    Good Morning!

    I have 2 days ago I cannot into Cam4 website by this error (C102) You have been banned from the site.

    I can logging at site but I can’t watch the shows and neither broadcasting.

    I was checking in other PC and I can watch shows and broadcasting with the same account.

    Why I can’t into from my pc?

    I removed cookies, files temp and all files in my browser and I changed my Ip but isn’t working.

    What I should files erase in my pc?

    Please Help me!

    Thanks in Advance!

    • admin says:


      You where banned for playing videos. You where told that. You tried to make another account but that will not worked.

  274. ryan says:

    i said paypal on my cam but i had no idea we could not talk about paypal i have never done it before and never will again
    can i please be unbanned by user name is norcalboy

  275. ryan says:

    i was just banned and i have no idea why
    i am of age and generraly do not look that young im 22 whats going on here i did not do anything wrong just did what everyone else does on the site

  276. Bojan117 says:

    My account has blocked…im contact wich suport but they dont re.
    they told me im give ppl proposition about priv show…
    but i never do any priv show(wtf).
    Im write at my Profil im doing Priv shows but for tokens…
    so why i got ban…
    Account name: Bojan117
    Aslo i get ip ban so cant make new profil
    Btw i lose +130$ at my acount…..its ok?;/

  277. Leet123 says:

    yes except i never heard anything from when i first e-mailed customer support. i left the UK to visit america and everything was fine and then i come back and see that i am blocked and can no longer go on. i would like to know where these assumptions are coming from as you are not being very helpful and i am getting very frustrated. i am getting sick of explaining how i have never been abusive to anyone on cam, in fact hardly speak in chat unless its the ones i feel comfortable with *see friends list*. you seriously need to sort this out and figure out why i am being accused of this AND figure out why the hell customer service is sending response messages to some other name (see previous posts) that i have no association with. as far as i know you can create one account with one e-mail address…why is it that when i e-mail customer support with the e-mail that i am clearly registered with in regards to my username (leet123) i have not receive any help? it all just seems a bit suspicious and i am getting sick and tired of you just writing it off like it is nothing and assuming i know what the hell you are talking about. sort out the business, mate and stop messing me about please.


  278. pi_kano4 says:

    I have been banned. I have no idea why, and when I sent a message asking why, I was told there was no user account associated with the email I sent from. Problem is, I can’t remember which email address I used to set the account up.

    So, I set up a new account (pi_kano4), and as soon as I tried to look at the first video with it, I was banned again.

    Can someone explain what is going on?

  279. Leet123 says:

    i REALLY dont understand this. i have never been abusive on the site and you havent given any evidence of me being abusive (mainly because there is none) and his is VERY frustrating. clearly others are having problems with this banning issue and yes i am sure some people have reason to be banned, but others, like myself are completely clueless as to whats going on and why we arent getting any legitimate answers. i dont understand how if i was so abusive to users why i would have have such a nice little following of friendly users ad friends on there backing me up.

    on another note…why have i not heard ANYTHING back from when i contacted customer support? i have e-mail twice asking for answers and have not heard anything back in nearly 2 weeks. if this was such an issue i feel as if i would have heard something about it. by now i am becoming very frustrated and i would rather not lose my temper over this whole thing, but seriously….can someone over there sort this whole mess out and figure out why i am being wrongly accused for being abusive and mean to people in chat? as far as i know my account has not been hacked as i would think my password would have changed, but alas…its still the same so im thinking there is just a mistake in your systems. please sort it out!!!!!!

    thank you

    • admin says:


      You have been told why you have been banned. Customer support will not continue to email you back and tell you the same thing. You where extremely abusive and we don’t want you on Cam4 abusing the people on cams.

  280. lnbw90 says:

    I just got banned for looking underage, have sent proof of ID off-how long does it take to get reinstated, and will I still have all my friends n favourites?


  281. harlz says:

    I was banned for looking “under age”but am really 19,i sent photo of ID to prove and am still banned?

  282. anna_hot says:

    When is going to look at the camera of other people after I logged in; “Error(C102).” An error of Sorry you have been banned from the site is given.
    What do you do?

  283. natural_babe says:

    im banned c102
    can i get unbanned?

  284. Dear Admin! Please help me! I dont understand this situation! My username was sexymercy89! How can playing video if the internet was tied up yesterday and I never online already?? How is this? thanks

  285. Dear Admin!

    Can you help me? I create account yesterday, and today morning I sended for cam4 my documents (ID and agreement) Now I wanted start my cam, but I banned and cam4 Support said me, I playing video, but it is not true!!! How??? I dont online yet! Pls help me!!!!! Thank you

  286. y0ung8inch says:

    Hey, I am getting the “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site” message. I realize now that I should not be asking for paypal and I really want to try out this new token system. Is there anything I can do? Thanks for your help.

    • admin says:

      y0ung8inch, you could tell customer support it’s your first time and you won’t do it again. Maybe they will remove the ban.

  287. judigal says:

    my name there

  288. judigal says:

    why i cant open my account in cam4

  289. natural_babe says:

    hi there
    i get banned but i never play a video. why happen to me like that?

  290. Leet123 says:

    WOOOOOAAAAAAAH definitely not me sorry to say.
    i had a lot of good friends on the site actually and people who regularly enjoyed me in their rooms and watching me on my own. i was NEVER abusive in any way and actually tried help banning those that WERE abusive.

    on top of that i have never used the name zara12…seeing as how my name on there is Leet123. when i contacted customer support i never heard anything back hence why i followed up by coming on here. i really hate to say it but there is seriously some sort of confusion going on and it would be great if it could all get sorted. if you can show me some sort of proof of anyone being even remotely offended by me on the site thatd be great as well, but as i have already stated i have never said anything bad about anyone and certainly not in their own rooms.

    please look in to this and try to figure it out. i would like to get back on even if it means constant monitoring to prove my innocence.

    thank you

    • admin says:


      the admin watched what you wrote in other people’s chat. You were very abusive. We don’t want abusive people on the site.

  291. jhonyjohanna says:

    Hola, no entiendo por qué me aparece este mensaje, error (c102) sorry you have been banned from the site cam4, ayer estaba funcionando normalmente. Gracias

  292. natural_babe says:

    hi, i whant to broadcast on cam 4, but i get banned c102. what thats mean? can i broadcast again? thanks

  293. Leet123 says:

    i am having issues when i try to watch cams or try to broadcast. the site allows me to log in but as a cam loads up, it says Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site.

    not only have i tried to contact customer support a few times this past week and not been given any response, but i have also tried to create a new account, which goes through the same error message.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • admin says:


      You are banned for being extremely abusive to performers on the cams. You where told this when you emailed support under the name zara12.

  294. sinannanis says:

    Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site pls help me what say to me websıte when ı watch agaın camera s

    • admin says:


      You are banned because you where on cam performing sex acts with what looks to be a minor. You will never be allowed to use the website again.

  295. urs says:

    I was banned?
    I have my own profile, and since today is my friend also has its own profile.
    after the message (Error (C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site) then re-registered. I did not know why I wurde.somit paved 3 addresses do not go.
    because of the intranet address on the side of my girlfriend?
    According to user conditions, it is allowed to point to your website.
    So please where was the mistake.

  296. lustdevils says:

    We also were banned, first time, and there is no way to get back? Cam4 even don’t give second chance to their users? You write here that there is a posibility to be unbanned, but when we ask how we can be unban, we don’t get any answer, please tell why? We had many viewers and many ppl that enjoyed our cam.
    Is it the way to treat users?

  297. revenge1923 says:

    dear admin

    I wan banned from the site so i can’t chat in all the room. the error message saying C102 error always pop up whenever i log on. i guess it’s maybe because i did screenshot to save a image of the user that i’ve been watching. i didn’t know it’s cheat. if it’s because of another reason, let me know and how to get back. i’ll be waiting ur answer

  298. Greenboy11 says:

    I was banned last week, i think it was for looking underage, i have a photo of my ID, but you cant send photos on the customer support email that you say to email to.

  299. cityandcolor says:

    my profile was deleted, i’m glad because i wanted it gone.
    i want all traces of my profile deleted.
    i don’t want the link to my profile to show up when i type it into google even though it says it has been deleted.

    also, how long should i check around to see if my videos have been posted elsewhere? i’m afraid that someone did record me. how do i clear that? I would have about 1700+ viewers at some points.

    • admin says:


      If you are afraid of someone recording you, I would setup an alert at http://www.google.com/alerts/ for your cam4 username. This will inform you if anything is posted under that username on the web. You can then go to that site and request that they remove any screen caps and video caps. You have copyright to your image and it is illegal for people to post your image without your permission.

  300. Nathan Allen says:

    For some reason it says im banned from the sight, I cant view cams or broadcast.
    it says “error c102”


  301. cardle says:

    Dear Admin

    My Id is Cardle27.

    Could i get some any clue that why i’m banned from chatting in all the room? I have no idea why i’m punished but if i did somthing wrong, whatever reason, i wanna apologize for my mistake, and i promise that i’ll never do that kind of things again. i’ll be waiting for ur reply. i just wanna know how to get back.

    from cardle

  302. naughty24m says:

    My account was deleted for requesting paypal. I wasn’t aware it was illegal to do so on the site. The terms and conditions were not sent out to me stating it was illegal. And now when I try to create a new account, and I plan on now following cam4 rules, it says im banned from the site. I received no warning that i was getting banned or deleted. can i get my account back? or at least start a new one. BTW when terms and conditions change, as what happened with tokens, you need to notify everyone so they can accept the terms, You can’t just change the terms and expect people to know what the changes are.

    • admin says:

      naughty24m, We do not send out terms and conditions. People do not like to get email. The terms are available to read on the site. Admin usually warn you about paypal before deleting your account. You will have to contact Cam4 customer support to get your account reinstated.

  303. atomicc says:

    I created my account today to find that I am banned almost straight away. how come? please help. thanks.

  304. jeffrycapone says:

    dear admin,
    earlier today i was banned from cam4… im pretty sure it was because of the manycam app that i had been playing around with the past couple of days… i was showing a friend something on my computer screen while broadcasting (which i know in hindsight was very stupid) actually we were having a convo about cam4bucks and what is required to receive your money and i was banned… now of course im unable to login to cam4 or cam4bucks using the jeffrycapone user and pass… its something that im not in the habit pf doing and i am very sorry for making the mistake of showing anything BUT my live enviroment broadcasting and you have my word it will never ever happen again.. please help me this once and reinstate my acct… thank u for your time and patience concerning this matter….

  305. sayas_dj says:

    where can i send a copy of my ID?

  306. sayas_sj says:

    admin!!,,why was i banned??.. yesterday i was brodcasting, and i was banned… :(

  307. samzbed says:

    I keep getting error (c102): you have been banned something. What exactly did I do?

  308. LeoPorno says:


    Im asking you to proove Im not video, first time wasnt looking at the chat window because I was on msn, thats why I didnt show the two fingers as asked by your crew. After that every time someone said “It´s a video” I picked a piece of paper and wrote it´s username and “Im not a video” message.

    People on chat were always asking me things to do and I did, Im not a not a video and I can prove that. Please give me a chance to do so.


  309. LeoPorno says:

    Hi Admin,

    I was banned twice today, don´t know why (?), I asked an answer for your support several times but no reply, 4 days ago my account (leopornosite) was banned because someone reported I was a video, wich was not true, now I got banned for (????)… I would really appreciate an reply from you and If possible, If there is any way to recover my account I would love to… Im not spammer, scammer or anything like that… and Im not playing videos on my broadcasts.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:


      You are banned for playing a video of yourself. You knows this. No one report you, we caught you, support responded to you and told you that. We only allow live cams. Go somewhere else to play your videos.

  310. Ellybabe says:

    But I didn’t even get a warning, I just got full on banned.

    • admin says:


      We don’t want scammers on Cam4. You got warned, you continued to scam people and ask for paypal. We don’t want you on Cam4. Go away.

  311. wh0b00 says:

    If I am not banned from cam4.com then why I always receiving this message every time I view cam and broadcast my cam ? “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site”

  312. Ellybabe says:

    Tonight I was banned for having my paypal in my status bar, which happened for a few hours one night a week ago because it wasn’t letting me accept tokens, and “Setting goals that are so unobtainable then logging out and setting them so high again that members feel you are scamming them”, which wasn’t true. The highest total I’ve had was 50,000 which was definitely obtainable for me. The reason I kept “logging out” is because I’ve ALWAYS had connection issues with cam4 and I’m always being disconnected, but my viewers already know about this and understand. Not only is it unfair that I was banned and can’t make a new account, but I had $900 worth of tokens that I can’t get now. Is there anything I can do?

    • admin says:


      If you ask for paypal we ban you. We warn you. If you continue we ban you. If you set a goal and people pay that goal, then you don’t perform what you promised, we warn you. If you continue to do it, we ban you. The money you made is returned to the customers who tipped you. So there are no tokens for you to get. You knew the rules and continued to break them so your account has be banned.

  313. Alex says:

    Hello again Admin,
    there is a user named maleamature, as i am online at this very moment.
    I figured out the reason for the ban – and that is i look underage.

    I have the required ID to prove that I am of the appropriate age, however I forgot the email address that I used to register to cam4. What is there I can do? I really want my account back.

    Thank you for you’re time

  314. Alex says:

    Hey Admin,
    i’ve been using my cam4 account for maybe over two months now, my account is maleamature .
    Since yesterday I have been banned, not being able to broadcast or watch cams. It states i’ve been banned under error c102.

    What can i do to unban my account?

  315. Dikcdick18 says:

    hello :D
    i’ve been banned few days ago (i cant even watch any cam4 show, when im logged in), but i really dont know why. I postet a link to some other side, where people can ask me anything, but i think that is not reasnoble for ban.

    please tell me what can i do that i will no longer be banned.


  316. dd4u says:

    hi. i didnt was on here for long time
    and i used to see cams and somtimes i was on cams
    and my accunt been bannd when i try to log in.

    can u pls help me to go on my cam again

    i realy love the site


    • admin says:


      You account was banned for constantly spamming other people’s chat with – ISRAELI COKK ON CAM –
      You can contact kim@cam4.biz and she may remove the ban if you promise to stop spamming in other people’s chat. It’s very annoying.

  317. samm says:

    Hey Admin,

    I had a administrator ban put on my account about 2 weeks ago. I think it was because i looked underaged, i am NOT underaged but i do not want to send my ID for safety reasons. Is there anything else i can do. Also what happens if i dont send it in, do i only not get my account back or by not sending it in do you assume i am a child and report me or something. I dont want to be caught in a catch-22. If i have to prove i am of age to not face legal troubles i most certainly will but if its only to get my account back i dont want to take the risk of sending personal info over the web. I hope you get what i am saying and i appreciate your help.

  318. Overpro says:

    Hey admin today i’ve found out that i’ve banned and can’t see any webcam. I really can’t think of any reason of why i’m banned so please can you tell me why?

    • admin says:

      Overpro, your account is not banned. Perhaps you are only banned from viewing one of the cams by the people performing on that cam.

  319. Y0ung8inch says:

    Hi, apparently I have an Administrator site ban. Is there any chance of getting my IP, or whatever you used to ban me, unbanned? I sincerely apologize. I want to try and use the token system. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  320. wh0b00 says:

    no .. i am banned I can’t even watch cams when I log-in and broadcast myself . .. I dont know why ..

    this is my new account in cam4.com , my another account is h0ts3at .. is it also banned that’s why i tried to make one .. but still banned from ur site ..

    here what ur site says:

    “Error(C102). Sorry you have been banned from the site”

    • admin says:

      wh0b00, both of those account are not banned from the Cam4 site. If you can login and broadcast your webcam you are obviously not banned.

  321. wh0b00 says:

    Hi, Admin .. I just got registered last night on cam4.com, and I just also watched live cams there .. but unfortunately.. when I logged-in it now .. I am banned already .. just want to know why?? .. ty

    • admin says:

      wh0b00, I checked the email you used here and your account isn’t banned. Maybe someone banned you from their cam but you are not banned from the Cam4 website.

  322. lee505 says:

    To whom it may concern

    Hello cam4 has of 3 to 6 mouths now i have not been able to chat or leave comments for the chat host i did ask 3 to 6 mouths ago & i was told that i
    had some complaints which at the time could not be true i am never rude or leave rude comments on a page I was also told that the previlages would come back in do time no time frame was given when would like to be able to chat or leave a comment on profiles please help cam4

  323. greengirl63 says:

    Hey.. I was all the sudden banned and I dont think I did anything wrong? I was in my own site using a vibrator and it said that I was kicked.. And then I couldnt broadcast or log in or ever use the site again. What did I do wrong? My name was greengirl63 Other people pee in cups and I cant use a vibrator.. What did I do wrong? This was even my first day on the site. I have the same e-mail addy I’ve had for Years.. I’m not a spammer.. I dont even know what the word spam means other than that nasty meat or whatever. Anyway.. Just bothers me that I get banned with out even an explination when I did nothing wrong to begin with. Thanks for your time.

    • admin says:

      Greengirl63, you have been banned for being a video. An admin would probably have chatted with you to check that you are live. If you ignored them, they could have assumed you are a video. They may have had other reasons as well. I’m not sure. You can contact kim@cam4.biz and ask to have you account reinstated if it wasn’t a video.

  324. someone says:

    Well thank you for clarifying that. It would have been nice if you had said that the first time, rather than accusing me of DESERVING a ban and calling me a liar.

    It would be nice (and a lot more fair) if the system WAS set up like that, where you show up as a guest until you actually type something into chat. It’s not fair that an unregistered person has MORE privileges (in being unbannable) than a registered and paying member.

  325. thankyoumam1 says:

    it allows me to log in but when i go to view cams it says i am banned. can i not get points by viewing cams to gt unbanned?

    • admin says:

      thankyoumam1, you are not banned from the site. Perhaps you are just banned from that one cam by whoever is performing there. You should be able to view other cams.

  326. smoothbi says:

    hi i appear to be banned from a site but the owner says its not his fault do u know why this happens this is the chat http://www.cam4.com/carlostevez3

    • admin says:

      Smoothbi, You can not banned from the site. Perhaps only from this one cam. I have no idea why they would ban you. Maybe he allowed someone to be a moderator of his cam and they banned you? He can always remove the ban if he doesn’t want to ban you.

  327. someone says:

    God will you people LISTEN? PLEASE? Maybe I should spell it out for you in crayon.

    First, lets address this..

    On March 15, you said “oztiger, that’s how we changed it now. Since your name doesn’t show up in the user list until you chat. You can’t be banned until you actually chat.”

    So is it SUPPOSED to work this way or is it not? Because if it is SUPPOSED to work this way where you as you say “You can’t be banned until you actually chat”, it sure as hell doesn’t work like that, because LIKE I’VE TRIED TO TELL YOU 4 TIMES, I HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM ROOMS WITHIN SECONDS OF ENTERING, WITHOUT EVEN SAYING ANYTHING!!!


    Second, How the fuck am I supposed to know what rooms belong to hateful homophobic assholes? I see a cam that looks hot, I click on it. If the profile says “Straight”, I usually won’t say anything at all. Unlike the majority of the other flamers and fetish freaks in the room pestering and demanding that he do things a straight guy wouldn’t do. THOSE people deserve to be banned.

    Now third, PLEASE explain to me the logic on this one. I need a good laugh.. ANYONE wandering into the site can click on a cam and watch it, unregistered and non-paying for as long as they want to, and there is not a god damn thing the room owner can do about it. They can watch and beat off to their heart’s content.

    But when a REGISTERED, PAYING GOLD MEMBER clicks on a cam, they immediately show up on a list (BEFORE THEY EVEN TYPE ANYTHING IN CHAT), where a fag hating room owner can, in a matter of three clicks ban them from the room for no reason at all.

    But then if they want to give up the benefits of their PAID GOLD MEMBERSHIP, that same person can hit “Logout”, refresh the room, and continue watching – and there isn’t a fucking thing the room owner can do about it.

    Soooooo how does that make sense? You said yourself that “YOU CAN’T BE BANNED UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY CHAT”. So how is it that you CAN be banned EVEN IF YOU DON’T CHAT??? And HOW IS THAT FAIR?

    • admin says:

      someone, ok I should have said you can’t be banned until you login. You can be banned without chatting after logging in as your name will appear in the chat. I understand that people are banning you when you say nothing. Not sure what I can do to help you with this.

  328. milky says:

    ive been camming for a long time and ive never let an underage person view my cam or done anything to break the rules and i get banned all of a sudden i think they should have atleast gave me a chance to show them my ID on cam before kicking me during my broadcast who ever did that is a total asshole fuck you cam4 fuck you to hell!!!!!

  329. someone says:

    You’re not getting what I’m saying. If sitting there quietly watching without typing anything is offensive, then I guess I’m guilty. What you don’t seem to be understanding is that I am not doing ANYTHING. Not typing, not PM’ing, not nothing. I enter the room, do nothing, and get banned. For no other reason than someone is homophobic and doesn’t want guys in his room. That is not fair, and it is completely the opposite of what you said happens. You said people do not show up in the user list until they type something. I am not typing anything and getting kicked and banned.

    And if you had read what I said, I DO have a gold membership. That is why my being banned from rooms for no reason whatsoever is bullshit. The fact that my name shows up in a list as soon as I enter a room, before I even type anything is stupid. If people who haven’t even registered can lurk in a room for hours and not be able to be kicked, while PAYING CUSTOMERS have to roll the dice on whether a person is a homophobic asshole is wrong.

    I’m not saying or suggesting that you sell an option where people are unbannable. With how disrespectful and stupid some people are, that would be dangerous. What I am saying is that people should not show up in a list nor be able to be banned if they haven’t yet typed anything in a room. You should be able to sit quietly in a room and watch without fear of being bounced.

    • admin says:

      Someone, if you do absolutely nothing, why would people ban you? If people do not want guys in their room and you know this, why would you go into the room? There are literally thousands of cams on the website. Why go to rooms that people do not want you in? And if you do, why complain about it, when you know that they will delete you? There are thousands of people that would love for you to watch their cams and interact with.

  330. dragoonstone says:

    hey i was broadcasting today and getting lots of viwers! and suddenly i got kicked! and when i try to relog it says my password/username is incorrect!!! … and when i try to create a new account it says SORRY, YOU’RE BANNED! …. i dont really know why i got banned, maybe cuz i was spamming in some rooms to come and check my cam out ? i dont know please unban me cuz i cant even create a new account … :S

  331. IAleksandra says:

    I’d like to know why my account is banned and if there is something you could do about it.
    I haven’t done anything unproper, I respected every single rule. So, what happened?
    I sent an email, contacting the admins, and nothing.
    I’m really dissapointed, I’d love if someone could help me.

  332. wisky19 says:

    come on you guys remove the ban from my computer so i can set up a new account…no where in your terms did i see that i could not put my yahoo info in the headline

  333. wisky19 says:

    why did i get banned? you were telling me i was asking for money outside of your cam4bucks program…why do you say that? simply announcing that i do private showing. now come on mr admin help me out dont just ignore me like a little girl

  334. mikokwan says:

    Hey i tried sending my ID in, and admin asked to re-scan and re-send and i have, but no response yet. Can you please check if i am still banned?

  335. richard says:

    i made a cam 4 profile & kept it for a good while before tokens came out & i smoke a little bit of weed here & there & now i cant seem for the life of me seem to remember my damn email adress.. the account name was straight___ when i go to log in it says i got deleted. but when i try to do anything else it just says im banned. i got quite a bit of donations so that i coan afford a new computer but now my account with tokens on it has been deleted. i contacted ppl via-email but they were no help to me. i dont think i did anything wrong here.. i just hope you can help me.

  336. honey says:

    i was broadcasting my cam and I had recieved 1000 tokens and was about to do something. I got up and walked to the side for a minute because I received a text and was reading it and when i came back, my camera was kicked. Why?? I didnt do anything wrong. i didnt go into any1s cam. i didnt say anything bad to any1. i was just doing my show regularly like i always do. now its not letting me sign back in or anything. WHY?

  337. 1997cove says:

    Thanks I did, hopefully i’ll be back!

  338. someone says:

    Sorry for the double post, I didn’t mean to hit Post yet..

    Basically I don’t think it’s fair at all for someone who PAYS for the service to be able to get kicked out of rooms and rack up ban points for absolutely no reason other than the fact that the room owner is homophobic. If you’re not typing anything, it’s very obvious that you’re not doing anything against the rules, so you shouldn’t be allowed to be punished for it.

    • admin says:

      Someone, I don’t why people kick you or what you do in their cams. I could guess that it is because you are offensive to them and they ban you. My advice would be for you to not be offensive and that would probably stop. If you like the features a gold membership provides, then buy a gold membership. A gold membership though will not stop people from banning you. Cam4 doesn’t sell that option.

  339. someone says:

    So you’re telling me that because I created an account and pay $20 a month for gold, I am worse off and more vulnerable to getting kicked out of someone’s room than someone who doesn’t log in at all? Where is the fairness in that?? Since not logging in takes away all the benefits of gold like search and multiple cams, and defeats the entire purpose of, you know, paying for it.

    On March 15, you said “oztiger, that’s how we changed it now. Since your name doesn’t show up in the user list until you chat. You can’t be banned until you actually chat.”

    That isn’t what you’re telling me now. If I enter a room and do absolutely nothing else, it is blatantly obvious that my name is in the user list since I get kicked/banned from the room WITHOUT chatting.

  340. charlieroot says:

    Recently there has been an person with multiple accounts that visits Marcie, HotLili and Sweetangel7 to curse, swear and demean the girls. The accounts cannot be kicked or banned from the room. What is going on? How can there be accounts that are not admin that cannot be kicked or banned from a room? The account also posts personal information about the girls in the chat rooms and on their walls that only cam4 would know. Do you have a security breach?? Has someone hacked into cam4 and if so then how safe is my information? If it is a cam4 employee then why are they allowed to do this? In sweetangel7 chat room the account told me (in Spanish, others in the rooms told me what they said) that there was nothing that I could do to them.

    Also, when I report the account for abuse I never receive a reply during the day but late at night sometimes I can and had one of the accounts deleted for abuse.

    • admin says:

      charlieroot, any account can be kicked or banned, even if they are a gold member. This person that says they cannot be banned or kicked is lying to you.

  341. someone says:

    You guys posted back in March that you don’t show up in the room list until you actually chat. Why can people kick and ban me from their rooms just for sitting quietly and watching. Unlike a lot of members who are pushy ignorant asses, I respect when a person identifies as straight and do not talk at all. But on MANY occasions I have been kicked and banned from rooms within seconds of entering. That is completely not fair.

    • admin says:

      someone, if you don’t login to the system, then no one would be able to kick and ban you. If you login and have a username in chat, then performers can ban you for whatever reason they wish. It is their room and they have that right.

  342. drippp7 says:

    hi, can you please help, i got banned due to my age being in question. this was annoying as i never do anything explicit on here except talk. and what is even more annoying i have sent several e mails to severral of ur address and support with my government id attached and to what i have heard no response and still not have been reinstated. im very disappointed with this service…

    and cam4 support these are the addresses i have emailed it to

    • admin says:

      drippp7, sorry for the slow response to the blog as I’ve been traveling. I checked your account and see that you have it sorted out and access to the site. Enjoy.

  343. 1997cove says:

    ok…so as you can see my name has the year 1997 in it. (i’m 20 years old by the way). I was banned for being underage, when asked for my ID i was a bit hesitant about sharing as i’m sure you understand. Being a smartass i decided to send in a fake id, obviously got caught, so i sent my real one in with some info blacked out. I think the moderator was pissed of at me and told me that i was still no longer welcome. I totally understand why i was banned, and i do realize that I shouldn’t have sent the fake one to begin with.

    Long story short-Anything I can do to get in your good graces? Or am I pretty much screwed for life here on this one?

    Thanks again, really hope I can come back…

  344. Spaboy says:


    My account was banned and that’s what chat says when i try to write something: Your chat has been disabled due to inappropriate or offensive site usage

    I really don’t know why I was banned and I’ve read if I watch cams, I get positive points and my chat privileges will come back. But I can’t chat anyway.

    Thank you so much!

    PD: So sorry for my english!

    • admin says:

      Spaboys – the other cam viewers and performers on the site reported you for abuse multiple times so your chat privileges have been taken away. After using the site for some time, these penalties will be removed.

  345. geo9999 says:

    and what photo?with me?

  346. geo9999 says:

    where can i send my photo and from where?from my email???

  347. geo9999 says:

    i got banned with that ID geo9999 for no reason,i had a liar tittle age when i was broadcasting…plz help me!!

    • admin says:

      Geo9999 if you say that you are underage, you get banned for being underage. If you want to broadcast again, you have to send in a copy of your photo ID to kim@cam4.biz and she will unlock the account.

  348. Kuriousity says:

    Hi admin. I’m a newcomer to cam4. Within a day, my account has been deleted. I got an e-mail stating that I need to show photo ID, proving that I am not underage. As flattering as this is, the wait is excruciating~ How long does it usually take for admins/mods/support to process emails like these? I provided only my photo and birth date in the picture. Everything else was blocked out. I trust that cam4 will not spread my personal info.

    • admin says:

      Kuriousity, it usually doesn’t take that long once you ID is sent in. I checked your account and it’s not blocked and shows we received your ID. I also see you broadcasting right now. Happy that it worked out ok. And we would never share your personal info with anyone.

  349. lpoolbuilder says:

    hi , av been on this site for about a year and all of a sudden i got banned for no apparent reason i can think of , i dont use videos and am never abusive to other camers , could u find out how i could rejoin or lift my bad as i dont know how this has happened cheers xx

  350. RocketMan says:

    Ok admin. Thanks for the info. We’ll miss him. (Nick, come back!)

  351. vegas says:

    hey admin our account is banned hotinvegas ! actually that one is banned and other two are deleted. We want one for $ section and one for free section. I sent an email to kim is that appropriate? can you look into it? our fans miss us and we miss them. Please investigate!

    hotinvegas or vegas_nites (deleted)

    we can send ID lickity split but otherwise we are at a lose. We regularly get over 2000+ viewers on our shows. go check out the broadcast archive. just good fun, dunno why we got banned!@#

    • admin says:


      Your account hotinvegas is not banned. It is in the $ section because you asked for paypal for private shows.

      Your account vegas_nites was banned for playing videos.

  352. RocketMan says:

    Hi admin. It seems PenisVagina’s page has been deteled again. ¿Is that a ban?, If so pls un-ban him!. He’s the best on Cam4

  353. Cam4 member says:


    Please could you look into prozzy’s account. She looks very underage. :(

    • admin says:

      Cam4 Member, we shut her account off pending id. But please in the future click on her name in chat and report that way or use the contact link to report. It is much faster. This blog is not monitored all the time.

  354. john says:

    good evening
    i got banned and i dont know why… i cand brodcast or see any cam i ve already sent my ID to Cam4 customer support but nothing happens, when i enter it says that the e mail or the password r rong but i know that nothing´s rong with my email usarname or password

  355. estaban says:

    hi i have a problem. i never used cam4 before i i created an acount but i cant use it because i have a proble i dont know why. it appears me thah i have been banned from a room but i dont let me broadcast or see any cam when i have never used the page before. help please

  356. geoff says:

    Advertising spammers are ruining the chat and cam4 in general, in every busy room you get constant spamming of sites such as www.***.com, www.***.**, etc, etc.

    • admin says:

      Geoff, we employ admin full time to search and delete these spammer sites. It really helps if you click on their name in chat and report them as soon as you see them. It helps us remove them faster.

  357. alex_natural says:

    thanks a lot…

    but look the help form at the site. Thanks again..

  358. alex_natural says:

    how can i delete my account?

    i try to complete the help form but appears me a message “ERROR”

  359. Blue_oceans2 says:

    Hey Moderater, My account was deleted. Later when I went to help section i realised what mistake i made. My mistake was I played a video. I was seriously not aware. But yes, I accept legally I was wrong and worth the ban. It was for the first time i played video. and got banned. actually while i played video I was watching some other cam. so didnt see any of the comments. later when i dropped in my broadcast window. i just read last message and replied, but i was actually busy with other cam.and also I agree I should have read the rules carefully.
    Now can I request you to lift up the ban.

    also can the policy be so that when there is a ban it should be first temperory ban. the person should be kicked out and his account should be frozen. then the user gets a mail and should accept mistake as a first and a last warning. there should be link to reactivate the account from temperory ban.

    Cause I understand even though I made a big mistake. I dont want to lose good friends. I request you to reactivate my account. the mistake would never be repeted.

  360. sexxxpert says:

    its not my fault beeing so sexy ans its not my fault u are frustrated abt that

  361. sexxxpert says:

    and i hoe u will reply me

  362. sexxxpert says:

    hey….what the fuck is wrong with this site? u keep banning me? i told u its not a VIDEO . i m too good to be here? maybe i make the other girls jelous? whats your problem with me?

  363. D says:

    Hey Admin, I’m writing about PenisVagina who was banned for some reason. He was on cam4 religiously for ages and had MANY loyal followers as my self whom we consider a true cam4 friend. Usually, folks just watch cams and don’t get personal with people online, but a lot of cam4 fans became friends on PenisVagina channel because we all talked there on weekends for months and months. We had good discussions and time with him, and we miss him a lot.

    My writing maybe futile but I can only try–Please un-ban “PenisVagina” because we miss a dear friend that made cam4 a real community for people like me.

  364. singlenyc says:

    I’ve noticed several members with kids (e.g. 10 and 11 years old) on their cam. How do I report them to an administrator?

  365. troper69 says:

    This is off topic, but I couldn’t find place to ask the question. I have in my favorites several accounts that have been removed. How can I clean favorites in such case?

    I know you were planning on doing something about it, but I am not sure what the outcome is.

    Thank you in advance.


  366. Julie_SD says:

    You might want to think about changing that. The vast majority of the time when a broadcaster unbans you it’s because the ban was either 1) accidental or 2) due to an ill-chosen mod who is banning people that the broadcaster wouldn’t want them to ban in the first place.

  367. Julie_SD says:

    Does a ban still count against you if the broadcaster unbans you?

  368. oztiger says:

    admin – love the site – you guys really do a great job.

    One thing – with regards to banning, I really think you should only be banned if . you have actually made comments on someone’s cam. Not for sitting quietly and just enjoying the cammer.

    Cammers can go private if it is just a matter of controlling who watches.

    Either way – just my thoughts – keep up the great work!!

    • admin says:

      oztiger, that’s how we changed it now. Since your name doesn’t show up in the user list until you chat. You can’t be banned until you actually chat.

  369. komarno says:

    Everyone has different tastes. It appears to me that bans have multiplied greatly in the last three weeks. In the younger categories the number of exibitors has gone from around four pages to less then 2. What has happened?

    • admin says:

      komarno, I don’t have any ideas about ban. Maybe more people are getting moderators for their chats. We have not added more admins in-house. Not sure what you mean by younger categories?

  370. Jay says:

    perhaps an idea could be to have some sort of icon/symbol on the profile of users who have submitted their id to cam4. That might be a way to cut down on repeated reports and then the admin can focus on the other reports.

  371. imon2nite says:

    I agree with capnpenis… some cammers are not suitable for the eye of me either.. but despite of those people which are not lucky in beauty… i think the best to consider are those fetish people into that kind of sexual activities like pooing… looks really not nice to look at even in a overview page number´s thumbnail…
    Please consider to make that fetish section.

  372. capnpenis says:

    You’ve already carved the site up into categories: Male, Female, Shemale, Couple, Party, Paypal… Why not add a Fetish section? My rationale is this: If you go into a porn shop to buy a porn movie, or go to a porn website, you won’t see the scat, piss, bestiality, leather, bdsm, and fisting vids next to the straight porn. It’s filed under Fetish. It’s there for people who are looking for it, but those who aren’t, don’t have to see it. Yes, what people find offensive is very subjective, but c’mon–is there really a question in anyone’s mind that scat is NOT offensive? It’s not even legal in some parts of the world. Yes, there’s obviously an audience for it, as it always ends up on the front page–but there’s an audience for underage too, and that doesn’t make it anymore acceptable. Letting people shit on your site, literally, is not very classy–and for visitors to see that on the front page, when they’re just casually looking for something hot to wank off to, is enough to make some with weaker stomachs never come back.

  373. capnpenis says:

    I wish Cam4 admins would consider banning the scat people. Or at least make a scat/fetish section right next to the paypal section, so we don’t have to see the scat thumbnails on the main pages…of course getting users to broadcast in the appropriate section might take further admin moderation, as there are still tons of people advertising their private paypal shows on the main pages… :(

    • admin says:

      There is always something that is offensive to someone on the internet. We don’t want to have to make those decisions and carve up the site into small categorizes.

  374. Julie_SD says:

    cam4 user. When going into a guy’s room which says he’s str8 assume that he is in fact str8. Then sit and watch the chat for a little while before saying anything. You should be able to tell fairly quickly what his comfort level with gays in the room is and then you can act accordingly. If he seems like the type who will kick/ban guys who speak, then either watch quietly or leave the room if you really want to chat.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  375. cam4 user says:

    i really dont know why i was banned all i can remember is going in a room telling a straight guy he was hot! Well its hard to tell whos gay or straght because some guys say they are str8 but gay for some people might know them. he kicked me out. I went back in his room and asked him why the hell he kicked me! and he kicked me again. After that wasnt able to chat again!! thats rediculous.

  376. J says:

    Could the instructions on how to ban and assign moderators be placed on the site somewhere, like during signup and the help section? A lot of girls don’t know how to ban and are getting ran off by abusive jerks.

    • admin says:

      Instructions on banning are in the help section. Good idea though. I will write something about using moderators and add that as well.

  377. someone says:

    regarding spammer accounts, why dont you add a simple wordfilter? you could disable the spam to 80% (rng oh yes!) server side by filtering input by simple word like:
    *( free s*
    *(free s*

  378. Omgwotif says:

    Thanks for the advice I’ll restrict myself to males 60 and over

  379. Omgwotif says:

    I really love this site There is nothing better than watching a few guys with rock hard cocks edging and dribbling cum
    It is also great to find another soulmate and exchange casual opinions while watching chicks and guys masterbate
    However I have discovered that I can get myself BANNED by simply clicking onto the wrong randy young stud . Why? Because hoping to attract a female the young stud checks my profile discovers I am a 60yo MALE. At that point he thinks “Dirty perving old bastard ” and “Kicks” me out
    A kick results in no chat for an indefinite period.Naughty old man !
    Answer ? change my profile to 20yo female with no cam and continue to perve and lie my arse off .
    What do you reckon Admin???

  380. someoneelse says:

    The account I created using a disposable email address existed and worked fine for over a year. I don’t see any other reason why it could have been banned.

    • admin says:

      Many spammers and abusers use disposable email addresses. They setup thousands of accounts so they can cycle through them when they get banned. We ban them the use of them and kill all the accounts that are made on these accounts. You probably got wiped out at the same time as we deleted spammer accounts.

  381. umberto says:

    pls, may u make me know if the following request was true: last week a user called aggressive1976 said to find his pic in the page of another user, called v6_2009. is that true??and he said to ask for the elimination of that pic . After that nobody can anymore chat with v6_2009, is that true or are the two the same users??

  382. Omgwotif says:

    Ok so despite having done NOTHING wrong I have been banned from chat for over 4 months now .
    Today to my surprise my chat worked again , for about 3 comments like hi , wow, awesome ….and then I find myself banned again
    What is yhe problem????????

  383. someoneelse says:

    My account was banned because I used a disposable email address when I registered. Is there a way to get it back?

    • admin says:

      You account was never approved. Cam4 doesn’t allow disposable email addresses. They are generally used by spammers. The account never existed.

  384. someone says:

    So how do you get positive points? Pretty hard to get any points if you cant participate in the chat / there is no forum or anything.

    I doubt you guys go around and give “positive points” for good comments on broadcaster comment board?