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Welcome to 2016, let’s ease into this with some foreplay ;) Over the holidays, CAM4 members stormed Twitter with videos and pictures of everything you could imagine. I brought the team together to help choose the winners of North America, and you can find the (nearly) complete gallery of #cam4xxxmas photos at the bottom of this post. Thank you so much to everyone who shared something sexy with us, we hope to see even more entries for our next contest!

Video Winner: Sage Grey

First Place: Freak7_7Show

Second Place: o0Pepper0o


Third Place: NinjaStarz


Big round of applause for these lovely hotties who took time out of their festive season to share something special with us – and to everyone else too! Follow the #cam4xxxmas

Full CAM4XXXMAS gallery is below. Did we miss your picture? Leave a comment with your Twitter handle so we can find it!

Follow @cam4 on Twitter to go deep into the CAM4 Community, even after the broadcast closes ;)

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Comments (3)

  1. Brooke says:

    I took a lot of time with this contest and my picture isn’t even in the gallery! I had 164 hearts! how do u determine the winners here?

  2. nika says:

    agree on 100% FAKEEEE Wet0aria is a winner

  3. Mika says:

    In my opinion Wet0aria had the best pics for this Christmas !