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Celebrities Weekend Winners! (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Weekend Winners! (PHOTOS)

Weekends on CAM4 never fail to surprise us. This past weekend we saw tons of CAM4 performers dress up as their celebrity lookalikes and crushes for a mysterious and refreshing live camshow experience.

Britney, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Miley Cyrus … as usual, you have not disappointed ;)

And here are the 10 photo contest winners of our Celebrity Weekend! Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to all of our participants.

victoriabsx spanishstar schoolmary-celeb NerdGirl_xXx_ mulaticahot greta_luna francyn93-celeb fodastica69 brigittefox atrevidaesex_celeb

And here is the complete gallery of all celebrity weekend submissions:

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