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CAM4 XXXMas Gifting Challenge Winners (CONTEST)

CAM4 XXXMas Gifting Challenge Winners (CONTEST)


Congratulations to our four winners of the XXXMas Gifting Challenge!

1st Place ($200): xxh0tlipsxx
2nd Place ($100): gudheadt
3rd Place ($50): editthe
4th Place ($25): vi_helluna

Sign up by leaving your username in a comment or check your CAM4 account for a chat message, give it the thumbs up and you’re automatically entered! Please only leave a comment if you are located within North America, otherwise check your regional blog. Each region will have 4 different winners.

The four winners will be chosen based on the largest token value of combined XXXmas gifts they’ve received between December 19th and January 8th.

Collect XXXmas Gifts from December 19th to January 8th for your chance to win $200!

Rules and Regulations:
1. Only contestants who have signed up before December 18th will be eligible
2. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrants receiving fraudulent gifts
3. Must be a verified CAM4 member in good standing

Start collecting CAM4 Gifts now!

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Comments (32)

  1. Gary Konior says:

    gud, congratulations on a well deserved 2nd place finish. you really deserve it with the way you keep your room happy and smiling and laughing. CONGRATULATIONS again.

  2. queen_plays says:

    queen_plays we are ready ;)

  3. Michelle says:

    We are always down….

  4. Daniel Estefano says:

    bigdsteves i hope that i win big!

  5. Gary Konior says:

    You have my full support, gud. That fool who’s been winning all the contests the past few years might get a surprise on this contest.

  6. aryansexd0ll says:

    I’ll compete as aryansexd0ll

  7. retro734 says:

    retro734 is ready to join

  8. corisexy says:

    corisexy why not ;)

  9. storit says:

    storit is ready to join :)

  10. emberhot says:

    Emberhot is going to make you hot ;)

  11. Sparker423 says:

    Sparker423 Sasha Sparrks is SO excited for this new Contest!! Merry Christmas Everyone, and happy holidays!

  12. Zhaddie Grey says:

    Zhaddie Grey is all in

  13. Divinna1 says:

    I am readdy to play ^.^

  14. don sterling says:

    Okie_is_OKC is ready to play!!

  15. roxilace says:

    Im in! my name is RoxiLace

  16. xxh0tlipsxx says:

    i am in :D Name : xxh0tlipsxx

  17. morgyn lake says:

    Missmorgasm is feeling merry!!! Hohoho!

  18. gloria says:

    glorialove23. Happy hollidays :)!

  19. gr8stxxxcock says:

    jingle balls, jingle balls… naughty all the way! :D

  20. Cesyl_ says:

    In for the win! Cesyl_

  21. Sammy says:

    I’m in!! SammyStrips

  22. italysexyman says:

    yes let try! italysexyman

  23. Alexis says:

    alexis_sexy Tis the season of giving!

  24. Miss Submit says:

    MissSubmit and im down!!

  25. Gudheadt says:

    gudheadt Reporting for duty ;) i’m Ready for the contest! <3

  26. Pretty says:

    PrettyEyess I m in:)

  27. editthe says:

    editthe! i am in!!

  28. burr suicide says:

    burr suicide :)

  29. kolybri says:

    Ops ma usernane is kolybri ???

  30. Baby says:

    Babygirlops is ready for this contest

  31. Freak Show says:

    Freak7_7show let the gifting begin!

  32. Lala_Capri says:

    Lala_capri Lets give it a try!