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Earn to Win on CAM4: North American Summer Bonus!

Earn to Win on CAM4: North American Summer Bonus!

Calling all North American performers! We want to make the summer of ’16 sexy, sizzling, and successful! We have a contest designed to turn up the heat and boost your earnings. It’s simple, just sign up for the Earn to Win contest.

From July 25th to 31st, your total earnings from all areas on CAM4 will count towards your standing in this contest. The top 5 earners will win a token prize (cash value is listed below) and the top two winners also receive free video editing services done by the CAM4 video team for up to 10 minutes of video.

First Place: $400 + 10 minutes of video editing
Second Place: $400 + 10 minutes of video editing
Third Place: $200
Fourth Place: $200

You must sign up to be considered, so please email gunner@cam4.com with your CAM4 username and the subject line “Earn to Win Contest” before July 24th.

Some simple ways to increase your earnings are head to coaching with Nikki Night every Wednesday at 1pm and 3pm EST, use Roll The Dice, and offer Private Shows to your viewers.

Rules and Regulations
1. Must be located in the United States of America or Canada
2. Must sign up before July 25
3. Only verified CAM4 performers are eligible
4. Video editing can be XXX or SFW videos intended for CAM4 or third party sites
5. Fraudulent earnings will result in immediate disqualification
6. Total earnings from any and all revenue generated on CAM4 (i.e., private shows, tips, gifts, offline tokens, games)
7. Total earnings starts at 12AM, PST on July 25 and ends at 12AM PST on August 1

If you have questions, please contact gunner@cam4.com or DM @cam4 on Twitter.

Follow @CAM4 on Twitter to get promoted during the Earn to Win contest!

Get Ready to Earn to Win

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