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Freaky Halloween Gifting Contest

Freaky Halloween Gifting Contest

Do you receive CAM4 gifts from your fans and friends? Do you love super cute and spooky Halloween things? If yes, you should definitely join our Freaky Halloween Gifting Contest. There’s four prizes in each region – so if you’re in North America that means you could win 1 of 4 prizes. Make sure you register!

First Place: $200
Second Place: $100
Third Place: $50
Fourth Place: $25

Our Halloween gift selection has grown even more this year with the addition of a Harley Quinn shirt, Thriller jacket, and even a Chainsaw Dildo.

Gifting contests are super simple. To join, all you need to do is leave your CAM4 username in a comment on this blog post. Then, collect as many Halloween gifts as you can between October 20th and 31st.

cam4-halloween-gifts cam4-halloween-gifts-2


Some tips on collecting lots of Halloween gifts from Nikki Night: 

Ask your fans to tip you via Halloween gifts instead of tokens. We’ve moved the Halloween section to the top of the gifts so it’s easy for your viewers to do this!

Run a raffle and use Halloween gifts as tickets, for example to buy one ticket they must send you an Alien Eye. If they want two tickets, they can send a Cutie Ghost.

Sell photo sets, videos, or other treats for the price of a Halloween gift. A video could cost someone the Thriller Jacket, while a set of 5 Halloween photos costs a Mr Scary Sex Clown.

Don’t forget to also enter our costume contest or host a Halloween show on CAM4 to earn even more tokens this festive season.

Follow @CAM4 on Twitter for the full Freaky Halloween experience with sexy costumes and live shows!

Rules & Regulations
1. Must be a verified CAM4 member in good standing
2. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone believed to be using fraudulent means of receiving gifts
3. Only those who sign up via the above instructions will be included

Collect Halloween Gifts on CAM4

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