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Winners of the CAM4 Private Shows (CONTEST)

Winners of the CAM4 Private Shows (CONTEST)

Are you a CAM4 performer who host Private Shows? Do you want to earn some extra money this month? Sign up now to take part in our Private Shows contest for the chance to win up to $250.

There’s four prizes for the performers who earn the most money from Private Shows between November 14th and December 4th:

First place: BurrSuicide ($250)
Second place: Vi_Helluna ($125)
Third place: Lala_Capri ($75)
Fourth place: ZhaddieGrey ($50)

How to Participate:

  1. Sign up by leaving your CAM4 username in a comment on this blog post
  2. Make sure you review the rules and regulations
  3. Host Private Shows on CAM4 between November 14th and December 4th

Private Shows are different than public broadcasts. Nikki has lots of tips and show ideas if you haven’t done them before or you want to know how to improve. Just check out our Performer Training article about Private Shows or email nikki@cam4.com if you’re stuck.

Consider hosting a private show to do something you’ve never done before like try out a new toy, first time anal, or a couple’s show. Offering a special discounted price during the contest period or including a bonus gift are good ways to catch people’s attention.

Win $$$ before Christmas! Enter the CAM4 Private Shows Contest <3

Rules & Regulations

  1. Must be a verified CAM4 performer in good standing
  2. Fraudulent entries will be disqualified
  3. Must enter on your correct regional blog
  4. Only Private Show earnings will be eligible (not password rooms or group shows)
  5. Total earnings from Private Shows will determine the winner

If you’re not located in North America, you can find your region’s blog via the flag bar in the top right corner of this page. Only North American performers who sign up on this post will be entered!

Schedule a Private Show on CAM4

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Comments (25)

  1. Zhaddie Grey says:

    OMG so proud of myself!! Thanks cam4!!

  2. koneko katana says:

    Last min sign up? xKONEKOx

  3. Miss Submit says:

    MissSubmit is it to late to sign up?

  4. Vi_Helluna says:

    Vi_Helluna I’d love to sign up!

  5. Theunholy2 says:


    We love private shows.

  6. Juli_love says:

    Lets give er a go! Juli_love

  7. Divinna1 says:

    I am in. So let’s battle ^.^

  8. Sasha says:

    MMM yes i would like to participate

  9. sexytiger71 says:

    sexytiger71 I would like to sign up for this new contest about private shows…so let’s gooo.

  10. Breeze8 says:

    Breeze8 I’m totally down

  11. Sammy says:

    SammyStrips in for sure :D

  12. Burr Suicide says:

    burrSuicide lets see how this one goes!

  13. missmorgasm says:

    Missmorgasm is ready for contest…count me in!

  14. Annie says:

    Anniekitty_ , looks so fun! :D

  15. Zhaddie Grey says:

    ZhaddieGrey is really excited to do this! first cam4 contest! :)

  16. o0Pepper0o says:

    me too pls o0Pepper0o <333333333

  17. Sexcandyfun says:

    Sexcandyfun is definitely going for it. This could be fun!

  18. Missblazeit says:

    Missblazeit!! This contest sounds fun!!

  19. Emi says:

    Xwetmermaidx, I would like to sign up please

  20. Babygirlops says:

    Babygirlops I would like to sign up for this contest

  21. NinjaStarz says:

    NinjaStarz are signing up for this…count us in!

  22. pinuprosevr says:

    This should be fun… Private shows are where I started camming.

  23. Lala_Capri says:

    Lala_Capri is doing it!! I love going private!

  24. Freak Show says:

    Freak7_7show I would like to sign up for this private show contest!

  25. ScarletRaven says:

    ScarletRaven is gonna go for this!! I love contest and private shows!!