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Valentine’s Day Gifting Contest: Join Today to Win up to $200!

Valentine’s Day Gifting Contest: Join Today to Win up to $200!
Congratulations to our seven amazing Valentine’s Day stars on CAM4! You earned the most tokens for our Valentine’s Day gifting contest in North America*:

First prize ($200): xxh0tlipsxx
Second prize ($100): gudheadt
Third prize ($70): Lala_capri
Fourth prize ($50): Vi_Helluna

Fifth prize ($25): angeleyes4yu
Sixth prize ($25): BurrSuicide
Seventh prize ($25): xKONEKOx

*and global countries not represented in our blogs
It’s not Valentine’s Day on CAM4 without a contest or two. In the third edition of our Valentine’s Day gifting contest there are no less than seven prizes to be won by the CAM4 performers who earn the most tokens from gifts in the Jewelry, Valentine’s Day, Romance, and Sweet Talk categories.

❤️ How to join ❤️

The competition begins on February 1st, and you can join by commenting on this post with your CAM4 username. You will be able to join after February 1st, if you’re up for the challenge ?


Receive Valentine’s Day Gifts on CAM4!

 All gifts in the Jewelry, Valentine’s Day, Romance, and Sweet Talk categories are eligible.

Rules & regulations:
1. Must be verified CAM4 members in good standing
2. Winners will be chosen based on who earns the most tokens via the above gift categories
3. Fraudulent gifting will result in being disqualified
4. Only gifts received between February 1st and 15th will be eligible

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  1. Evaandarlin says:

    We’re down.

  2. juliette_88 says:

    I want this game

  3. abriana26 says:

    i am already joined?

  4. reigngodess says:

    i wanna join !REIGNgodess xxx

  5. Freak Show says:

    Please sign me up Freak7_7Show
    If still possible <3

  6. Grehniov Tatiana says:


  7. Monaslim says:

    I join too, monaslim

  8. Koneko says:

    Sign me up :)

  9. Alyssa says:

    Hey name is Uwilllovme ?? xoxo enter me please

  10. Shara says:

    I love it join me in.

  11. Anishh says:


  12. Will says:

    uh I love gifts! cumanywhere9

  13. Sarah says:

    I’m in! <3 420fuck_xxx

  14. PoiisonIvy says:

    Username: PoiisonIvy

    Yesss!Sooo Excited, My First Contest!

  15. lindsey says:

    Lynzielove ….. I CANT WAIT :)

  16. emberhot says:

    I’m up for the competition! :)

  17. Silverfoxxo says:

    Love to try. Silverfoxxxo

  18. kourtney lace says:

    I’m in too Kourtney lace

  19. Chloexoxo says:

    Happy Vday everyone!

  20. Divinna1 says:

    Wana play ^.^

  21. burr suicide says:


  22. Amy Gesin says:


  23. SInead Gilsmith says:

    Qtpie420 :)

  24. abriana26 says:


  25. Gudheadt says:

    gudheadt is my username :P

  26. Gudheadt says:

    I’m in! :D

  27. stasya storm says:

    Im in xoxox StasyaStorm

  28. stasya storm says:

    im in ! StasyaStorm

  29. bunny_vic says:

    I’m in. bunny_vic

  30. AmySecret says:

    Well who doesn’t love Vday gifts?! I am in AmySecret

  31. mredenx says:

    mredenx .. Fun times

  32. bagiraaa says:

    I wanna this! Im in love with cam4! Best raffle!!!

  33. xxh0tlipsxx says:

    let’s try :)
    name : xxh0tlipsxx

  34. Layla Savage says:

    Layla_Savage (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  35. Bagiraaa says:

    Mmmm wanna wanna wanna! I love games!

  36. Bagiraaa says:


  37. Babygirlops says:

    You can count babygirlops I love these contests

  38. Lala_capri says:

    Lala_capri is doing it! I love these contests!

  39. Sammy says:


  40. Sammy says:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait!