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Angel or Devil? Foxy_C and DesireV Special!

Angel or Devil? Foxy_C and DesireV Special!

My best friend and I play this game all the time, she’s usually the angel. But now you can watch two of our hottest cam girls play too! Just in time for Halloween, watch Foxy_C and DesireV play Angel or Demon at 3pm EST this Thursday (8pm CET) live on CAM4.

This is a special bonus for our Gold Members as they’ll be able to watch both of the shows happen side by side. You can become a Gold Member here and even try a free 3 day trial. If you don’t want to turn into gold, don’t worry. Both of the girls will be using Picture in Picture to showcase the opposing show in their window.

You are all invited, so bring your tokens and your sexiest dreams. There’s many ways to play along!


How to Play Angel or Devil:

1. Open both of their CAM4 profiles: If you’re a CAM4 Gold Member (if not, become one now). Or, open one of their windows and enjoy the Picture in Picture view of the opposing show. Foxy will have DesireV’s show in her PiP window, and vice versa.

2. Play truth or dare: Tip them to roll the dice. Whoever rolls the highest numbers takes the truth or dare challenge. If they both get the same numbers, they both do it!

3. Win a threesome: The highest tipper in each room will win a threesome on Skype with the Angel and Devil!

4. Vote for your favorite costume: Send them a devil heart to vote for Foxy or an Angel heart to vote for Desire!

Let’s take a closer look at these heavenly wonders:

DesireV is a UK cam girl. She’s blonde, straight, and angelic. Or is she? She prefers to stay mysterious, so let yourself explore this girl and find out her angelic and naughty sides ;)

Play Angel or Devil with DesireV

Foxy_C, the brunette, is a French cam girl who made a splash with our Get Wet contest. She’s bisexual, in an open relationship, and studying Graphic Design. When you’re lucky she brings guests onto her show ;)

Play Angel or Devil with Foxy_C

And of course, a photo gallery to give you an idea of what Heaven and Hell look like :P

Heaven and Hell have taken up social media, so follow @foxy_cam4 and @desireV989 on Twitter for updates, pictures, and everything your dreams are made of. I also highly recommend bookmarking this page, or each of their CAM4 pages because you’ll definitely need them later on ;)

See you this Thursday @ 3pm EST for the Devil or Angel special with Foxy_C and DesireV!

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Comments (2)

  1. rain462 says:

    That is going to be an awesome show! I can’t wait for Halloween to get here!!!

  2. ob1k says:

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is going to be an amazing show that you all have to see!