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CAM4’s Newcomers of June!

CAM4’s Newcomers of June!

They’re heeeeere – our official CAM4 Newcomers of June! Are you ready to become familiar with these sexy CAM4 cam girls? Because they’re ready to show off their gorgeous selves, and they’re waiting for you on their CAM4 pages 😏

Remember, every month we will feature THREE new CAM4 cam girls who have caught our attention, and who YOU should be looking out for! These girls are new and want to show off, just for you!

Get ready to meet our first Newcomers of the Month and welcome them to the CAM4 Camily- Unravelry, Raynazyn, and Bowlsnboobs!


When/why did you start camming on CAM4?

Okay. So the story goes a little something like this: years of bottled up sexuality + a pitcher of margaritas = instant sexbomb cam model. After that one night, I was hooked!

So far, what is your favourite part about CAM4?

My favorite part of CAM4 is the community for sure. I’ve really enjoyed meeting and talking with new people and making sure nobody leaves my room unsatisfied.

What did you think about camming before coming to CAM4? Has your attitude towards camming changed since you started?

My attitude has definitely changed! I was jealous of all these sexy gods and goddesses before and now that I am one. I’m just grateful to be one of the many beautiful people who call CAM4 home!

So far, what is your favourite thing to do on cam?

Hmmm…That’s a toughie. Besides cumshows? I’d have to say engaging with everyone in my room. Oh and dancing. I don’t dance well, but dammit I sure as hell try!

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When/why did you decide to sign up as a performer on CAM4?

I started on [May 10th], I believe! I really wanted flexibility in my schedule. I love to write and play music, so this has really allowed me to explore my options. The people SPECIFICALLY on CAM4 are beyond congenial. I wouldn’t want to model for any other site, and that is the whole-hearted truth.

Has anything about camming surprised you thus far?

Nothing just yet has really thrown me off too much. I’m more-so surprised of all of the benefits that camming has to offer. The community is so supportive and welcoming, it’s unreal. The girls seem to lift each other, not drag; positivity and genuine generosity is so important to me, and that it surprising to see in a world full of spiteful competition.

What did you think about camming before coming to CAM4? Has your attitude towards camming changed since you started?

I was told about camming through a friend; prior to that, I had no idea it existed. I’ve always had an open mind about pretty much everything, so there’s never been a negative perspective on my end! I just used to be scared of what would happen if people I knew found out… though I find the more engrossed I become in this scene, the less it matters. Opinions become irrelevant when you find peace within your world.

So far, what is your favourite thing to do on cam?

So far, BDSM sub-training was so much fun! A member actually taught me breast bondage live and it was incredible! My costume nights on Tuesdays are BEYOND fun and interactive too! I cast a voting poll on my Twitter a few days prior to the event. The obvious things are getting off… but I really like to get to know my viewers; I love making connections!


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When/Why did you decide to sign up as a performer on CAM4?

I decided to sign up for CAM4 after the industry was hit with FOSTA/SESTA. Several of the sites that I “grew up” on abruptly changed lots of things, and honestly took a lot of the fun out of being live with fans and friends! When I found CAM4, I felt fairly certain it was my new cam home because of how free spirited and unique they allow models and shows to be! CAM4 showed me quickly that their focus is not on either models or fans, but rather on the community as a whole.

What are your camming goals thus far?

My camming goals….whoa what a question. My desires for camming are so similar to my goals for nearly everything; I want to make life a little sweeter. I’m a small little cutie with big ideas about how vital sex is for a better world. I don’t want customers, I want cam friends that can trust me to care deeply for not only their orgasms, but for their hearts, and their sexuality as a whole. I want friends that I can trust to and in turn take care of me by keeping my belly full and my roof secure. My goals in everything are to “get by” while giving everything to making this world happier place. If I end up financially blessed in the end, then I’ll assume I’ve taught the world a little something about caring for one another.

What sets CAM4 apart from the other camming sites?

CAM4 is a special place in so many ways. Their focus on tech innovation lets me take my friends with me nearly wherever I want. Their inclusivity is beautiful (THE QUEERS ARE HERE!). In addition, they push their performers to be more genuine, and less performative. They seem to value EACH performer, and don’t encourage Reality TV show style drama and competitions between models like other cam sites!

What did you think about camming before coming to CAM4? Has your attitude towards camming changed since you started?

Before coming to CAM4, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make myself more interesting, and trying to adjust my personality to the “mood”of the site. CAM4’s “mood” is REAL. The viewers here seem to want interaction more than entertainment. I love that the friends I make CAM4 want my real conversation, real masturbation, and real ”hangs”. Relaxing into that makes me excited to be ME on CAM4, instead of worrying that my audience isn’t entertained enough.


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Welcome to CAM4 ladies! We can’t wait to see what you have in store ;) Do you know a CAM4 newcomer who you want to see on the CAM4 blog? Email us at katie@cam4.com!


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