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Exclusive Interview with Christiana Cinn

Exclusive Interview with Christiana Cinn

On Saturday, April 13th Penthouse Pet Christiana Cinn will be live on CAM4 at cam4.com/nsfwlive.

How did you get into the industry?
I have always been in tune with my body. Growing up sex was taboo but I listened to my body and my heart and have had very pleasurable experiences thoughout my career. To put it simply there was just the natural progression starting from finishing beautyschool and posing for PLAYBOY then to web cams and gogo dancing. I always had the urge to fuck with a professional cock from the start.

What was the best scene you ever filmed and why?
That’s the hardest question ever! I put 1000% into every scene that I do.I will say this, the perfect scene will consist of one that brings me to full notice, great sexual chemistry and having many of my peers involved with great cinematography. I would want it to showcase all of my sexual limits being pushed!

Being a powerful woman in the industry, what is the best advice you would give someone wanting to get in the industry?
Consider what the consequences are. Porn might not be a realistic end game but a stepping stone for opportunities. Having confidence along with thick skin is essential when dealing with unforeseen obstacles that a career in porn might put in the way. Always be honest with yourself. Are you are emotionally strong enough to deal with any negativity that may come up? Surround yourself with people who have things going on for themselves or doing even better than you. It should inspire you to level up and be better in your own life and career. NEVER take advice from someone who isn’t doing better than you. In other words, know who you are, live to level up, and never back down.

What is the craziest scene you ever filmed?
My craziest scene is a scene Pat Mayne directed for ANALIZED.COM. Ramo Nomar breaks in wearing a mask, blindfolds me, ties me up, then throws me in the back of a van where he fucks my ass! It was so incredible because that has always has been a fantasy of mine.

What do you feel is the sexiest part of your body and why?
I’ve heard my smile, eyes, and ASS!

When not filming what are some of your hobbies?
It’s been a long time since someone asked me my hobbies. I am a hard worker. On days I am supposed to relax I typically end up scheduling a full day of multiple interviews or doing something work related. I never waste a day. If I am not working on anything catching up on sleep is important. I like to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like getting my nails done or having a relaxing spa day. I really enjoy playing, Cards Against Humanity and What The Meme? Gamibing.. I love gambling, blackjack, and craps with all my friends.
Given all that is happening in the world, what is the best advice you would give to women who may not feel empowered.
There is no reason for a woman to not feel empowered. I try to stay away from politics but I know it won’t be long before the right lady is in charge of the white house. I like to look back at history when it comes to the rights of women. In the Greek era women had very little to no rights, other than in Sparta, but take a moment to appreciate history and how far we as women have come since. I believe women will continue to rise to power.

What have you learned in the industry? What has been the most eye opening?
What I’ve learned about the adult industry is that the industry is not dying it’s rapidly progressing. An example of this would be when adult movies made most of their numbers by selling VHS tapes and then later DVD’s. Those numbers dropped dramatically when free porn was then accessible on the internet. The internet slowed but didn’t stop the industry and we are now using it to our advantage. There is world wide exposure and accessibility that introduced a progression in the different ways adult stars can earn multiple sources of income apart from filming. Snapchat, personal websites, webcaming, clip stores, paid endorsements and products are just some examples. The industry adapted to make every social media follower count and monetize them in a way that wasn’t available in the era of big budget xxx movies being sold in the adults only section of the video store.

When prepping for an anal scene it’s popular for us to eat gummy bears after the system has been fully flushed. Gummies are great because they move through the digestive system slowly and expand in the stomach making it feel full. The eye opening part which I didn’t expect is that little bears get pooped out. So it’s really adorable to realize that the body is capable of pooping out gummy bears.

What are the top 3 things you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
I see myself winning a multitude of awards and being reconized and validated by my peers. I see myself thinking about whats next for me. How do I take this brand and have it carry me into designing lingerie, sex toys, and products. I want to explore my expertise on sexual health, education, advice, and wellness.

What is your perfect date night?
I love exploring new cities. I would love to be shown historical landmarks and learning the history of what came before. I also enjoy learning a new skill like how to roll a cigar or make the perfect martini. The perfect date involves me learning something new. Good chemistry is sparked by captivating mystery. I can write a book on oral exams and you KNOW I will be giving a VERY in depth class about how to please a porn star in the bedroom!

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