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Interview with CAM4 Couple 6littlesub6

Interview with CAM4 Couple 6littlesub6

50 Shades of Grey is old news, and a bit boring when you’ve got real life kinky couples on CAM4 like 6littlesub6. Bea spoke about love, BDSM, and sex with submissive Sunny and dominant Andy.

Hello you two! How are you? Do you have any plans for the next days?
Andy: Thanks, we’re pretty fine. The daily routine is a bit stressful, but we’re contented. We founded a group for people who are into BDSM and it’s our turn to organise the next meeting.


You are a BDSM couple. How are the roles shared? What’s your arrangement? Would you like to “switch” from time to time?
Sunny: I am the female sub, I love to be obedient and enjoy whatever my male dom wants to do to me. You should never mix up sub with slave. I get horny, being submissive, even if it’s just to serve my dom his drinks… naked. For me it’s all about getting mindfucked.

Andy: I am and will always be a dominant man. I’m not into switching, because I like to tell somebody what to do and being bossy is part of my nature. Sunny cannot imagine switching either, so we’re a perfect match. She tried once – on a pillow – how it would be to whip somebody and found out laughing, that it’s not her cup of tea.

I love it when Sunny is dressed up in a sexy way, but we’re far away from the common rubber, leather or latex fetish. I or rather we love ample mini skirts (school girl or cheerleader outfits), because I love up-skirts and grabbing under it.

Which kind of fetishes do you have? Do you have limits and how do you handle them?
Andy: As told before, we love short skirts or sometimes a long white one. That’s more like a clothing fetish. Needless to say, it’s pretty hot to go out shopping without panties on. Just to think of Sunny waiting at the checkout table in the supermarket, turns us on a lot.

We have soft limits during our sessions and hard limits. Blood, permanent marks and “stuff for the toilet” are not our bag. As for fetish or fantasies, we’d say a threesome with another dominant male or a second devoted sub, because I’m absolutely straight and Sunny is quiet bisexual. Or a presentation of Sunny to an audience. I prefer younger women, so our age gap of 25 years is perfect.

Which “toys” do you use best in your shows? What do you use offline? Are there any games you prefer?
Sunny: We use different toys to whip – like canes, riding crop, flogger, wooden spoons – plus the “Magic wand” and the “Neon wand”. The Neon wand, also called violet wand, is really mean. It works with ultraviolet voltage and gives nasty to painful pleasures, when in close contact to the skin. We also use dildos, vibrators and different anal plugs. It arouses me, when Andy scratches my back. Of course, we do not show everything in our shows, offline for example we like to use an anal irrigator with red wine.


What gets you turned on? How do you prepare for your shows?
Sunny:  It’s the “mind fucking” thing. As soon as I start to think about what’s going to happen soon, I get very wet. As matter of principle everything about our games turns me on, but especially if Andy plans something new and doesn’t tell me about it. We also like to watch porn and reenact the things we’ve seen. Preparing for our shows gets me horny as well, things like prepping the toys and dressing up as Andy wishes. Cosy lightning is important, too.
Andy: Just to think about Sunny being submissive and giving herself to me, turns me on. I love totally submissive women, especially when they submit to me, it gets me super horny.

What do your fans/viewers like about you? I’ve seen a few games on your profile… which one do they prefer?
Andy: Our viewers like to chat about almost everything, but they also enjoy our “sexual shows”. We get a lot of compliments, because Sunny is wearing a “bush” right now. Back to nature – that’s what they say and like. Some of them tell us that our chatroom is like their second living room. I think they like that we’re so accepting of everyone, even the users without tokens. In particular the card game and the roulette are something they really like and we’re very happy about this common idea.

Sunny: Our fans value our naivety and honesty, we do not act like someone else when on cam. It’s just us – Sunny and Andy. It happens from time to time, that we do a full show on cam – for free!

Andy: We don’t look at tokens as a payment, we look at them as appreciation for sharing a few of our private moments with them.

Do you plan anything specific for your fans during the next weeks?
Sunny: During the next weeks I’ll be a bit stressed because I’m trying to get my driving license. Every tip on CAM4 funds the costs of it. To thank all of our tippers for their support, we’re planning a mega show after the passed driving test. I won’t give any details before ;) As soon as I’m done with this stress, we plan to visit a couple swingers club again, because we really enjoy them.

Andy: As Sunny’s birthday is upcoming in about 12 weeks, we plan a birthday show for her and our fans. Besides that, we’ll do a shaving show where I’ll shave her and create a landing strip.


What do you like about CAM4? Is there anything, you do not like?!
Andy: CAM4 is awesome. The support and provided assistance are most helpful. We’ve met a lot of super nice people around here, even if we do not know them in real life, they are like a family. There’s only one thing which makes me a bit sad. A few people use the site to blow off personal frustration by going into chatrooms and harassing their fellow performers. That’s a pity!

Thank you for your time and answering my questions.
Andy: We thank you as well and we’re very glad about you being so neat and organised. CAM4 can be proud of your great work. Thank you so much!

Sunny: Ich ally to Andy, besides that, Bea, you’re so kind and it’s always a pleasure to chat with you. I can talk about everything with you, you’re trustworthy and always try to help us out. That’s what I really appreciate on you. Thank you so much.

And now we move onto the Relationship Test! Sunny and Andy were asked what they prefer in a partner. Here we go, first up is Sunny.
Thong, boxer, or tight shorts? Boxer
Short or long hair? short
Tall or short? Does the size really matter ;) It’s all about the technique, not the size ;) / 1.92 m – you girls are totally perverted! :D
Six pack or not? A man is allowed to have a bit of a belly, it’s my favorite pillow.
Sweet and mysterious or wild and sexy? mysterious and wild
Dark or light hair? I don’t care.
Dark or light eyes? I don’t care.
Good boy or bad boy? That depends on the situation ;)
Ear piercing or no? Only if it suits him.
Hat or no hat? The hat needs to fit the head ;)
Tanned or pale? I don’t care.
Three day beard or shaven? Shaved
Pubes shaved, trimmed or bush? I like his pubes shaved, but also accept my partners preference.
Swallow or spit? If it tastes good – swallow – if not, spit!

And now Andy, what do you like in a woman?
Panty or thong? Thong
French Nails or not? no
Short or long nails? short
Bra or sports bra? sports bra
Sweet and mysterious or wild and sexy? sweet and wild
Stylish or casual clothes? I prefer casual clothes
Dark or light hair? dark
Curls or straight hair? straight hair
Hair up or down? Down
Long or short hair? long hair
Bald or bush? bush
Dark or light eyes? dark
Good girl or bad girl? depends on the situation
Jewelry or not? COLLAR
Tall or short? short
Trousers or dresses? Dresses
Tanned or pale? I don’t care.
Freckles or not? no way
Shy or vixen? shy

You can find Sunny and Andy on Twitter as @domSklavin

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