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Interview with Sandy Big Boobs CAM4’s Naughty Girl

Interview with Sandy Big Boobs CAM4’s Naughty Girl

With a username like Sandy Big Boobs, you can see why we had to get closer to this cam girl. We set lucky lady Bea to ask Sandy about lingerie and why she forgets to wear panties.

Hello Sandy! Thanks for having time for my questions & your fans. How are you?
Lovely Bea, it’s a pleasure for me. I’m feeling pretty good right now.

You are always wearing sexy lingerie. Which piece of clothing do you think is absolutely needless? ;) I heard a rumor about you forgetting your panties sometimes during summer…
Thank you for the compliment. On sexy lingerie the stockings are needless for me. They might be nice to look at… but for myself … I don’t need them. aha … that’s a funny rumor ;) (Bea: and it’s right!)
During my shows I “forget” to wear panties on purpose. Depending on the things I wear, like a mini-skirt or something snuggly, it definitely looks better without. And it feels way sexier… ;) and feeling sexy is way better for the shows, don’t you think?


Your husband is a lucky fellow. Do you prefer to broadcast “solo” or as a couple? Tell your fans the secret of a fulfilled sex-life.
Bea, we read a lot about him being a lucky one. Almost every day, I someone writes it in it in my chat. Doesn’t matter if in German or English. And it’s true. He is really lucky!
Sometimes he’s on cam with me. Not that often as I’m broadcasting “solo”, but if he appears, we have a lot of fun together. I like to cam “solo”, because I found a good rhythm. Smile. I know it sounds funny, but it’s true.
I cannot tell the recipe for a fulfilled sex-life for everyone. I think, it’s important to be open minded in trying new sexy stuff and to talk about it openly. It’s normal (with my age of 43), not to have the same “vanilla sex” as you do in your twenties… Always try something new.

What was the funniest thing you ever experienced on CAM4?
There were a lot of funny things. I have the usual (lovely) suspects in my chatroom and they keep it funny.
One day, they were really chaotic. One of them made me laugh so hard, that I almost wasn’t able to breath. And my room was full of viewers! I’ll never forget that.
A lot of my regulars still remember that day.
And here’s a funny treat: Once we had a couple show and during giving head, I sneezed on my husband’s  cock…!!! It was hilarious! I needed to sneeze but it was so unexpected… I could not help myself. hahahaha

Which compliments do you hear often from your fans? Do you like to turn on all those guys?
They are absolutely fond of my boobs and they cannot believe, that I’m already 43 years old. I love to turn them on and make them really horny. Since I know, I can! :D

I use the word “sexy” way too often. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Funny, exhibitionistic, and “teasing”.

You like to watch other camshows, which ones do you prefer? Female, Male, or Couple Cams? Which other CAM4 broadcaster would you like to meet? Would you do her/him?
I like to watch all of them, but I prefer to visit people, I already know for a while, in their shows. You’re late with this question, Bea, I’ve already met an other CAM4 broadcaster. I’ll keep his name for myself. I hope you understand ;)

You sell videos. What kind of scenarios will your fans have to watch soon? You also sell lingerie. Which piece was hard for you to sell?
Yes, we’re planing new videos and they are already in work. We’re open for ideas and would like to do anal or other fun things.
There was one pair of panties with a beautiful design on it – I almost couldn’t send it to it’s new owner :(

I thank you for your time and I’m pleased by your answers!
I really liked to do it, Bea. I thank you a lot. You’ve really chosen good questions for me.

If you have questions or just want to show your appreciation for Sandy Big Boobs, leave a comment! She would love to see them ;)

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