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Interview with SexyAlice95: Our CAM4 #WCW

Interview with SexyAlice95: Our CAM4 #WCW

What’s #wetwednesday ? without a beautiful woman to make us all wet? This week our #WCW (woman crush Wednesday, your new favourite hashtag) is SexyAlice95 on CAM4. HelloSquirty cuddled up with Alice to get the details on what gets her wet and what fantasies she’s burning to experience.

Hello sweet Alice, how are you today? Do you have some good news to share?
Hello Bea!! I am good, thank you, just thinking about what I will wear in tonight’s broadcast on CAM4 :) No other news for the moment.

sexyalice95_02Exhibitionist or voyeur? What describes you better?
I think, what describes me better is voyeur, but if I think about it for longer, also exhibitionist. :D

How did you discover Cam4? When did you decide to broadcast yourself and why?
A friend told me about it. I decided to broadcast, because I saw that I can have fun and make money. Why? Because I can earn money for myself: studies, rent etc. and because I like having fun and chatting with new people.

What do you like on Cam4? Is there anything you don’t like?
Hmm, I like CAM4. Sometimes I don’t like it, when cam4 is having technical problems, f.e. with their servers.

Which was the funniest situation you’ve experienced on CAM4?
The funniest was when I started broadcasting – it really was something new for me in that “cam girl world” – some viewers told me to lick my fingers or toes :)) This was so funny for me. But there were a lot of other funny things as well.

How do you prepare yourself for your shows, what makes you feel sexy? Lingerie, wine, music, seeing yourself in the broadcast panel?
I like to wear sexy lingerie. I have a lot and yes, I like watch myself during I broadcast :) and to listen to music.

sexyalice95-cam4What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you via CAM4 chat?
Hmm, I cannot tell the hottest thing, I heard a lot. But I like it so much, when someone tells me, what he wants to do with me in the bedroom :D

Do you have any fetishes? What’s one you really want to check off?
Yes! I want to have sex on the beach and want to try to be dominated. :D

Do you have any advice for newbie camgirls or for the ones who think about to start camming?
The new camgirls need to broadcast with all the their heart and should stay relaxed.

Thank you so much for your time :) See you soon on CAM4!
Thank you too for asking me your questions.

Alice’s CAM4 Fan Club photo is filled with exclusive content, so get yourself acquainted with her beautiful body and soul ?. Thanks to Bea and Alice for the interview! If you want to be featured on the CAM4 blog send an email to me: abbey@cam4.com.

Find @SexyAlice95c4 on Twitter to see all of her raffles and hot pics!

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