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Meet CAM4 Performers at the Adult Entertainment Expo

Meet CAM4 Performers at the Adult Entertainment Expo

Don’t miss booth 1007 in the Artist Hall during this year’s AEE! Stop by to chat, snap a picture, or get a signing.

Are you in Vegas for the AEE? So are tons of CAM4’s hottest performers! Say hi, get a signing, or stop by our booth to hang out. We’ll be in Las Vegas from January 18th to 21st with this amazing team of CAM4’s top North American performers:


Sammy Strips: Naughty Housewife of NYC

“Hi, I’m Sammy and I’m a Canadian housewife currently living in NYC. I’ve been an online sex kitten for 2 years now but this is my first time going to Vegas for the AVN Expo and I’m excited! I can’t wait to finally get to meet all of my friends, fans and fellow models that I’ve only ever seen through a screen! Watch out Vegas, the CAM4 crew is coming and we might be more than even you can handle.”

Watch Sammy Strips on CAM4

Twitter: @SammyStrips

Instagram: @CanadianSammy

Snapchat: CanadianSammy69


Lala Capri: Tattoos, heavy metal, beautiful and badass

“This will be my first time at AEE so I’m ready to jump in! I’m excited to meet new fans and performers, and have fun. I’ll be trying out CAM4VR, which I’m super excited about. Stoked to get out there and rep CAM4.”

Watch Lala Capri on CAM4

Twitter: @Lala_Capri

Snapchat: Lala_Capri1


Burr Suicide: Nudist, Booty Lover, and Super Cutie

“Hello, I’m Burr Suicide also known as Embereon. I’m a furr mom to two Siberian Huskies, a booty enthusiast, freak, wildchild, weirdo, entrepreneur and racecar enthusiast (I love boosted things). I’ve been an unapologetic online nudist for 9 months now alongside nude/artistic modeling. I love my cam fam and all community surrounding it. I can’t wait to be in the big city Las Vegas for AEE with CAM4 and to explore and meet new people. Beyond excited.”

Watch BurrSuicide on CAM4

Twitter: @Embereon

Instagram: @Embereon

Snapchat: Embereon


Feline Ambros: New to camming and exploring her sexuality

“Being Feline Ambros is the most intense and empowering experience I’ve ever had. I used to be shy and ashamed to explore my sexuality. These days I love the sensuality of pain, the entitlement of being a domme, and knowing everytime I turn on that cam that men are waiting for me to fulfill their fantasies. I want it all and I’m excited to continue this journey.”

Twitter: @FelineAmbros

Watch FelineAmbros on CAM4


MasquedDolly: Curvy, flirty, and loves to please her viewers

“I started out camming because I couldn’t find a job anywhere I lived. NOBODY would call me back! A friend of mine jokingly suggested CAM4, and so I dove right into it. At first, I cammed for the money. But after a month or so, I got more opportunities from the CAM4 family, who all seemed to like me a lot — thank you guys, I love you too (: I loved watching a fan base grow, and growing closer to my viewers, and all the compliments they basically showered me in. I finally feel good about myself, and am making some great friends — and wonderful cash — along the way!”

Watch Masqued Dolly on CAM4

Twitter: @MasquedDolly

Snapchat: MasquedDolly


Boyhous: Porn actor, CAM4 male coach, and performer since 2009

“CAM4 has always been there for me. The support and promotion that I received from CAM4 absolutely blows my mind. Always going well out of their way for performers and viewers. It’s a great feeling knowing they care.  This is a feeling that I’ve never experienced on other sites.”

He’s been camming with us since 2009 and will now be representing us as CAM4 Gay on social media as well as being our male performer coach.

Watch Boyhous on CAM4

Twitter: @boyhous

Snapchat: CAM4gay

If you’re not in Vegas, you can still see all of these beautiful faces in one place: on the Abbey_CAM4 Snapchat. We have a week of Q&As, takeovers, and secret Vegas trouble that you won’t find anywhere else ;) Add us if you think you can handle it…

Find us at booth 1007 in the Artist Hall!

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