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Nikita Bellucci Exclusive Interview with Cam4!

Nikita Bellucci Exclusive Interview with Cam4!

Hello everyone! Cam4 had the pleasure to get an interview from the famous French pornstar Nikita Bellucci! The Pornstar gives us naughty details about her fantasies, her past, her life in the porn industry but also about the fun she has with us on Cam4!

I’ll leave it you guys to discover this nice and naughty interview about the famous Nikita Bellucci!

So you are a pornstar who broadcasts as a “Super Show” on Cam4, what do you like about this experience?
What I like on Cam4, is the feeling of being close with my fans. I really like this as they’re all respectful, some of them make me laugh… I don’t only open my legs haha, there’s a certain relationship that I share with my fans during each of my shows, and this really excites me.

Is it a new experience for you?
Yes it totally is, I got loads of propositions but I wanted to wait. Now I feel ready and I’m happy to do this on your website with you guys.

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As a pornstar, you must have experienced many things; what’s the one you particullary liked?
Well, it is quite classic, but I really like to suck. The blowjob is what I like to do the most during a scene or during my Cam4 show with Rico Simmons. What I also really like is to push my limits, to always go further. That’s whay I always ask people on Cam4 to give me challenges, even the naughtiest ones.

I want you guys to tease me on Cam4!

Why did you want to become a pornstar ?
I watched loads of porn movies, I was masturbating while watching them. I wanted to discover the pleasure of getting fucked by a huge dick in front of a camera, like the Pornstars I used to watched. So yeah.. I wanted to become a Pornstar to fill my needs.

You are the muse of the magazine Hot Vidéo, why did you choose Hot Vidéo ?
I chose Hot Vidéo because they were the one that offered me my first photo shoot. They also allowed me to go to USA where I performed in movies. And they are real professional as well, they believed in me whereas no one really trusted in me before.

And now, do you have something special, an experience/fantasy that you’d love to fullfil ?
I’d like to get fucked by two guys… In a very violent, hard, dirty way…

What’s the kinkiest, naughtiest episode that has happened to you ?
I don’t really have one in particular, the thing that excites me the most it’s when it’s “Forbidden”. Whoever the guy is, or where it’s happening, as long as it’s forbidden, it excites me a lot!

nikita_bellucci08The best fuck you ever had, was in private or in front of a camera ?
The best I had were in private, because in porn, the pleasure is always only the pussy. In private, every other senses are awake.

What physical aspects or personality does a guy needs to have to hope and have sex with you? I mean… Outside the movies you’re making.
He needs to be respectful, nice but with a true personality. I want him to show the desire he has for me. I want to feel I’m the one and there’s no one else. I also want to feel really close to him, like a good friend, he needs to be open minded, be able to make laugh and many other things… I know, I expect a lot!

Do you have a boyfriend or you want to be like a “free woman” Do you think that might work regarding the business you’re involved in?
Yes, I do have a boyfriend, and this works really well with my job. But I’m not longer going to speak about it. I already give enough about my privacy in the porn industry.. haha

Well thanks a lot for your time! Any last words for our readers?
Thanks a lot for your support, and let’s meet on my cam for very hot cams. I’ll make you cum ;)

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