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Uncle D the Canadian Assman joins Battlecams!

Uncle D the Canadian Assman joins Battlecams!

This Friday, Uncle D the Canadian Assman is joining us for a Battlecams special event all about the female form! We’re having another twerking battle, and he’s coming to give us his asspertise. Maybe you can learn some twerking tips from Canada’s Assman just in time for Friday night ;)

Save the Date: Friday February 19th @ 4pm EST

Follow Uncle D’s assventures on Twitter @uncledassman or check out uncled.ca to become jealous over how this lucky canuck travels all over and celebrates the greatest asses on the planet. But for now, check out this week’s contestants live on Battlecams tomorrow, remember that your tokens will decide who wins so tip your favorites!

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Uncle D has been featured on the Dragon’s Den, Sin Cities, Match Maker, Ed the Sock on Much Music, along with tons of radio shows like Q107, MoJo 640, and MIX 99.9. You might have also seen him in FHM magazine or the suitably titled ButtMan Magazine.  In short, he knows asses.

Watch Battlecams this Friday at 4pm EST with Uncle D the Canadian Assman! Leave a comment if you want to participate.

Watch Battlecams only on CAM4!

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Comments (2)

  1. abriana26 says:

    twerk off again tommorow..see u there..

  2. sweety_89 says:

    Can’t wait!!! Good luck to the other girls!