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Be My Valentine: Yasmin Diez’s CAM4 Special

Be My Valentine: Yasmin Diez’s CAM4 Special

Steal Yasmin Diez‘s heart by being the one CAM4 guy to send her the most heart gifts. When a babe like this asks you to be her Valentine, how could you not? The heart gifts are 25 tokens each, and you have until Valentine’s Day to send them. The winner will be announced on February 14th so if you’re luckily single this Valentine’s Day, you now have a sexy date. Here’s what your v-day could look like:

~ 30 minute Private Show

~ photo set of 10 hot pics

~ a 10 minute video


Yasmin is a gorgeous brunette, she’s always dressed sexy in lingerie. Lots of fishnets, lace, and sexy panties that never stay on for too long. She’s a 19 year old medical student who cams to pay her tuition and because it makes her pussy even wetter when you’re all watching her. She’s looking forward to the lead-up to Valentine’s Day so visit her room and chat extra dirty with her. Tis the season for sharing fantasies!

As always, I recommend following @DiezYasmin on Twitter, because it’d be a shame if you missed her upcoming shows, naughty pics, and raffles. I have a feeling this camgirl is one to watch!

Yasmin Diez says “Be My Valentine” so send her a heart gift on CAM4 now and challenge the rest of CAM4 to having this petite Brazilian bombshell!

I Want Yazmin Diez to Be My Valentine!