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SexCandyFun: Kink and BDSM on CAM4

SexCandyFun: Kink and BDSM on CAM4

I’m SexCandyFun (aka Paris Gray). I’m 21 years old, 5’2” and a little over average in the curve department, but super proud of it.

In my life outside of camera, I am a very laid back, go with the flow kind of girl. I enjoy video games a lot (Marvel Contest of Champions on the phone and Fallout 4/Call of Duty on PS4) and I love to write short stories (I post on Reddit). I have this habit of going to this local English pub every Tuesday for a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, my favorite beer.

I’m a switch when it comes to BDSM, but more naturally a submissive so the few people I have dommed are very special to me. All in all, I’m an average girl with an over average sex drive who is not afraid to embrace it and I’m very happy to be able to share my pleasure with others.

sexcandy4Why did you decide to start camming?
I decided to start camming when I had been laid off at the restaurant I used to work at. My best friend told me I should look into camming and he sent me to cam4 (since he knows I’m into this sort of thing anyway) and I absolutely love it. I enjoy attention from men, and this gets me plenty of it, plus, I honestly have better orgasms when I’m being watched due to being an exhibitionist.

What do you usually wear on CAM4?
On Cam4, I typically start with my everyday type outfit. Low cut shirts, short shorts and bra and thong. I have some dresses I’m going to wear, and I’ve worn a schoolgirl outfit once too. I plan to collect more outfits as I go because I really like dressing up before I dress down.

Are you as sexually open in real life as on cam?
This may be surprising, but I’m just as sexually open, if not more so, in real life than on cam. My mom constantly tells me “hide things from me!” because I’m so open. I’m active in the local dungeon in my community, and get regularly tied up and spanked and I’m not afraid to show it off.

What are your favorite sex toys?
My favorite sex toys are clit vibrators….. but I REALLY want a butt plug… a foxtail one. It’s a HUGE fetish of mine to have someone play with my tail, and I think they look so sexy. (An honorable mention goes to Ben Wa Balls for being able to be used anywhere to strengthen vaginal muscles and have a constantly full feeling while walking. Great way to get me looking flushed.)


What turns you on about women?
I appreciate beauty and I think that all beauty should be cherished. I’m more pansexual than bisexual, as I don’t look at gender, though I do enjoy some amazing tits to kiss and play with. I love the taste of a woman though. The sweet saltiness between her legs mixed with the way I can make a woman just melt for me is probably what I love most about being with a girl over a guy.

What 2 famous people would you like to have a threesome with? Why?

A threesome… does it have to be only a threesome? There are a few to be honest. Top of the list- Bex Taylor-Klaus, omg beautiful. Icy grey eyes and small build, so freaking beautiful. I wouldn’t want to share her with another man, though, which brings me to person number 2- Chloe Grace Moretz. Another beautiful woman who seems very genuine and sweet. And if Bex decided she didn’t want to be involved with Chloe and I, Ian Somerhalder is my other choice. Why? Because he has the prettiest eyes I have EVER seen. (Side note: Colin O’Donoghue and Ian Somerhalder would also be a super sexy threesome…. Or I could just have all four of them?)

sexcandy5Tell me a hot story you have had in the BDSM community?
I’m very newly active in the actual community, but I have two things I love over anything else I’ve tried (if we are referring to me receiving it): rope bondage and spanking. The first night I went to the dungeon, I met two men. One of them specialized in rope and the other in spanking so now I have played with both of them. On the rope night, I was naked apart from my thong I was wearing and put into a full rope harness that fully showed the shape of my boobs, hands tied behind my back and then I was put onto a table and my wrists were attached to my legs, with a final rope through my legs, directly on my clit attached to this crank similar to a drawbridge which he used to drag me backward across the table, creating pressure on my clit as well as tightening the rest of the rope on my whole body. I went into what is called subspace which is a sort of out of body, floaty experience. It’s amazing to reach that.

The spanking night was actually a demo by my ex Dom for my friend to learn about different types of spanking. We started with hand spanks, where I learned to count to ten “the hard way” (1 1,2 1,2,3 etc with the final ten being full powered hits) and I was bent over his knee. Then he told me to go look in the freezer, and I found a frozen plastic paddle with holes in it that I took 20 licks from while bent over, before he grabbed his horse hair flogger (with a wooden handle also used for spanking instead of only the hair) and finally a thin cane (thin creates more sting than thud, and I very much prefer sting). I had bruises for a week, but I loved it! (Fun fact, I currently have a male submissive.)

Side note: do we all not just LOVE that she has such a sweet angelic face but does such naughty things? I have a feeling she’s going to get along well on CAM4 ;)

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