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An Interview With the Sexy Latina, Jflorenaxxx!

An Interview With the Sexy Latina, Jflorenaxxx!

We interviewed one of our most beautiful Latinas in the CAM4 community! After years with us and hundreds of sensual webcam shows, a lot can be said about Jflorenaxxx! Her beauty has hypnotized thousands of followers who do not miss any of their shows!

How would you like to introduce yourself to your fans?

As a sensual girl, original, unique, and most importantly, elegant.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are: shopping, going to the gym, and the beauty salon to be beautiful for my fans.

What would your perfect date be like?

To be on the beaches of Bora Bora with someone special and have a fantastic vacation.

If there was a party for all of CAM4, would you be the soul of the party dancing and singing or would you go unnoticed knowing people more quietly? Or something else?

I am a very cheerful person! I would take the time to enjoy and meet many people and have a great time with my fans.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

It would be a butterfly because I love being a free person and for me, the butterfly expresses that freedom that identifies me.

What superpower would you choose if you were a superhero?

Teleporting, to be able to be with the people that I want, even if they are kilometers away.

What is the craziest thing you have seen in CAM4?

For me everything is normal. At CAM4 we show our fetishes, tastes and what excites us the most, so I do not think anything is bad or crazy.

Viewer or exhibitionist: What did you first start out as?

I’m just an exhibitionist, I like to see myself in the camera, feeling myself being observed excites me a lot. Viewing no, I’m not interested in seeing the other models.

We use too much the word “sexy” … How would you describe yourself and your shows in 3 words?

Sensual, elegant and fascinating.

Is there something you have done in CAM4 or have you considered doing and never thought about what you would do?

Broadcasting as a couple – occasionally I do it with my best friend.

What is the sexiest thing you have been told in the CAM4 chat?

Most times they tell me beautiful words, but what they tell me most is that my breasts are beautiful and perfect.

What is your craziest sexual adventure?

Oral sex in a car while driving.

What was the moment at CAM4 where you really realized that you liked to broadcast with your webcam?

I’ve always liked to be the center of attention. I admire it and spend it rich on what I show them and what I do.

People have a lot of prejudices towards camming, is there a myth that you discovered that was totally false?

Many people say that webcam is porn. To me it does not seem like porn because we only sell the image they see us through a laptop, virtually we do not see anyone physically.

What do you think is the best part of your body?

My smile I think is the best part. Having a beautiful smile is important.

Do you have a toy that you use both with your webcam and in private?

The Lush, the Hush, and the Nora

What is the best that you have been given in your life?

Very unforgettable trips to several countries.

Have the webcams improved your life in any way?

Yes, of course!

If you could change your username in CAM4, which one would you choose?

I would not change it because I like it and it is what characterizes my personality.

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