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BiSquared Interview

BiSquared Interview

Meet Gina and Christian, a young bisexual couple from Canada who love exploring their sexuality in front of their webcam. Their live camshows are a mix of sex, good chat, and intimate moments shared with their viewers. They’re like the couple that live down the street that you’ve always been a little curious about ;)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?
The craziest thing we’ve seen on CAM4 would probably be the time we witnessed a brief moment of a girl’s public show in which she was doing scat play. We both aren’t into that fetish, and to see it trending on top pages caught us off guard a little.

What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you via CAM4 chat?
Undeniably, my hottest comment so far came from one of our regulars, which involved all-day sex, outdoors, and the real allure was that we’d be under the watchful eyes of founding fathers, looking on from Mount Rushmore. I can’t explain why that is so hot, but I can definitely picture myself enjoying it.
My hottest comment is also from a regular. He is mainly gay, but described a scenario where he joins Christian and I in the bedroom, but instead of focusing on Christian- which would be the norm for a gay man- he would spend his time playing with me while Christian watched helplessly in the corner, tied up. I am extremely attracted to queer sex; it’s a huge part of who I am, so it really turned me on.

What was the one moment on CAM4 that you really knew camming was the right thing for you?
Recently we logged in to CAM4 and to our amazement, a frequent viewer and all-around nice guy submitted fan-art to us. At that very moment, any reservations that we held toward camming disappeared. Now that we have been camming more and more often, we cannot even recall what those concerns would have been. Another instance that got us excited about camming was our first ever broadcast. We had 600 viewers and at least as many subscribers by the end of the show. We had no idea that so many people would be watching us, naked and during our most intimate moments. It was such a rush we keep coming back for more!

 People have a lot of assumptions about camming, what’s one myth that you’ve found to be totally wrong?
The myth we’ve found to be the most untrue is that you can get rich quick. There’s a huge difference between camming now and then to make some extra cash, and becoming a cam model/s. It requires a lot of tedious work outside the public display of our sexual encounters. Attention to social media, design of our profile, coming up with creative ideas for shows and themes, and even just this interview took some work to accomplish. Just logging on and broadcasting won’t get you the big dollars, but if you do put that extra effort into your broadcast, and you are patient as you gain followers and subscribers, it will pay off. Luckily, Christian and I don’t do this for the money, so the slow start isn’t discouraging us in the slightest. We are exhibitionists. It’s our main fetish, and the one we explore the most. We set goals, and encourage tips as much as we see fit, but if by the end of the broadcast we haven’t made a penny, the show will still go on.

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  1. Boyhous says:

    ” We set goals, and encourage tips as much as we see fit, but if by the end of the broadcast we haven’t made a penny, the show will still go on.”

    Those words right there…that is what sets you apart from many other performers. Excellent!