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Curvy Canadian LelaLaPin New to CAM4!

Curvy Canadian LelaLaPin New to CAM4!

Her name might be a bit of a tongue-twister, but once you see her CAM4 shows your tongue will be drooling :P LelaLaPin is a curvy Canadian who loves to share kinky moments with her viewers. She’s tattooed, very open minded, and lots of fun even if you’re just looking to chat. Welcome Lela to CAM4, read our quick interview and then go check out what she’s like on cam!

Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?
I enjoy, and partake, in quite a wide variety of fetishes. I’m naturally more submissive, but love having the oppertunity to switch if I’m in the right mood. Bondage, spanking, caning, masks, latex, breath play, tease and denial, and coerced orgasms are amongst some of my favorites. One thing I’d really like to experience IRL is a kidnapping roleplay where I’m taken hostage and transported in the trunk of a car to a surprise location.

Has your attitude towards sex changed since you started camming? Are you more open-minded, less judgemental, etc.
Definitely! I’ve always been fairly open-minded, but since I began camming my personal views on sex have certainly changed. I feel that I have a much better understanding and appreciation of just how unique all of our sexual desires and needs are, as well as how important it is to be able to express and explore them – either in person with a partner, online, by text or over the phone.

While there are exceptions, I feel more strongly than ever, that people deserve to explore their interests and fetishes without being shamed, or judged; Provided they do so safely and consensually.

LelaLaPinWhat do you feel is sexiest part of your body? And what part do other people find the sexiest?
I’m partial to my breasts. They’re soft, sensitive, they jiggle, and I can’t help but touch them – especially when I’m aroused. What I hear most often from my viewers is that they love my eyes.

What’s one thing about you that we wouldn’t know just from watching your shows?
I’m an open book on cam, so there’s very little that you wouldn’t learn about me from catching my shows, but one thing that I don’t really mention is that off cam I listen to talk radio nearly 24/7. Not just any talk radio though – Specifically programs and stations that talk about extraterrestrials, paranormal activity, and conspiracy theories. I’m obsessed. And maybe just a little embarrassed. Haha!

What are your favourite fetish requests?
Honestly, I enjoy the especially particular requests best. The ones that are so specifically detailed, and the ones that are especially uncommon. They appeal to the creative side in me. Example – depicting a gentle giantess who found a tiny man and stored him captive in her panties.

LelaLaPin-2What is one way that camming has positively influenced your life?
Camming has influenced my life in many positive ways but if I were to list just one I’d say that I’m most grateful for the confidence it has given me. Sure, I’ve become more comfortable with my body since I began, but I’m also much more confident when it comes to expressing myself. I communicate my thoughts, desires, needs, feelings and opinions openly and with greater certainty than ever before.

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