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Interview with Submissive Queen Xperversion!

Interview with Submissive Queen Xperversion!

Today we present to you, one of the best submissives on CAM4: Xperversion. She’s a camgirl who loves BDSM, especially being the sub. On cam, she loves to please her masters and viewers. If you haven’t seen any of her shows yet, this is the time to meet her and add her to your favourites!

How would you like to introduce yourself to your fans??

I don’t change in front of the cam. I am real, no character. What you see is all me, but of course with the limits of a webcam.

What are some of your hobbies besides camming?

Walking, anime, and movies.

What would your perfect date be like?

A trip to Venice, with a good dinner by candlelight. And it would end in a full-blown BDSM session.

If there was a party with everyone from CAM4, would you be the soul of the party dancing and singing or would you be quietly getting to know people? Or something else??

Lead by a master, I would love to be the spark of the party to please him and the other guests.

If you could be any animal, what would you pick?

A lovely obedient puppy, byt Una linda y obediente cachorrita, but with sharp teeth! is the animal more playful, beautiful, faithful and spoiled that I know.

What super power would you pick?

Mind reading.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?

My shows, haha!

Viewer or exhibitionist, what best describes you?

Viewer without a doubt. To learn you must first observe, right?

We use the word “sexy” way too often, so how would you describe your CAM4 shows in three words?

Real, transgressive, eccentric.

Is there something you have done on CAM4 or have you considered doing, but you never before would have done it?

I would need several pages to answer that ha ha ha, but if something has surprised me it is my dominant side… I thought it was non-existent!

What’s the hottest thing someone has told you on CAM4?

The different reactions and comments when they see my pussy. The seven piercings really leaves an impression on my viewers.

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve been asked to do in your shows?

Sex with animals, definitely.

What is your craziest sexual adventure?

Sex outdoors. That mix of public humiliation and feeling dominated.

What was the moment on CAM4 where you really realized that you loved camming?

When I receive compliments and see that people value my effort, this is so gratifying.

People have a lot of prejudice towards camming, is there a myth that you discovered that was totally false??

I was surprised to find so many great people on the other side of the camera.

Has your attitude to sex changed since you started camming? Are you now more open, less prejudiced, etc …??

This is impossible for me XD

Do you have a fetish that you’d like to do?

Group sex is something I have yet to do, but I know it will happen.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

My mouth is really sexy and my eyes are what people always like.

Do you have a toy that you use both with your webcam and in private?

All of them.

Have you ever dreamed of a CAM4 model? You don’t have to tell us the name if you don’t want to ;)


What’s the best thing you’ve been given?

My collar.

Is there something amazing about you that we wouldn’t know from your shows?

I am actually a shy and introverted person.

Has camming changed your life?

In a lot of aspects! It has helped me to overcome my shyness, I feel much more secure and they also pay me for it hahaha.

If you could change your CAM4 name, what would you pick?

No, I love this one so I wouldn’t change it.

Don’t forget to favourite Xperversion on CAM4 so you don’t miss her upcoming shows! You can follow @xweetperversion on Twitter to see more pics and find out when she’s online!

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