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TUTORIAL: How to Be Featured on the CAM4 Blog!

TUTORIAL: How to Be Featured on the CAM4 Blog!

Have you ever wondered how you get yourself featured on the CAM4 blog? Or how we choose who will be the CAM4 Camgirl of the Month? It’s easier than you think!

Our always sexy Sammy Strips, along with CAM4 blogger Katie and CAM4 community manager Abbey, answers all of your questions about blogging and websites on her live Social Media Coaching! The trio also gives you the dirty tips on how you can be featured on the CAM4 blog, and how you can make your own blog or website!

Here are our highlights!

-Starting your own website or blog is a fantastic way to bring your brand to the virtual world! We recommend starting out with the adult-friendly DIY website maker, Blogger.

-If you want your CAM4 profile to be featured on the CAM4 Blogs, all you have to do is email katie@cam4.com. Tell us why you want to be featured on the blog, if you have a themed-show (birthday, 420, etc.), or if you have an upcoming event that you want CAM4 to know about!

-If you’re chosen to be featured on the CAM4 blog, make sure to add in any additional information you want us to promote. That includes pictures, personal websites and any links to your social media accounts.

Watch our video to learn more about SEO, how you can use advertisements on your webpage, and how to get more viewers on your blog!

Want to know more about how you can get more viewers on CAM4 and on social media?! Make sure to check out our Live Social Media Coaching with Sammy Strip’s every Wednesday at 9pm EST on Twitter!

REMEMBER! If you’re a CAM4 performer who wants to be featured on our CAM4 blogs, email katie@cam4.com


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