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Advice for CAM4 Guys From MN Cock

Advice for CAM4 Guys From MN Cock

Where does a guy start off? We get a lot of questions from men about how to get fans, how to perform for both men and women, and where the hell do I begin? MN Cock is totally a babe. He not only plays guitar, he’s smart and helps out new male performers! So thankfully, he’s given us a taste of his experience to share with all the hopeful camboys out there.

Thou shall: not assume this is easy. If it were easy every guy that has ever masturbated would be live on CAM4. Look at the sea of dicks and determine how to set yourself apart from that. Seriously, scroll through the first 5 to 10 pages of male cams to get an idea of how deep the sea is. The top models are not your goal right away, swimming to the shoreline to a point you can be noticed is your goal.

The Holy Cam Trinity: a sexy header, a realistic goal, and a nice webcam with proper lighting.

Once you’ve got those, keep the viewers in your room by showing off your full body with some dancing and teasing. Strip down, wear sexy undies, and show off your toys.

When in doubt, find a performer who you think might be comparable to you and see what they do.

Being online consistently is key to developing a fan base, be nice to them and keep them excited for more. If you’re fun, sexy, and “real” they will cum.

Specifically for straight men:
~ A compliment or a token from a guy is the same as a compliment or a token from a lady. Take it for what it is, be grateful and say thank you.
~ Know yourself and your boundaries. Be confident!
~ Play on the forbidden fruit angle.
~ You need to engage and interact with men who are watching. There might be women but don’t bank on it. The more men you entertain the more viewers you get and the better chance a woman will see you.
! If you need to, play some porn in the background on mute but still have your attention on the room.

You can read more on How to Cam Girl.com, they wrote a whole post just for the straight male cammers. Study it here.

You can watch MN Cock perform on CAM4, or watch his special Movember Open Forum session here on November 18th @ 6pm!

Check him out, and tweet him @mn_cock to say hi!