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Subscribe to the Broke Straight1 Erotic Newsletter

Subscribe to the Broke Straight1 Erotic Newsletter

The best thing about working for CAM4 is that I get to see not only the CAM4 Team doing cool things, but all of our performers and viewers too! It’s awesome to be surrounded by so many cool people doing cool things. Today’s cool thing comes from Seany90210, and you’ll definitely want to get in on this.

For 75 tokens you can subscribe to Sean and Tom’s newsletter. It’ll be weekly, and include things like xxx pics, sex tips, news from the boys, and who knows what else will pop up. Fans will love this because, well who wouldn’t love a weekly update from their favorite performers? And performers, this is a great thing to consider if you’re looking for ways to keep your fans interested without broadcasting all day every day.

Oh, and they have a Tumblr to hold you over in between newsletters! Follow brokestraight.tumblr.com.

Just like a good sex partner, it isn’t all about them. This newsletter is stuffed with blow job tips, which we all benefit from ;)

Here’s just the tip of his blow job expertise:

“Get dirty – Personally I’ve had many blowjobs but there is two particular times that stick out in my memory! Popping candy! Simply take a mouthful of popping candy and start sucking like you mean it! It’s the best feeling ever!! Secondly, use ice cream syrup i.e raspberry flavor and cover the cock in it! Now be greedy and lick it all up!”

As for the rest, you’ll have to subscribe hehe. Believe me, you’ll wanna have a mouthful of cock by the time you’re finished. So, one could imagine how the rest of these newsletters are going to pan out.

Tip 75 tokens to Seany920210 on CAM4 to get in the loop, and follow @brokestraight1 on the never ending Twitter party!