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Cum Hang Out With Jakevaley22

Cum Hang Out With Jakevaley22

Hello CAM4 world, Jakevaley22 here, a 20 year old new performer who wants to have some fun and make new friends, so enjoy the view everyone! I am a very positive guy who likes to smile and make the people around me happy. One of my hobbies is cooking and I plan to be a chef one day. I have two tattoos, one is a dream catcher and the other says never back down.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?

A guy selfsucking his cock, I don’t really know how he can do it

What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you via CAM4 chat?

I prefer to keep it a secret because lots of guys have told me hot things that make me hardd0c44758f1088cc644fb1aa267dd2a7573b179ef

What was the one moment on CAM4 that you really knew camming was the right thing for you?

Everyday I tell myself this is the best choice I’ve made I love the people and I’m happy I can meet new people

People have a lot of assumptions about camming, what’s one myth that you’ve found to be totally wrong?

Well I don’t really care what people think about med1a610d15ae67bb22ec624ea45858c805af949dc

Introduce us to your favourite sex toy for cam shows, is it the same off-cam?

I don’t like to use toys cock is the best toy

What’s one thing about you that we wouldn’t know just from watching your shows?

If you are just watching me, u will never know me:) so better start talking!

If you could change your CAM4 username, what would you make it?

A hard question, maybe MrSmileGuy

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Cum Hang Out With Jakevaley22