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Spanish Stud Santialdama

Spanish Stud Santialdama

Hello Guys, Santialdama on CAM4, and I want to take this time to wish the best during this holiday season and New Year. It has been only 4 months since I joined CAM4 and I never expected the reaction and appreciation you’ve shown. I am from Mexico and travel a lot. I live near the border with the USA. I speak English and Spanish, I’m educated and professional, and I just love to be on cam. I’m looking to make this a career and hopefully be in a video for a major porn studio. I usually broadcast during the weekend but you can always check my schedule for future shows by subscribing or adding me to your favorites.

Voyeur or exhibitionist: what came first for you?

Exhibitions definitely; I loved to be naked all the time when I was younger and when I grew up I realized that being watched while I get fucked turns me on.

I hate using the word “sexy” so often, so how would you describe your cam shows in 3 words?

I can’t describe them in words, what I think has worked for me is that I really enjoy getting fucked/used, and being watched while it’s happening and it shows. My fans love seeing my face so I always make sure my face is in frame.image1

If we threw a CAM4 party, would you be the life of the party dancing and singing, or hanging out on the sidelines getting to know some fellow cam performers Or something else?

I would be dancing, naked, and getting to know other fellow cam performers.

Tell us about one sexual adventure that you wish you had shared on CAM4

I actually did, I went to an adult drive inn and got fucked in the back of my car. I live streamed it. The fans were very happy about that.

Has camming changed your sex life? More hornier, less hornier, has it improved your sex life?

I’m about the same, always horny and ready to take cock.image3

If you could be any animal, what would that be and why?

I don’t think I want to be anything else, never actually thought about it; but to answer the question I think I would be a horse and the reason is obvious.

What super power would you chose?

To be Invisible.


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