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Twinkboys20 Tag Team CAM4

Twinkboys20 Tag Team CAM4

My name is Tyler, I am the blond boy and Cesar is the Latino. We cam on CAM4 under the name Twinkboys20. We are two students from America studying in Leipzg. We decided to cam to help pay for school as well as do some traveling. I am 19, 20 in a couple months and Cesar is 20. We are both versatile with a slight preference to bottom so we frequently have friends or tops from Grindr come over and fuck us.

Voyeur or exhibitionist: what came first for you?

Tyler: Voyeur, we would invite boys over and I would sometimes have more fun just watching them fuck Cesar. I have some videos actually of him getting fucked by a couple different guys.

Cesar: Exhibitionist.image(11)

I hate using the word “sexy” so often, so how would you describe your cam shows in 3 words?

Gay, interracial, young-dumb-and-full-of-cum (all one word).

If we threw a CAM4 party, would you be the life of the party dancing and singing, or hanging out on the sidelines getting to know some fellow cam performers? Or something else?

Tyler: Entirely depends on how much alcohol I drink. I can be a loud dancing drunk. How would this party not just lead to an orgy?

Cesar: I am more shy. I would prob just suck a cute boy’s dick off in the corner.image(9)

Tell us about one sexual adventure that you wish you had shared on CAM4.

When we invited 3 German boys from our university over and 5 boys all fucking each other in one room and switching partners like a square dance. There was also some DP.

Has camming changed your sex life? More hornier, less hornier, has it improved your sex life?

We have been camming for a grand total of two days, but we were pretty horny and adventurous before. Every time we are horny now we are less inclined to fuck in the passion of the moment and just wait to capitalize on it on webcam.

If you could be any animal, what would that be and why?

Tyler: I would be a dog because they are cute, loyal, athletic, and they are allowed to fuck in public without people getting mad.

Cesar: A squirrel because I like having nuts in my mouthimage

What super power would you chose?

Tyler: Teleportation, because I like to travel.

Cesar: Shapeshifting like mystique from Xmen. I would turn into famous celebrities and leak nudes of myself for that $$$. Or firebending because I’m a flamer


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