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2016 is the Year of the Female Orgasm

2016 is the Year of the Female Orgasm

Ladies, it’s your time to cum. CAM4 is making 2016 the year of the female orgasm. In partnership with IFOP we’ve dropped the survey results on female orgasms around the world. Over 8,000 women around the world were surveyed on everything from how often they reach orgasm, to what makes them cum, and even if they’ve hit the holy grail of simultaneous orgasms with their current partner. Let’s take a look at the climactic findings ;)


Dutch women are having an easy time reaching orgasm, while France is struggling. Are Dutch men underrated? We’ve got Dutch webcams for you to explore if you’re feeling frustrated.


But while the French women are struggling to cum, the American women are faking it. Ladies, the only way we’re going to all have that post-orgasm glow is if we stop faking it and figure out how to really cum!


Speaking of simultaneous orgasms, Italian couples are truly in sync. If you’re curious to know how they do it, we have tons of Italian cam shows on CAM4.

How does your country fare? And what can we all do to see less women having difficulties reaching orgasm? We’ve released these results to start a conversation, so leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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