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An Important Message from CAM4

An Important Message from CAM4

In light of recent events in the adult industry, we want to share an important message with our visitors. Several cam performers, adult models, and industry members have spoke out about sexual harassment and assault in the industry. Their experiences — of physical assault, non-consent and sexual pressure — have upset and angered us as members of the community.

Everyone has the right to be free from harassment at work, and feel safe, in front of and behind the camera. CAM4 is a community of many diverse genders and sexualities who value the safety of our performers and customers alike.

Cam work is work.

“Just because a performer makes a living with their body, does not mean that anyone — not a co-star, not a colleague, not a lover, not a fan, not a director, not an agent, not a doctor — has any right to it that the performer doesn’t grant freely and enthusiastically. No one waives their right to consent just because they’ve broadcast a webcam show, or have appeared naked, or are eager to book a shoot, or have contracted to do a film, or had sex with someone previously, or work in a sex-related industry.”
Free Speech Coalition

For everyone who has shared their experiences, your voice has changed the way many industries, companies, and organizations operate. Thank you.

CAM4 continues to be a safe, tolerant, and fun place for adults to connect, express themselves and explore.