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Best VR Headsets for all Budgets

Best VR Headsets for all Budgets

Now that we’ve entered the virtual reality world with CAM4VR, it’s time to hook you all up with suitable attire. Clothing is optional, but we highly recommend a VR headset. These aren’t just for CAM4VR, you can use VR headsets for gaming, watching movies, and even documentaries. You can spend anywhere from $20 to upwards of $700 depending on what you need from your headset.

Here’s a list of the best VR headsets for all budgets.

Splurge: HTC Vive ~$799 USD via amazon.com

If you’re a gamer and a frequent VR user with a powerful computer the HTC Vive is the best option. As the most complete VR experience currently available, it comes with controllers and a room-scale allowing you to walk around spaces up to 4.5 metres x 4.5 metres.

Perfect if: you’re a tech lover who knows you’re going to use VR longterm and frequently.

Save: Oculus Rift ~$599 USD via amazon.com
It doesn’t offer room-scale like the HTC Vive, but who needs to walk when you have camgirls right in front of you? A savings of $200 could go towards private shows with camgirls or new video games.

Perfect if: you like tech but you’re budget conscious but you know VR is going to be a frequent thing.

Best Value: Samsung Gear ~$99 USD via amazon.com

This is the most consumer-friendly VR option, requiring 30 seconds for you to pop your phone into the headset and put it on. It uses Oculus technology but it doesn’t carry a big price tag. If you want quality for a decent price, this is your option. Bonus if you need to buy a new Samsung phone: some phone providers are giving our a free Gear with every Samsung phone!

Perfect if: you’re curious but not sure how serious about VR you’ll become.

Entry Level: Google Cardboards ~$11 and up via amazon.com

If you’ve never used VR before and you’re not ready to drop a ton of cash on a headset, buy a Google Cardboard. The Google Cardboard store has tons of options depending on your budget.

Perfect if: you have FOMO but aren’t ready to commit to the full VR lifestyle.

Our VR Queen Ela Darling is here to answer more questions and explain VR porn in person

How Do I Watch CAM4VR?

Download the appropriate CAM4VR program for your headset from cam4.com/vr. Just select the headset you’re using and you’ll have CAM4VR on your device in seconds. It’s 100% free to download and watch any CAM4VR performers, but you can buy tokens to tip them or take them private for a by-minute rate.

If you’re watching a VR show without a VR headset it’ll look just like a regular CAM4 broadcast, but you won’t see the 360 degree view or the 3D virtual reality experience.

Got questions? Leave a comment or follow @CAM4VR on Twitter.

Download CAM4VR for Your VR Headset

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