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Battlecams: Every Friday @ 4pm EST

Battlecams: Every Friday @ 4pm EST

Fridays just got a lot more fun thanks to CAM4 Battlecams, hosted by Nikki Night (aka the Lord of the Battle). Each Friday at 4pm EST, we invite new opponents to sign up and test your skills.

When we have the first two opponents in the room, the battle begins. They’ll each have 30 seconds to compete in each round. This is where you lucky viewers come in, to decide who wins the battle you tip them. If you’re cheering for opponent A, then you’ll tip when A is on cam. The opponent with the most tips at the end of the battle will be the crowned winner plus they’ll take home all of the tokens! There’s three rounds to pass, with the winner being best two out of three battles.

Battlecams Schedule

September 2nd: Sexy Oil Show

bryyget09 battle mikey3fun battle jennifer_91 battle annik77 battle

August 26th: Sex Olympics

antonyo00008 battle gangstero1 battle2 mateo93xxx sexjasmine3 battlehotey1 battle jenifferhot battle kinky_3 roseross battlegudheadt%20battle

Sign up on the form below if you’re available from 4pm until 5pm EST on Fridays! If you have a partner that you want to challenge, or a specific challenge in mind – email nikki@cam4.biz for a special show.

Successful Battlecams opponents will be emailed with instructions and tips from Nikki Night. If you’re a viewer wondering how you watch the battlecams, all you need to do is go to cam4.com/battlecams at 4pm EST on any Friday. You’ll see the live challenges and take part in the games. If you want to tip an opponent, you’ll need to open their cam and send your tips.

Don’t forget, the winner will take home all of the tokens so make sure you tip ’em well to get the competition fired up ;)

Follow the #battlecams hashtag on Twitter to see live updates!


Watch Battlecams only on CAM4!


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Comments (7)

  1. abriana26 says:

    i want to twerk again next battle..

  2. ClaudiaYummy says:

    I want to be in Twerk it 2 battle!!!! :D

  3. sweety_89 says:

    I just love BATTLECAMS so much!!! Maybe some day I’ll try some of the challenges ;)

  4. aryansexd0ll says:

    I’d like to participate in the wet T-shirt contest please.

  5. Boyhous says:

    my dildos are already hoppin’!

  6. NinjaStarz says:

    NinjaStarz are ready for the Dildo Hop on Fetish Day…#LEZDODIS

  7. lilmissyxxx says:

    Sign me up for Naughty Yoga!!!!!