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Cam4 Mobile for iPhone, iPad, Android, and More!

Cam4 Mobile for iPhone, iPad, Android, and More!


Watch naughty Cam4 performers fuck anytime and anywhere with Cam4 Mobile now available for iPhone and Android mobile devices, starting in Canada March 4th and the United States March 6th. Watch sexy cam shows, talk dirty in our chat rooms, and hook up in private messages all from the comfort of your mobile device. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile – whatever you use, Cam4 does it live.

Find out when Cam4 Mobile is available in your country:
Canada: Available for Everyone
United States: Available to Members
Europe: Available to Members
Global: Available to Members

To access Cam4 Mobile:

go to cam4.com in Safari or Chrome. There’s no app to download, it’s simply a website.


From your iPhone and Android device, you can:

  • Watch live shows
  • Send Cam4 Messages
  • Manage Friends & Favorites
  • See performer photos and bios
  • Use AirPlay to output shows to your Apple TV (iPhone only)



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Comments (31)

  1. danyhunter says:

    In mexico does not work. Do you have planes for México?. If yes let me know. By the way, awesome cite and work, congratulations

  2. Nachobc says:

    Don’t work in my iPhone 4S ios 6.1.3, i’m from argentina

  3. Nachobc says:

    Not work in ios 6.1.3 iphone 4s, I’m from Argentina and today is 29 of March …

  4. Arinda says:

    If you want to watch cam4 on your ipad or iphone you have to download puffin web browser

  5. nocams says:

    Can only see a couple (5 or so) cams of all cams available. In Canada here.

    • nocams says:

      Android 4.1.1 here

    • nocams says:

      Is there a way to get back to the non-mobile version? No more Cam4 on my tablet for right now. Can’t do jack all (Dolphin keeps crashing and doesn’t keep tablet alive either anymore).

  6. mike says:

    It does not seem to work for windows phone 8. :(. Any plans to support that too?

  7. camfuncum says:

    I love cam4. Mobile version is great.
    I finally can watch live show everywhere.

    But I got some problem. When I go to someone’s page. It shows
    “Register or Log In to view live feeds now.”
    But I am already login. It keeps telling me the message and no cam show.
    Can you help me?

    BTW, is there any way I can go live by using my iphone? So that I can show myself anywhere! That would be great!

  8. Chaoscub says:

    I only see a small number of live cams available. Is it being rolled out slowly?

    USA here on an iPad 4th gen with ios 6.1.2

  9. Rw says:

    Doesn’t work at all on iPad 2,3 or mini…

    • Abbey says:

      Working yet? They’re still working out some issues as it’s still a very young feature.

  10. lorensordo says:

    Soy sordo

  11. fradn says:

    cams don’t work at all !!!
    the screen is white… fiasco?

    • Abbey says:

      Are you in Italy? Mobile is not yet available in Italy, it should be working any day now. We will be updating everyone.

  12. nina10 says:


  13. hotfox01 says:

    with my IPhone I connect to the cam4mobile site, but I cant see the cam (the place for cam is white).
    Why ?

    • Abbey says:

      We are still working on mobile viewing for Europe, it will be working any day now and we will be updating the blog with more information tomorrow.

  14. uncutraw says:

    can’t find it in the app store…

  15. blulake says:

    white screen on my HTC ONE,video wont play

  16. blulake says:

    white screen on my hts one,picture wont load

  17. James says:

    iOS doesn’t support Flash so how exactly are you going to play a Flash based live cam on an iPhone?…

    • Abbey says:

      We’re using another method which won’t use Flash, so everyone will be able to use the mobile site.

  18. James says:

    Maybe if it actually worked. Live cams don’t work..kind of defeats the purpose.

  19. Marco0209 says:

    Hi all

  20. donkarlo says:

    iskam da si pozlcam saita v telefona

  21. donkarlo says:

    poneje imam profil i iskam da si go polzvam i na IPHON 4

  22. JJ says:

    congratulations cam4 is in everywhere : )