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Crack Whores

Prepare to Scar Your Mind! Cracker Jack and Rotten Ralph bring you shocking videos of Real Crack Whores telling their true life confessions about what these street walkers will do for their Johns. Hear insane tales of sex, drugs, violence, and life on the streets.
Then watch them tea bag her and make her toss his salad, and fuck her in every filthy hole. Now that’s not sinking to a new low, it is plummeting.

Young girls, old bagged out skanks, some beastly fat ones, or bone rack skinny, proudly showing off track marks, various wounds, sores, suffering from pneumonia, unidentified skin problems, pregnancy, the possibility, or rather, likely-hood of Hepatitis or HIV, not to mention the Herps and an unknowable array of mental health issues.

It’s difficult to deny that there is a certain appeal here, in the same way that some people find Courtney Love attractive.


These are real people with real problems. Some junkies, some crack-heads, addicted to Crack, Cocaine, Heroin, popping Pills, Meth, Oxycotin, PCP, GHB, and any combination of those, shooting, smoking, etc. full blown fiends willing to do just about anything to provide for their needs and those of their pimps, boyfriends, children or parents or husbands.

In candid interviews the subjects share stories about their fucked up childhoods and various horrors of the life, prison, abusive pimps, tales from their dysfunctional fucked up family lives, including incestuous rape, serial killer siblings, dismembered whores in the freezer, it goes on and on. Touching true stories that are often quite tragic and endearing. Then watch them get high in order to numb themselves to the indecencies about to befall them for your entertainment and titillation.

Although the meth-mouth, teeth issue, could be a deterrent, the crazy eyes keep you cumming back for more, oh those whacked out eyes, black and soulless lost in sexy oblivion. The vacancy just waiting to be filled with your cock.

if real filth is your thing, and you want to plumb the depths of depravity, if real sadness and real life misery is your thing then this is the site for you, there’s even a mother daughter team, it’s like the train-wreck you can’t look away from. Ambulance chasers and rubber-neckers who thrive on the suffering of others will find a sadistic jackpot of desintegrated lives here to satiate any appetite.

See it all here at Crack Whore Confessions

i only date crack whores

Comments (6)

  1. Stookie says:


    I saw that chick too. I did remove myself from her room after a short wile. Those marks all over her back were horrid!


    One a better note, a rating system of some kind would be cool. I do have my faves on here like I am sure other do also. But I can also see how it might be abused by the minority.

    I think another cool thing would be to have a wall comment system much like some of the bigger social network, where we could comment on others comments creating a thread. Also, maybe show the picture of the person also, in thumbnail next to each of the people who wall post.

    I’m full of ideas!


    • admin says:

      Stookie, great ideas. I think the thumbs besides the comments may be easy to do. The others could take a bit of work, especially the threaded conversations. Will look into it though.

  2. Juli_Love says:

    We have our own here on the site. Smokes crack out of pop bottles and then sleeps with johns on cam, or offers her number for others to have phone sex with.


    She’s also been known as rapethewhore and a slew of other names.

  3. Tennisking says:

    Theres one of those girls on here.I can’t remember her name as she keeps changing it but she is the sickest individual i have ever seen on here.I must have reported her around 25 times.Watch out for her admin.Shes constantly doing crack on cam and her body is covered in marks.

  4. Bro says:

    Eww, i think I’ll pass on that site,lol. I’ve seen it all with one crack whore on cam4, who goes by many names, and most recently “craccholes”.

    Man, that girl does it all on cam4. She smokes crack, meth, has meth sores, she fucks her bloody pussy, and fucks her Johns on cam.

    Hey admin, is it possible you can install a five star rating system for cams? You know, like the ratings system YouTube had before the “Like”, and “Dislike” I would like to know what cams are best with the ratings, because some of the cams are getting out of hand,lol.

    Hey, are you guys working, or thinking of new features, for Cam4?

    • admin says:


      We thought about a rating system but figured that the cams watched the most would end getting the most votes. So it you would end up with the most popular ranking anyway.

      We do have some interesting new features in the works. We hope to start a beta test this week.