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How CAM4’s Featured Model Works

How CAM4’s Featured Model Works

Since we started the Featured Model program in February, we’ve gotten a lot of questions. So many of you want to get involved and become a Featured Model. Here’s how we make these tough decisions and what you can do to catch our eyes ;)

Every month myself (Brooke), Abbey, Jayson, and Nikki sit down and go through all the models who are doing great things. Featured Model is our way of saying thanks and giving back to our hardest working models.

To answer many of your questions – here is how we chose and how you can become a Featured Model:

1. Enable auto tweets from your CAM4 account 
Did you know we tweet on your behalf when you have a scheduled show coming up and when you’ve been broadcasting for longer than 5 minutes? Find out more here. Work smart, not hard!

2. Host raffles, contests, and special shows
Turning your CAM4 page into an experience is the key to success. This catches not only our eyes, but your viewers too ;) And of course, we’re always here to help you so just say hi!

3. Schedule your shows and get people even more excited
Let people know when you’ll be online next – and what you’re gonna do for them. This is just one more tool you have that can lead you to becoming a top cam.

4. Update your profile and profile pictures
We want to be able to promote you, and your sexy face (or body if you’re shy). If you have info and pics for us, we can! Even better when they’re recent and up to date.

If you’re doing all of these things and more, we’re looking for you! Connect on Twitter with @cam4 or leave a comment. With thousands of sexy awesome models, sometimes we just need a head’s up :)

The lovely and incredibly talented Nikki Night invites all of you to tune into her coaching sessions that happen live on CAM4. Subscribe to cam4coach_en and join in!

You can email Brooke at brooke@cam4.biz  anytime to find out more on how to get noticed by the CAM4 team.

Say hi to @cam4 on Twitter and keep me in the loop on your amazing CAM4 news!

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  1. Todd says:

    i’m sorry i think this is a joke. why not feature people that could actually use the publicity/promotion rather than ones that are already popular. the blog is filled with the same models over and over.