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FREE Sex For Your Desktop: Cam4Dancer!

FREE Sex For Your Desktop: Cam4Dancer!

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I want less work and more dancing! Think this sounds pretty awesome? Well, our prayers have been answered. Meet Cam4dancer, our newest product from Cam4! Over 80 high definition, real life porn stars are your very own private virtual dancers. Take your pick from Asa AkiraKayden KrossJenna Presley, and many more of the world’s top pornstars.


Here’s the details:

You can download a free version that’ll give you 8 dancers and unlimited dancing. Or, you can get a monthly subscription for $19.95 per month, which gives you tons more dancers and new dancers every month!

But I’ve got one more treat for you – for a limited time you can get a subscription for only $9.95! So don’t wait any longer to unlock over 80 dancers, just click here and download.

Cam4 Dancer 1

Imagine watching life Cam4 shows and a Cam4dancer! Or, working away in the company of a beautiful pornstar? I think I’ve got new plans for Sunday mornings…

Cam4 Dancer 4

It’s super easy to use, all you do is download the software, and then select which dancer you’d like to use.

Cam4 Dancer 2

Our dancers come in all forms, you choose from fully clothed, strip teases, and fully naked dances. Blondes, brunettes, school girls, screen cleaner, sexy boxer, and many more. Lucky monthly subscribers will get sex swing dancers, lesbian dancers, blow job models, couples dances, your computer won’t know what to do.

Cam4 Dancer 3


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Comments (5)

  1. 4oby says:

    Hi, just downloaded, and it’s NOT WORKING :'(

    Windows 8 Pro with MediaCenter (Updated)
    Adobe Air (Updated)

    Process apears in taskManager, using 43.3Mb of RAM and does NOTHING, never so a GUI for it.

    P.S. Any way to solve this?

    • Abbey says:

      Send an email to support@cam4.com and they can help you find out what the issue is and fix it. In the mean time, try to reinstall. Sometimes it does do this. Hope this helps!

  2. bob says:

    what about guy dancers???

  3. steve-222 says:

    how do i install this it downloads a .air file not a .exe?