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CAM4 Community Raise $2,340 For Earthquake Aid

CAM4 Community Raise $2,340 For Earthquake Aid


In August, Central Italy was struck by an earthquake which caused massive damage to entire cities and many families. For the past month we’ve been counting the sales of our Italian Flag Gift on CAM4 and we’re ready to match the sales with a donation to ARCI to help the people affected by this natural disaster. Congratulations to CAM4 performers and viewers for raising a total of $2,340! Thanks to everyone who sent an Italian Flag gift or encouraged their viewers to tip via this gift.

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The Italian community is one of the biggest and most active within CAM4 … and certainly one of the most
generous. During recent tragedies like the Orlando Shooting, our CAM4 Italy community has always helped others no matter how far away. This week, unfortunately, the tragedy touches Italy and they need us to help.


Thankfully, there is something we are all able to do. Many of you have already started organizing charitable initiatives on CAM4. Some are raising money for the victims, others have shared information on social media and on CAM4.

Today, while Italy is rebuilding the damage, we wanted to do our part in helping them by donating all revenue from the Italian Flag gift. From August 25th to September 25th, send CAM4 members the Italian Flag gift – they’ll still receive the token value – and we’ll match the revenue with a donation to ARCI.

How can you make your contribution?

1. If you’ve organized a show or a raffle to support this issue, contact us and let us know. We are here to support and give visibility to your generous initiatives!
2. Send the Italian flag to someone and CAM4 will add the value of the gift to our donation fund.

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If you can’t make a donation but still want to help, please share this post with your CAM4 friends or on social media.

Help Italy on CAM4!

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