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How to Earn More Money with the CAM4 Referral Program

How to Earn More Money with the CAM4 Referral Program

The CAM4 Referral Program is our way of helping you earn more money, and you deserve it! Once you’ve earned 100 tokens and you have your unique referral code, follow these tips to help you earn even more money. Some of our Referral Program members are earning $500 each week, that’s a lot of sex toys and shoes! Be the next big earner, your friends and your bank account will thank you.

The system is very simple:
In your profile under the Referral Program option, you will find your unique referral code.


If you haven’t got your code yet, don’t worry just head to this blog post first.

Remember that you’ll earn $2 per new sign-up from your referral URL. With a couple tips and tricks, you’ll quickly see this add up to $200!

Twitter is the best place to begin: adult content isn’t restricted, there’s a huge CAM4 audience, and it’s easy. We have a whole article about Twitter on the CAM4 Performer Training Centre.

1. Update your bio to include your referral URL
The URL in your bio should be your CAM4 Referral Program link. But you can do even better by writing a tweet with your referral URL in it, include a sexy pic or video, and pin it to your profile. This is the first tweet everyone will see, so it’s important to make it count! Update this tweet frequently with a new picture or special announcement. Here’s an example of Abbey’s pinned tweet:


Click the three dots at the bottom of your tweets to fin the Pin option.

2. Tweet your referral URL regularly
Did you know the average lifetime of a tweet is 3 hours. When you’re broadcasting, use your referral URL. Shorten this with bitly if you like.  Mention different people like @cam4 or your local Twitter account, or other cam girl/boy promo accounts.

Some of you have a personal blog or a Tumblr account. Always use your referral URL if you’re linking photos or text to your CAM4 page.

Add a CAM4 banner and link it to the appropriate directory page, with this in your blog header or sidebar you can earn money while you sleep. Find all of our banners on cam4.com/banners.

Other Tips
Hustle everywhere, if you have Instagram then use your referral URL as your link option. If you’re a super hustler and you’ve got an email list for your fans, don’t forget to use your referral URL in those too. If you aren’t online you can continue to make money (and help fellow cam performers out!) by using the directory page URLs with your unique referral code. Go here to find out how.

We’ll be back with more tips and Referral Program updates, if you have questions please leave a comment.

Get your CAM4 Referral  Program code and start tweeting, follow @cam4 too!

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