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Interview with Sexy Latina Kristenm00re

Interview with Sexy Latina Kristenm00re

This week we interviewed Kristenm00re, a hot Latina who’s shows are explosive and hypnotizing thanks to her curvy body. If you haven’t discovered this CAM4 babe, now is your time to read this interview and fall in love 💞

How do your fans see you?
As a woman who’s loving, honest, fun, sensual, and who has a good heart. I love to make new friends, chat with new people, and of course fulfill their fantasies! I love being watched and receiving tips, it makes me excited and wet.. but I’ve got a temper so if you’re not nice or fun in my chatroom don’t expect me to be sweet!

10806911What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are spending time with my family, going to the gym and eating healthy foods (I’m a vegetarian). I love animals, so I spend a lot of time with my three puppies. When I can, I travel to see new places, go to the cinema, and I love watching UFC and boxing.

What would be your perfect date?
He would be a man with a good heart, and a bit crazy like me. Our ideal date would be in Venice with a good meal and some cognac. We would walk together around the city and do wild things!

If we had a CAM4 party, would you be the life of the party, the quiet one, or something else? 
I would enjoy myself to the fullest, singing, dancing, and making new friends!

Are you more of a voyeur or exhibitionist?
Both but I think I’m more of an exhibitionist, though I do like to watch porn XD

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?
A man had his penis split in two, with big piercings on each side and a hole in the middle!!

What’s the sexiest thing someone has said to you on CAM4?
I love to be worshipped, so I love being called queen or goddess

Me gusta el worship, me encanta cuando me dicen que soy su diosa, su reina etc.

What’s the most bizarre thing that’s happened in your shows?
I was doing a private show and they wanted me to go to sleep so they could wake me up with tips. I think it was someone who really cared for me and wanted to give me a break during my time online.

Have you found a myth about webcamming that turns out to be untrue?
The biggest prejudice is that camming is bad for society, but CAM4 is actually full of good opportunities. Another belief that men have is that camgirls will meet in real life, which we don’t.

Do you have any fetishes?
First, blow jobs. Second is stockings, I love wearing them, tying them around my neck while masturbating or having good sex. Having something around my neck is really hot to me, too.

What is your favourite part of your body?
My face, my stomach, but most of all my intelligence!

Do you have any toys you use in your shows?
Usually I use my fingers, because that’s what I do off-cam.


What’s the best thing that life has brought you this far?
Without a doubt, my son. He has shown me what unconditional love is. Having this kind of love in my life has given me goals, happiness, and strength.

How has camming improved your life?
I’ve become disciplined with dreams and goals. Already I’ve achieved many goals, professional, material, personal. It has also brought me pain, as everything has consequences and in this industry you must always be willing to have a family member or someone you meet find out what you do. So I stopped worrying and embraced this as a job I love. If as a model you are not ready to talk about yourself, you can not succeed.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Kristen, now go and favorite ❤ Kristenm00re to find out when she’s online next!

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