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Interview with Sexy Lioness Gatita888

Interview with Sexy Lioness Gatita888

This week we’re getting to know Gatita888 a bit more intimately. She’s a woman who’s name literally means kitten in Spanish, but she’s definitely more of a lioness 🦁 than a kitten! Sensual, provocative, dominant, she knows how to drive her viewers crazy with her hot shows. There are no limits here… as you’ll see from this interview.

How do your fans see you?
I hope they see me as a dominant woman, very sexy, provocative, desired, entertaining, etc.

What are your hobbies?
I love to shop, especially for new clothes, shoes, and perfumes. I also like to dominate people haha just in general, but in bed too. I love to travel, and I also like luxury cars.

What would be your ideal date?

He would come to pick me up in a luxury car, go to dinner in a very classy restaurant, followed by dancing somewhere dark and private so we could flirt. To finish the night, I’d want to be taken to a luxury hotel with rose petals, a big bathtub, candles, and a really romantic atmosphere. When we make it to the bed, there would be a gift for me… or many gifts!

If there was a CAM4 party, would you spend the night dancing with everyone, talking to a few other people, or something else ;)

Oh I would definitely be the centre of the party, dancing with everyone. But of course I would be classy and make everyone feel welcome.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A cat, because we look alike and we like to lick those who touch us hehe

Pick one super power you’d like to have
I’d take the power to be invisible so I’d be able to do whatever I want!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?
I haven’t considered anything to be crazy because as long as the person is happy and enjoying themselves, it isn’t that crazy!

Voyeur or exhibitionist, which one describes you best?
Voyeur, being an exhibitionist has to follow that.

I use the word “sexy” too often, what 3 words best describe you?
Narcissistic, morbid, and intelligent.

Is there something you’ve done on CAM4 that you never thought you’d do?
Yes, definitely broadcasting from CAM4 mobile in different settings and provoking my viewers :P

What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you in CAM4 chat?
That they love my style of broadcasting – erotic and classy.

What is the wildest thing that’s happened in your shows?
I was in a creative position and my stomach got drenched when suddenly I squirted.

What’s your craziest sexual experience?
I was in a dance club with my partner, when a guy came up behind me and started touching my ass (and other places) without my partner noticing. I was so excited that I found myself hoping the song would end so I could have an excuse to go to the bathroom. I went to look for that guy and he was waiting for me. We went to a quiet corner and the inevitable happened… When I got back to my partner I gave him a big kiss. He didn’t know anything happened.

At what moment did you realise that camming was totally right for you?
As soon as I saw my chatroom filled with people (guys and girls) who wanted to see my body.

People have a lot of prejudices towards webcamming. Is there something you’ve learned to be totally untrue?
No, I’ve always found it to be a very fun environment and it’s still like that.


Has broadcasting on CAM4 changed your life or your sex life? Are you more open, less prejudiced etc?
Yes I’m much more sexually open now!

What is your favourite part of your body?
My butt, but I’m a little narcissistic so I’d say my whole body hahaha

Do you have any toys that you love to use in your broadcasts?
Yes, dildos and an OhMiBod

Have you ever thought about a CAM4 performer or had a crush on someone? You don’t have to tell us their name if you don’t want ;)
Yes.. with multiple :P


What’s the best thing life has brought to you so far?
Three luxury coats at one time hahaha

Is there something surprising about you that we wouldn’t know from your broadcasts?
I am a great housewife :D

Have your broadcasts improved?
Yes! They’ve become much more fun and sexier.

If you could change your username on CAM4, which would you pick?
I like the one I have, so I wouldn’t change anything.

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