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Watch the Orgasm World Championship on CAM4

Watch the Orgasm World Championship on CAM4

The Orgasm World Championship (OWC) is the world’s first and only orgasm contest where competitors battle it out to have the fastest and strongest orgasms in front of a live viewing audience.

Points are awarded for each orgasm, the objective is to not just have the fastest but also to have the most entertaining and intense orgasms as possible. You the viewer also gets to decide who wins, vote for you favourite by sending an OWC gift to player 1 or player 2 during or after the match.

How it Works:

– Contest lasts for 10 minutes, plus extra time
– Points are awarded for the fastest orgasm
– Points are given based on the contestant’s ‘Pleasure Scale’, the higher the pleasure scale, the more points they get.
– Pleasure scale is a unique value calculated by OWC’s ‘Orgasm Scale’ App
– Points are combined with live viewer votes to decide the winner

Voting for Your Winner:

Live viewer votes are cast by buying gifts. Each gift holds a different value of points. The higher value of the gifts, the greater the number of points. You vote the exact same as you used to support Battle Cams challengers – simply send the gifts when the contestant you want to vote for is performing.

How to Vote:

– Who do you think should win – player 1 or player 2?
– To vote – click on “Send a gift”
– In the drop down – find “OWC Voting”
– Choose a gift that denotes how many points you wish to gift to player 1 or player 2
– Click Send my Gift Now
– All points will be tallied at the end of the match.
– The winner is announced LIVE at the end of the contest

The fun begins from February 21st to 24th in our very first live test week. Support the contestants and have fun! If you have more questions, check the FAQ below :)

Orgasm World Championship on CAM4

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this REALLY live?

Yes, OWC is 100% live. The contest you are watching is being live streamed from our base in Belgium. The contestants heart rate being tracked and relayed to CAM4 servers in real time. Pay close attention as our presenter as she will be calling out usernames of people who contribute in the chat to prove this is 100% live.

How are Orgasms Detected?

Orgasms are measured and proven by our patented Orgasm Scale App. The App runs analysis through a smart watch worn by each contestant, the app is tracking physiological markers in contestant and can detect that an orgasm has genuinely been achieved.

The physiological markers for orgasm are impossible to fake so you can be sure that the Orgasms you seeing are 100% REAL!!

Can I compete in OWC?

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Orgasm Champion?

Send a private message to our inbox with your CAM4 username and we will be in touch to arrange your first match.

What type of Matches does OWC Have?

• Matches by Region
• Team Matches (couples, groups, genders)
• Public Matches
• Challenge Matches (CAM4 performers can challenge each other)

How do I find out about upcoming matches?

Click on “subscribe” to make sure you get notified of upcoming OWC matches.