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Recap of Salon Erotico Barcelona 2016 from CAM4 Spain

Recap of Salon Erotico Barcelona 2016 from CAM4 Spain

The whole erotic movement has gathered for the most successful event since its birth 25 years ago. The magnitude of the event has exceeded all expectations and we at CAM4 were thrilled to be a part of the Salón Erótico de Barcelona!


First of all, to thank the team behind it all: Amarna Miller, Samantha, Lukas Bala “Ambassador of CAM4” (Winner Best Show the SEB 2016 for his really impressive suspension performance), Spanishstar, Irina Vega, Onix Babe and Lilyan Red.

Without them, our success would not have been possible at the Barcelona Erotic Fair.


Beginning last Thursday, the Sports Pavilion of Vall d`Hebron was overflowing with an excited audience. We didn’t want to disappoint anyone so we organized a lesbian show with Irina Vega and Lilyan Red on the main stage that ended in the CAM4 booth where our girls handed out sunglasses and took pictures with everyone who stopped by. A repeat performance on Friday saw the huge smash hit of our two amazing performers.


Undoubtedly, the “magic” was alive everywhere at the Fair on Saturday. The day started very strong with our Supershow pornstar Amarna Miller performing. From our CAM4 booth, she drew in the audience and gave a steamy intimate show. At 7pm our sexy girls Irina Vega and Onix Babe, moved throughout the Fair to tease people live and direct! At 9pm, award winning anal show superstar SpanishStar made a truly amazing performance with some of the best professionals! Congratulations, Sofia!


And finally, thanks to the organizers of the 2016 Barcelona Erotic Show and supporters!

¡Nos vemos de nuevo en 2017……..y en CAM4 ! ;-)

Encuentra a las estrellas del SEB en CAM4

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