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Robert Hesp Talks About HARD C*CK (VIDEO)

Robert Hesp Talks About HARD C*CK (VIDEO)

English performance artist and dancer Robert Hesp took some time off from touring his performance art piece titled HARD C*CK to discuss what inspired him to produce this hourlong performance exploring sex and technology as well as how we view our own bodies in relation to sex.

For the past two years Robert has been working on HARD C*CK, inspired by American artist Carolee Schneemann, exploring a dirty, real, and carnal use of the human body as a product to be consumed. During the performance, a live feed of CAM4 is created to allow a global audience to interact and be a part of the performance. People are able to ask what’s happening, share their thoughts, and discuss sexuality with other people.

Something that many of us will find refreshing and much needed, HARD C*CK despite the name, is actually focused on exploring all other parts of the body besides the cock. Hesp uses touch, skin, smell, sound, hair, mouths, anus, and even arms as sexual body parts.

CAM4 is proud to be a diverse community that supports a global community of performers and viewers, as well as a artists who are exploring sexuality and the human body. Thanks Robert for choosing CAM4 to be a part of HARD C*CK! You can find @RobertHesp on Twitter to keep up with his future performance art and dance projects.

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