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Send Pics and Videos via CAM4 Inbox

Send Pics and Videos via CAM4 Inbox

Not only can you watch and be watched from (almost) anywhere in world thanks to our CAM4 Mobile app, you can now send pics and videos without leaving CAM4 thanks to our messaging improvements! Your feedback has enabled us to make it easier for you to stay connected to your CAM4 crew and safer for you to share prizes, updates, and presents.

You can easily connect with your friends and favourites, share naughty or nice content without having to stop enjoying live camshows, and easily send or receive raffle prizes without sharing personal email addresses or information. Follow the below requirements and your friends, fans, and favorites will love you!

Photos must be under 4mb and videos under 40mb

All standard photo and video files supported

No limit on how many messages you send per day

What feature would change the way you enjoy CAM4? Tell us in a comment, it might be our next update!

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