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Support Women in Need with SageGrey!

Support Women in Need with SageGrey!

Not-so-fun-fact of the day: women and their children are the people most affected by poverty and homelessness. When you’re struggling to buy food, or you’ve lost your home, buying feminine hygiene products is often not possible. Sage Grey is taking action this holiday season, and she’s asking the CAM4 community to join in.

Homeless shelters get a lot of clothing and personal care products, but things like tampons or pads are rarely donated. So how can we get these necessities in the hands of some amazing women? Easy, here’s what to do:

Step 1: Go to Sage Grey’s Amazon Wish List

Step 2: Buy something from the list

Your purchase will then be shipped to Sage, and she’ll donate them to a reputable (and queer friendly!!) shelter. There’s something on her Wish List for any budget, and everyone who makes a purchase will receive a *very* sexy thank you video.

Being a CAM4 member is not necessary, anyone can make an Amazon purchase. But if you are a CAM4 member, you’ll receive the password to a private show with Sage!

Nikki and I will be shipping tampons to Sage as if we’re preparing for the heaviest period ever. At least 10 boxes. If you’re joining us, please tweet us @cam4.

Please tweet this blog post, and support @SageGrey_‘s thoughtful holiday campaign to help women in need!

Help Sage Grey Give Generously

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Comments (3)

  1. Missjunngle says:

    Wow!!! Great idea! I’ll be sending my support to you soon :)

  2. burr suicide says:

    This is so unique!

  3. WinDoc says:

    Excelent idea. You got my support. And thanks HelloSquirty for alerting me