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The Glov: Things Abbey Likes

The Glov: Things Abbey Likes

This man wants us all to have better orgasms. Squirting orgasms, in fact. And he also wants to stop all the awkward positions and movements that modern day sex toys thrust upon us. Pretty cool, but I don’t know if I’m ready to strap on a glove to get off.

Here’s the basic specs:


You slide on the flexible glove, chose your attachment, and control the speed easily on the back of the glove. As a guy, I wondered how he came to build this project, but in his new VICE interview (Abbey likes VICE) he says:

“I’m not that old school guy that goes, “My woman doesn’t need toys, she has me.” Hello! Wakey, wakey, boys. Whatever you can do to make your woman achieve that little bit extra, you better well damn do it.”



Here’s The Glov with an attachment so you can get the gist of how easy it is to use. He’s gotten great feedback from both guys and girls who have tested out his prototypes. I kinda think CAM4 should have gotten a few for testing purposes. I think seeing how this works on cam would be cool!

Support The Glov’s IndieGogo Campaign


Here’s the palm of The Glov where you connect the attachments to. He’s already got a couple to chose from: the rabbit, the dildo, and the “Clitty-Cat”. You can buy the entire deal on IndieGogo

It’s a device specifically designed to give women squirting orgasms. We’ve got to do some more refinements to it, but we think we’ve got a winner. Over 90 percent of women can have a squirting orgasm, and it’s one of the most intense orgasms you can have. It’s something to be seen and experienced. I’ve said this multiple times: I wish I had a vagina. I would trade my penis in for a vagina just to have a squirting orgasm.

So I was thinking, maybe if the technology and science industries reflected female pleasure instead of the male pleasures of Fleshlights, video games, and sports betting, we would have a ton more women employed in that area. Kudos to this man for bringing us squirting orgasms and maybe a movement of techie women!

Read the interview with The Glov’s creator.

Ok let’s end with a quick video to show you The Glov in motion. Pretty cool right? So would you wear a glove to masturbate? Official word on the IdieGogo campaign is:

The Glov is a sex toy that provides its user with a superior way to masturbate. Currently, every self-penetration device on the market requires the user to hold and operate it in an unnatural and straining way. It requires the user to grip the device at its base, hold it at a 90 degree angle, and incorporate the whole arm in order to create the rhythmic in and out motion.

This has also been recognized as a huge benefit to those who are disabled or have health problems, which is a group of people who normally aren’t thought about in the sex toy market. Imagine if you have troubles reaching your oh-so-important “areas”, or you have troubles gripping sex toys. This is an awesome thing for people who have the need to feel pleasure but can’t do it. And I am totally down for everyone to feel pleasure!

Would you use The Glov? Tweet with @cam4 and share your thoughts – is this the way of the future?


Get all The Glov details here

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