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The Official XBIZ Miami Recap is Here!

The Official XBIZ Miami Recap is Here!

How lucky we are to get the chance to spend a week at XBIZ Miami surrounded by inspiring, strong, and charming women and men! If you followed the CAM4Snaps story, you’ll know that there were parties, bikinis, beautiful women, and lots of poolside love.

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Burr Suicide, Lala Capri, Zhaddie Grey had fun in the pool.


xKonekoxLayla Savage, and Zhaddie Grey bonded… 😏

Wet t-shirt contests are tiring, so the girls spent some downtime on our pool floats.

xKonekox, GG Terra, Lala Capri, Burr Suicide lounged by the pool together.

The wet t-shirt contest was a success for everyone 😏💦


Layla Savage, Zhaddie Grey, Lala Capri know how to have a great time together!


Sammy Strips and GG Terra got interviewed by Nikki Night, so you can get to know more about these beauties.

Layla Savage, Wes Myers, Lala Capri. JD Kills, Zhaddie Grey, Q2TO, Sammy Strips took a break from dinner to laugh together 😁


Ela Darling hosted the red carpet with visits from Lala Capri and Layla Savage.


Zhaddie Grey presented Ela Darling with her industry trailblazer award for her work with CAM4VR, joined by Sammy Strips.


Needless to say here, Zhaddie Grey and Lala Capri know how to have a great time.

Sammy Strips, Zhaddie Grey, Layla Savage finished off the week with a spa day to thank these beautiful and hard working girls.

Thanks to all of these girls for being so amazing, and thanks to XBIZ for hosting this epic week.

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