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VIDEO: How Long Should Sex Last?

VIDEO: How Long Should Sex Last?

At AVN, CAM4 and our very own Sammy Strips made it our mission to help find the answers to the Internet’s most common sex questions. Our first question – How long should sex last? 5 minutes? 10? 20? A whole day?! According to our expert Google researchers, the average sex session between heterosexual couples lasts 5.4 minutes.

We’re not scientists, but we are sex fact-checkers, and we turned to the streets to find out if this was this was a fact!

At the AVN pool, we asked some of our favourite cam girls – GGTerra, Koneko, GoddessLilit, and Lala Capri – how long they believe sex should last. Did you meet their quota? Find out in our latest video from our CAM4 YouTube channel!


How long do YOU think sex should last? Do you agree with these ladies? Tweet us and let us know what you think!

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